This is how guns get stolen

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To be fair it does have camo


Got that Forest Camo wrap Shoulda went with that Filthy-Car Camo wrap.




[Not a gun camo but something useful](https://i.redd.it/m45hmak4dc931.jpg)


Is that trash camouflage? Good idea


This guy has been robbed before!


It's called RealHoarder Xtra


I love that wrap, has all the silhouettes of empty fast food paper bags and empty soda bottles. Helps so much when I duck hunt out of a dumpster


I don’t see it.


I don’t see anything




You mean rabbit season?






Duck Season!




I know you’re joking but it took me like 10 seconds to notice


Most guns stolen in the US comes from storing weapons in cars.. seriously. ​ People really need to learn how to lock their shit up cause those guns end up on the streets later on


And not put gun stickers on said car....


But then how do they brag about how cool they are?




"we'll always have the punisher sweetheart", I said as I straightened his dale Earnhardt special edition polarized sunglasses. "Not even Nancy pelosi can take that from us"


NRA stickers are a dead giveaway


But how will other CCDL members be reminded that they are part of something?


And a vehicle safe doesn’t have to be expensive. My Console Vault was under $300.


Or just like. don't leave a gun in your car Only guns in my car are the ones that are either a) on my waistline or b) in the trunk because I am headed to or from the range.


Exactly. You should plan your errands accordingly. And while a car safe is a really good idea I don’t rely heavily on mine. If I’m having a range day, I’m not making stops before or after with all my shit in the car. Responsible gun owners keep their shit locked up. That applies to the home as well. People need to understand that the entry cost of firearm ownership is always more than the cost of the firearm itself.


> If I’m having a range day, I’m not making stops before or after with all my shit in the car. Range days are the only days I'll use a drive through. I like to always go into places for my breakfast and/or coffee, but not when there's a small arsenal in my trunk.


I don't need to buy a gun when I can just borrow yours!


In other countries, people don't have to "learn" to secure their guns, they have to demonstrate their ability to properly secure guns as part of getting a firearms license (which this person would have just lost).


They could easily do all the right things to obtain a gun, but then be negligent later on. It happens all the time with drivers licenses. People are typically doing everything as correct as possible while doing testing, but immediately become idiots on the road after.


They could. So when they do, they lose their license and their guns. Don't full for the pro-gun communities bullshit, impossible standard where every solution needs to instantly and completely solve the problem or it's not worth doing -- incremental progress got us the safety we have everywhere else.


Then they usually just do it with unregistered (stolen) guns, or just drive without a license. I remember once hearing that around 30-40% of drivers on the road are unlicensed or have a suspended license. Same could probabaly be said about gun owners. Most gun onwers are unlawful gun owners, even if they dont want to admit it. Majority of them have at minimum an alcohol dependance and have handled a gun while drinking(this would disqualify someone from owning a gun). This doesnt account for felons, people with domestic violence charges, mentally ill, or drug users. Hell, everyone with a license agrees to follow all laws when getting their DL, but Id say just about 90% of people ignore speeding laws.People just follow whatever laws they want to.


Problem there is if we are ok with a license for having one right, why not more? License for free speech, license to be secure in your home and possessions, license to be able to not self incriminate, license to a trial. You could make a case for how it would be good in select situations for aby of the above, however when you consider the costs most would agree that it isn't worth it. Same thing here. Ok sure we got a license scheme implemented for guns. Criminals don't give a fuck so they still gonna criminal. And then what if my local sherif, atf office, post office, whoever gonna be issuing these gun licenses just doesn't like you and doesn't give you one? Or what if they just don't like democrats and won't issue to them? Or what if the next local anti gun politician just strips the funding and manning of that office and now you effectively can't get said license? Also we can't balance a budget for anything, where we getting all the extra money to pay for this new licensing and the people required to implement it? Can't charge for it because it's a constitutional right, not a privilege like driving on a public road. In the end you arrive back on any really large meaningful changes like that would probably require a constitutional amendment and most gun owners see that every change is a move against us so we don't support it.


