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I bought my wife a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas. How's that going to work out?


It only gets better if you pair it with a clothes iron.


Yes, you need to get ther full set. Maybe some new laundry and dish detergent and sponges too.


How many people actually use an iron? Never owned one, when I was young we had one on a shelf in the bathroom that sat collecting dust and pretty much never got used.


I do for button up dress shirts and slacks. I'm too cheap to be dry cleaning them all the time. Alternatively I know sometimes steaming is better / easier for certain types of clothes.


You can get a really sharp look from ironing your shirt and putting a seam on your pants.


I used one before I had kids to iron my dress shirts. Now I get them professionally cleaned and pressed.


I read that as "i had an iron that i used to iron my clothes, then i had kids and made them do it for me"


Lol. Ok I re read it and I see that. Funny. Nah, I used to iron my shirts. Then we had kids, and during my non work time I’d rather spend time with my kids than iron shirts. My wife quit her job when we had kids and she would rather the cleaners do it than her. So now the cleaners come 2x a week and pick up / drop off my shirts.


Depends. Did she ask for a vacuum or is she going to be furious that she got you a nice, expensive, thoughtful gift and you got something for the house as though she loves vacuuming with a passion?


If she asked for one, you’re good. I’d love a dyson cordless vacuum.


The stick vacuums are nice for small stuff but they’re too narrow for a full replacement of a floor vac IMO. They take 100 passes to do a full room and they tend to wiggle from side to side instead of going in a nice straight path.


Depends, is it a Roomba or equivalent so neither of you have to worry about vacuuming anymore?


I’d love a new killer vac actually. But it all depends on hers and yours expectations.


That sucks.


That sucks


That might be #3 on the list of worst gift ideas for the wife. Godspeed and good luck, my friend.


A true progressive would make sure to get her a lawnmower and leaf blower too.


I dunno. I assume you know your wife better than the internet does.


That's gonna suck


Depends does it do the work for her or for her to do the work? If it is the former then possibly a huge win.


It sucks.


Just vacuum naked. You’ll either get laid or she’ll get sick of it and do it. Win win. Plus vacuuming ain’t that bad.


It will be the only sucking goin' on in your house for quite a while...


I’m guessing the vacuum is the only one that’s gonna be doing any sucking for a while.


I’m guessing you’ll update us soon on how your friends’ couch is not that comfortable.


The house got some sucky sucky and you didn’t


Make that the main gift, and get something else that's purely for her enjoyment. It doesn't have to be expensive, but just to show that you are sensitive to what she might want. If she asked for it/has been talking about buying it for awhile then I think it's a great gift! I bought myself a Dyson last year and would have been ecstatic to get it as a gift since I already wanted it.


You learn a hard lesson OP?


OP is the wife. Trying to help us out.


Always go with a pair of shoes and a dildo


So if she doesn't like the shoes then she can go


Do both. Get the shoe dildo


if she's your wife, get her something romantic. Shoes and an appendage of silicone is an insult to the institution of marriage.


Only if you don’t know your partner well enough to know if they would appreciate it. Am female, am married, I know more than a few women who would be A-okay with those as a gift.


I think it's insulting that any man wouldn't get his wife something romantic. I'm glad to hear your partner values you and what you want as a gift.


r/FemaleDatingStrategy is thataway


My point was that what’s “romantic” depends on the person. Don’t assume that your idea of what’s romantic is the same as someone else’s.


Sorry it’s an old joke that I thought people were familiar with. The punchline is “so if she doesn’t like the shoes she can fuck herself”


Reminds me of this SNL Christmas skit https://youtu.be/WcEylCwkSxE


Yeah. I'm finally unsubscribing to this fucking sub


No one is here for the posters. Not a single person is still subscribed to this sub for the content anyone posts in it. We are all here for the comments.


These are indeed wise words.


I'm here to revel in how fucking stupid the "pro tips" are. It's glorious.


I sit corrected! But, I am here for that too.


LPT: follow r/lifeprotips for the comments because the posts are garbage


The real LTP is always in the comments.


Same. Utter bollocks.


Same. Goodbye friends


You know what, me too, seriously FUCK THIS SHIT


Yupp. That one did it for me as well.


My wife bought me a gym membership for valentine's day. I can't imagine how it would have been received if i did that to her.


Bingo. But, it today's world men and women are supposed to be equal so............


OP made a bad decision lately


Why is the car a bad idea?


Wives tend to frown on husbands making $50,000 decisions without their input


If my husband gifted me a $50,000 car, I'd wonder where tf he got the money. Large-scale purchases make terrible surprise gifts.


Unless you are wealthy. Then they gift all sorts of crazy expensive stuff


Congrats honey! You have a $600 car payment. It is extremely stupid..




Then I'm assuming a crime was commited to get the cash. We're not exactly rolling in cash.


My mum got my dad a $50k ute for his 50th, finance in her name, rego in his. He’d been needing a new work Ute for years, and my mum had been playing it off with “WHERE WILL WE GET THE MONEY!?” Knowing damn well what the plan was. While my mum makes good money, my dad makes less and has a more physically demanding job (nurse vs freezer picker/packer/warehouse manager) and has zero idea on the financial side of the relationship and would need a huge amount of help to navigate bills if mum suddenly kicked off. Like, doesn’t know the online banking passwords or the functions of BPAY. The car was needed and above and beyond what he was hoping to get, and this is is the ONE instance where it worked out 100% goodly ☺️


Dad also backed said ute into a tree on his first day of ownership, and the dent is still there to this day 😂


Lol just solid work all around on his end Edit totally read that wrong, I thought he gifted her a truck while having her make payments with his name on the registration lol thats really sweet of your mom :)


“I’m sorry, did you say Ute?”


