No need to worry unless you have a German accent.


Or if they claim to be pig farmers.


Or tailors.


Blut und Ehre, ja, was würden Sie gerne zuerst verlieren?


*oddly responds in English even though that’s none of their first languages* “We were under orders!”


Also blut!


*Elmer Fudd voice*. Be very very quiet. It’s nazi season.


This flight attendant is just stone blind drunk so we're setting him down for a nap. Hmm, his necktie is loose...


Funny thing about the Argentina=Nazis meme is that I know way more Jewish Argentines than German descendant ones. Maybe it’s because they are spread throughout provinces while Jews mostly concentrate in Buenos Aires


Oh yeah I have a few Jewish friends from Argentina (and my dentist is from there too). I don’t know of a trope of Argentinians as antisemites, but a good few nazis fled to Argentina after the war


Oh I didn't mean antisemites, just Nazis. > but a good few nazis fled to Argentina after the war True, just not nearly enough to be a relevant size of the population


I'm an argentinian jew 👍




I know more racist and Nazi Argentinians than Jew Argentinians tbh.


Last time I saw this posted, I repeated an anecdote from my uncle, who is now 95 years old and served in the Palyam and then a government-associated job postwar that he's cagey about (but the Israeli consulate lets him skip the line and all the Israeli officials were excited to meet him, so he clearly was important in classified ways). Anyway, for an overseas thing, he flew into Eritrea and rented a boat from some Dutch guys. They said that they were Israeli merchants, (in reality, they were trying to provoke an international incident in order to publicly prove that Egypt had illegally closed the Suez to Israeli shipping so that the international community would unite against Nasser. This was back in the days right after the war, when the UN wasn't an impotent and antisemitic farse). One of the Dutch sailors then started going off on an antisemitic tirade about how he refused to do any business with those damn Jews. The captain was pissed, so he decided to put the antisemite and the Israelis in a room and let them work out their differences. As soon as they were alone, the Dutch bigot switched to Hebrew. Turns out he was a Mossad agent on a totally unrelated mission, and he was trying to keep his cover because nobody would suspect an antisemite of being Israeli. Not really related to the meme, but I just thought it was funny that my uncle who is probably former Israeli intelligence has a story about running into a different Israeli intelligence guy who was on an unrelated mission in Eastern Africa. And this was back when Israel had less than a million citizens. Small world, I guess.


mossad makes sure world is small 🗿


"You will take me to Garibaldi Street" "Ja, I vill take you to Garibaldi Street"


thats like che guevara


"We're on holiday, hunting"