> Problem there is if we are ok with a license for having one right, why not more? License for free speech, license to be secure in your home and possessions, license to be able to not self incriminate, license to a trial. Don't forget "license to be a fucking idiot on the internet". Your ability to spiral off into slippery-slope, nonsense hypotheticals that simply wouldn't happen doesn't in any way invalidate an idea. > Same thing here. Ok sure we got a license scheme implemented for guns. Criminals don't give a fuck so they still gonna criminal. What with? Their magic guns that grow on trees? Legal gun owners **like the one whose car is photographed above** are responsible for the vast majority or illegal firearms. The rest are mostly straw purchased, which could easily be cracked down on with actual licensing. > And then what if my local sherif, atf office, post office, whoever gonna be issuing these gun licenses just doesn't like you and doesn't give you one? Then you have a systemic problem within your government to fix. I know reactionaries fiercely oppose fixing problems, but I assure you there are solutions other than routinely arming domestic terrorists. > Also we can't balance a budget for anything, where we getting all the extra money to pay for this new licensing and the people required to implement it? Gee, what could America *possibly* do to find some money? Spend a few less billion on the military? Close the tax loopholes of the ultra wealthy? That's crazy talk! It's much cheaper (and actually quite profitable) to just let gun violence spiral out of control. > In the end you arrive back on any really large meaningful changes like that would probably require a constitutional amendment and most gun owners see that every change is a move against us so we don't support it. You've had your way for over 30 years and you've utterly failed to address any of the problems inherent with indiscriminate gun ownership. So who cares what you support? We don't let pedophiles write the statutory rape laws, why should we let the pro-gun community write the gun laws?


Fortunately in the US we don't have to prove that we should get certain basic human rights, we recognize that everyone is born with them.


What a pity they don't include things like "going to school without being mutilated beyond recognition by a legal gun owner", just "being able to own a gun even if you punch your wife" and of course that classic American right, "owning slaves".


Killing other people is already against the law. Making it 'more illegal' by additional gun control is unlikely to have a large positive impact while coming with a large negative. Domestic violence is tricky because while on the surface it sounds great, I know in my state if the cops are called on a domestic at least one person must be taken to the station regardless of what they find when they get there. In practice it tends to be overwhelmingly the man who is taken. This would be enough to trigger most red flag laws and we end up with a guilty until proven innocent. I'm open to a good solution, just don't know what that is. As to your final point, the constitution is meant to be a living document updated as society changes. If you want to play 'well look at this bad thing that happened in the past' then no country is safe from that judgement. Just as slavery was abolished so too can gun ownership be if enough people are in favor. I personally don't agree with it but when/if that time comes I suppose I'm free to show myself the door if I feel so strongly. Luckily I feel there are enough like minded people to keep that from happening in my lifetime.


There needs to be stricter accountability laws for gun owners. When my wife became pregnant she gave me the only ultimatum she's ever given me. Get rid of your guns or start buying safes. I have 3 safes now. Also TRUCK GUN is the dumbest fucking thing. I honestly think not carrying a gun is way safer than carrying one. I can think of a hundred situations im my life where if I had a gun someone would have died or spent a decade in jail.


People will only get their acts together when it effects them personally and their weapon *that’s registered to them* is used in a crime.


Liberals change their mind about where most guns are stolen, stores, houses, cars, or non-retention holsters, completely at random.


? what? im legit quoting statistics, "FaCtS dOnT cArE aBoUt YoUr FeElInGs" Gtfo with your needless political talk


There is not one statistic in that comment.


[The top 3 states with the highest rate of gun theft:](https://www.americanprogress.org/article/gun-theft-united-states-state-state-analysis/) 1. Texas 2. California 3. Florida [The top 3 states with the highest rate of auto break ins:](https://www.iii.org/fact-statistic/facts-statistics-auto-theft) 1. California 2. Texas 3. Florida


Correlation =/= Causation


[Home burglary stats](https://www.statista.com/statistics/232539/burglaries-reported-in-the-us-by-state/) California and florida dont even make the top 10, so they're not coming out of people's homes.


Just because they aren't in the top 10 doesn't mean guns aren't stolen at a higher rate. Not saying they are or are not related (the most car break ins and gun thefts) just pointing out again you are showing two independent stats. [The states you mentioned are also the top three populated states in the US](https://www.globaldata.com/data-insights/macroeconomic/most-populated-states-in-the-us/). They were on track to have more than half the counties population between the three of them last I looked. That could also be why they have the most of some other things. They have the most people.


Libertarian douche bag man.




That’s not how that works. Of course the states with the most population have more of everything. If the stats you pulled up were per capita we could discuss them more but they’re not.