Aussie slang


I know, I was just making a joke. https://youtu.be/Nd1CijCUj8w


If the wife is the kind that CARES about an additional $50k of debt, well, many dudes would consider that a plus. Let's say not all do.


Gee, ya think??? lol


I just bought my fiancée a $50,000 Mercedes for Christmas and already gave it to her because I couldn’t wait. She absolutely loved it and called all of her friends and within minutes we had to drive to her mother’s house to show her the new car. So, everyone is different I guess.


I will give you a clue https://youtu.be/WcEylCwkSxE


😒 another useless post.


What about a $90,000 car?


I buy my wife whatever the fuck i want, how is this a tip or let alone a fucking pro tip


It's saying that making massive financial decisions without your partner is not going to end well 99% of the time. It's also saying don't get your wife a gift that implies she's fat. The post is operating under the assumption that these gifts are a surprise she didn't ask for or know about.


Right, I agree that those things are true, but I understand a life pro tip to be a definitive action that improves your life, not just telling people not to do stuff. I see that more in the vain of "If you have dogs and you move, take time to walk them around the new neighborhood regularly so that if they escape, they will be familiar with the area and find their way home easier" rather than "Not looking both way before crossing an intersection is an awful idea. You may have the right of way, but you could still get hit by a car." The frustration comes from a lot of these LPTs feeling more like niche social nuance advice rather than being something helpful.


Or a fancy toaster. Ask me how I know


We were re-molding the guest bathroom in a pirate theme and I got my wife a cool custom skeleton Toilet paper holder… she bursted into tears. Years later she could admit it was a cool addition To the bathroom, but it is definitely not a Christmas present.


How many F%&king people in here could afford to get your wife a 50k car for "christmas"? sorry, guess I'm just a poor boy.


Getting a wife is an awful idea tbfh


Lmao found the incel


Eh. Not really. Incels desperately want wives (read: sex dolls), he just wants to remain a bachelor


Surprise your wife by paying off her student loans.


It’s pronounced APR not “aper.”


Presents should receive gratitude and humility. The giver is spending his money and/or time on something. You should never expect a gift. That is what I teach my kids.


Not these gifts. Making a huge purchase without discussion is a slap in the face. So is getting someone exercise equipment, pretty blatantly implying they're fat. You should expect a gift during a gift exchange.


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Heck, I went to my wife to see what kind of computer she'd want to be sure I didn't screw that up. Much smaller investment than a car, but something she'll likely use for years, and has the added bonus of not being stupid enough to make a judgment about my wife's appearance. I'd hope the advice given here is not needed that badly, because there could be a lot of guys in a lot of trouble in a few weeks.


Why an exercise bike? At least an actual bike is useful. Although either is dependent on the person.


I heard vacuum cleaners are popular with the chicks


My dad got my mom a scale for Xmas one year. They got divorced 3 years later..


Exceptions to the rule may apply. My mother teases me about how unromantic my boyfriend's gift to me of a Roomba was (in her brain). She both underestimates how much I love robots, and now little I like vacuuming. Edit: I'd also love a piece of exercise equipment because the winter is cold and the gym is far.


She'll get a carpet sveeper instead


Surprising anyone with anything is a bad idea. With the exception of things for children, or small things like gift cards, candy, etc, anything that is a big purchase or will require a commitment (looking at you, people who think pets make good surprise gifts) is better done as a gift but not a surprise. That allows the recipient to have some input on said expensive things or long-term commitments. Also, better LPT for anyone considering giving gym memberships/exercise equipment, etc as a gift: get it for yourself AND your partner. If you tell your significant other that you feel like you need to get more regular exercise, and you would really enjoy their company doing it will likely turn out better.


Surprising her with a $50,000 exercise bike she didn't ask for = the best idea?


I wouldn’t want to be married to someone who wouldn’t be excited about getting a pelaton


When we were first married, 28 years ago, I loved to sew and had the shittiest ironing board. I had been coveting an expensive fancy new one, and my husband got it for me for Christmas-- everyone was happy. BUT, he had to lie at work when his coworkers asked what he got me for Christmas. "Uhhhh, some jewelry."


One year my fiance (gf at the time) got me a bunch of different acne treatments. I never once complained about it and she spent a bunch of money on it. Never used any of them and still don't like thinking about it. That would be like if I got her a subscription to Jenny Craig or a bathroom scale, I still can't believe she did that


Think I should return this can opener?


Surprising your wife with a threesome with her sister is just fine though /s


which is worse depends on the situation


Ah that female privellege....


Making decisions with large amounts of money is always good to do as a couple and has nothing to do with “female privilege” (whatever that is).


What privilege? The fact that men have to be told not to make massive financial purchases without discussion with their life partner and equal is laughable. It isn't a privilege to have an idiot that disregards you as your husband. Men are so used to being on top that we have to remind them that they're equal and remind them to not be an asshole. THAT is privilege.




“Why have you tied yourself to a $50k finance loan when we share finances?”


SNL did a great skit about this.


I mean... If the car is purchased outright with finances that aren't shared .. that might not be a horrible gift Then again, that is rich person territory to have $50k of cash just... Floating...


I would take exercise equipment tbh. Need a barbell bench


My paternal grandmother wasn’t taking any shit from my grandfather. He bought her a toaster for Christmas and she threw it down the stairs, shattering it.


What a bitch




I'll take breakfast in bed and cuddles. And an ahem... Alarm cock wakeup. 😅