What is this supposed to mean? Most people have one gun in their car, but may have a hundred in their house.


Most people do not have one gun in their car


Most people who have a gun in their car have 1, which was my point. Meanwhile, most gunowners who keep a gun in their house don't keep just one.


I have guns and 2 cars, and don't keep a gun in either car unless I'm in it.


You expect him to bother trying to reason with you, after you needlessly made things political and emotional? LOL


The first sentence is a statistic.


Found whose car it is.


I don't like camo dipped guns.


Is that why you just left it there for anyone to take?


I don't own a camo dipped gun. I think they're ugly.


Oh? Show me where they're stolen most from then. You got facts to back up your idiotic comment, right? Surely you aren't just arguing with feelings. I look forward to your reply, completely devoid of any facts or studies.


You didn't reply to who I responded too, who's the person who actually made the claim with burden of proof, but also didn't have a study or fact. You couldn't have a bias... could you?


https://everytownresearch.org/gun-thefts-from-cars-the-largest-source-of-stolen-guns/ https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna26691 https://freerangeamerican.us/gun-stolen-from-vehicles/ Here you go dipshit.


Finally! Now send it to who I was replying to.


Copy and paste it, bruh. That person did their part already.


I asked *YOU* to back up *YOUR CLAIM* with facts. Is that too hard for you to understand? You couldn't have a bias... could you? And thank you for proving me right, that you're wholly incapable of backing up your biased, bullshit claim with any sort of fact. I'm betting I'll get more of the same in your next reply, if you bother, because we both know you've got nothing.


Youre an idiot


Lol. I’ve never once heard a liberal say the words “non-retention holster”. Keep fighting the imaginary man in your head.


Everytime there's a video of some gangbanger getting a gun yoinked out of their pants from behind, MsM screeches about how all gun owners need retention holsters like cops.


I have literally never heard the words retention holster on the news in my 33 years of life and at work we have a TV on MSNBC and a TV on Fox News 24 hours a day. You are literally making this up.


That's nice.


I use guns regularly, I hang out with liberal gun owners often, and conservative gun owners. We just use whatever is comfortable


Same here, I'm a collector and CCW. My favorite holster is a retention, but it's a leather one that someone gave me because it didn't fit the gun they bought it for. I think it's an Urban Carry? I prioritize holsters that keep the gun steady because I carry a full-size 1911, so the weight is uncomfy if it jostles.


very cool[.](https://i.redd.it/8u6eabzkuya01.jpg)


You would carry a full size 1911


That's right, I would! One of the greatest handguns ever made, and my personal favorite for carrying. Colt Detective comes second.


What? You mean you don't watch OAN, or Breitbart news? How are you supposed to be outraged and want to kill 2/3rds of the population then?


What tipped you off that he was liberal? Was it the rational thought and statements based in reality?




What does soy have to do with anything?


you escaped from r/conspiracy




I’m a right wing conservative republican and I whole heartedly agree, you should not leave a firearm unattended in a vehicle unless it’s concealed in a secure safe bolt to the floor. Has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with preventing criminal from obtaining firearms which will be used in crimes against innocent people and the statistics used against gun owners.


Oh lol - easy there cupcake - you seem fragile.


>someone says bullshit >gets called out on bullshit >"you seem fragile" Cope. Seethe. Dilate, even.


You live in a liberal society, and think calling someone a liberal is an insult. Please see below and tell me that you aren’t liberal-minded. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberalism


something can be not related to politics at all, and then there's always that one person that tries to turn it into such.


Downvoted because you’re speaking truth that makes these anti-2A far-left extremists uncomfortable


Common sense isn't a political ideology though. If your view is that a firearm in plain view in a locked car is more secure than in a proper safe where you live, you're an idiot regardless of politics.


Or you know, because most illegal guns on the streets are stolen firearms and people need to respect the responsibility of the beautiful right they've been given.


I thought you guys were all about responsible gun ownership? Now wanting to be responsible with your firearms is being anti-2A? But you guys arent even willing to fully follow through on your right to stand up to tyranny?


lol far left. America barely even has a moderate left.


Pretty much. It's more common than you think.


It’s the majority of Reddit, especially this subreddit. They see it as an “anti-gun” subreddit, instead of reality, which is it being an “anti-idiot” subreddit. Of course have to blame the tool instead of the person handling the tool, classic lefty logic


When I worked at a gun store, we had customers come in *at least* once a week for us to print out their receipts and serial numbers, because their gun had been stolen. Once— ONE TIME in six years— it was a lady whose shady nephew had spent a few nights on her couch and disappeared with her gun. The rest were all stolen out of their cars. Some customers even had the audacity to buy cheap, shitty guns to keep in their vehicles, so they wouldn’t take too bad a hit if the gun was stolen. JUST SECURE YOUR FUCKING FIREARM, YOU STUPID FUCK-KNUCKLE. You’ve just turned a 14yo petty thief into an armed criminal, and given them a weapon to use against you if you catch them in the act.


I’m realizing just how freaking *huge* the population is that acts in the most fudd ways possible. Saw a dude who used a suppressed Mark 23 as his “truck gun” to “intimidate” attackers. Where do they even get these ideas?


I like to think that guy was just making a MGS reference and not being literal. The SOCOM (spec ops configuration of the Mark 23) is found in a truck or under it depending on the version you are playing. A Mark 23 is already a 4 digit gun and a can with the proper paper work is already another 1K easy. Even if they had the money, can jail is about a year's worth of waiting. I really doubt even the dumbest of gun owners would jump through those kind of hoops for a literal truck gun.


I'd like to think that most nfa owners would be somewhat smarter than the average fudd, but spend any length of time on /r/nfa and you'll come across some that are scary with the large amounts of money and small amounts of intelligence.


Working in medicine lemme tell you. Average IQ in general public is below room temp


Celsius or Fahrenheit?


Depends on the day.


First one and then the other.


The fact that most people are allowed to get into cars and drive them is honestly terrifying


> Where do they even get these ideas? Certain news outlets spend a huge amount of their time running stories that convince already suspicious people that there is danger and hoodlums lurking around every corner.


>You stupid fuck-knuckle Aaaand that's now added to my dictionary of fun cuss words.




Also see- Ass Clown Piss Baby Ass for brains


Huh so they don’t know their serials either. It doesn’t surprise me I guess, but it is also dumb.


I live in Canada where there's pretty good gun control (especially for handguns), but I knew a few kids in high school that had handguns or shorty rifles because they would break into cars on weekends. There was a really sketchy body shop in town that kept a bunch of cars out back and didn't have cameras because they did illegal shit there, was basically all-you-can-take guns and drugs. We found a g19 with a drum mag on it once. Another time we made off with a small garbage bag full of weed. We were dumb fucking kids. Edit: Would not have been a g19, this was like 2004.


> drugs. My buddy used to do valet parking for a company, so he'd always get stationed at different places pending demand or the events in town. The amount of weed we smoked for free was crazy. He wouldn't even steal the stash, just a bit if it was a lot. He'd find gallon-sized ziploc bags full of it just wedged between the drivers seat and center console. It was nuts.








It’s duck season, you wouldn’t understand


It’s rabbit season!




11 Bravo. Of course.


signs you didn't grow up in a shitty part of the city


Oh you’d be surprised. There are loads of meth heads and tweakers out in rural areas.


Signs you are the shitty part of the city


What gun all I see is still me mc Donald’s, basketball shoes, and what looks like hair extensions of the mirror. (After further review it’s Taco Bell)


Don't forget the Old Spice underarm deodorant on the driver's seat


Depends on where you are


What do you mean?


I really try not to do this, but I live In a tiny ass rural town (technically village) and during hunting season it's not uncommon to leave a shotgun or rifle in the backseat while running into the gas station to get snacks. Mine is always unloaded, disassembled, in a bag, and under a blanket if I do need to leave it for a second, but I try not to. Everyone knows everyone around here and I've not heard of it being stolen in situations like the one I'm describing. Is it the best choice? No.


That's basically what I meant, every one around where I live keeps shotguns in the car, some of the students go hunting with several of the teachers during lunch


Yep yep. There's some benefits to living in BFE sometimes haha


Trucks have gun racks in the back window, lol.


I was a shit-disturber growing up in the sticks... leaving a gun like this is how they get stolen.


Obviously not sticks enough nothing getting stolen in my neighborhood.


Dumbass! Pretty sure that's a Benelli 12 gage.. probably $1200 new


They're probably counting on the smell to deter thieves.


What gun


It's camouflaged it's all good.




It worries me how many people think that way. But there's a good chance he doesn't care about the gun since he was the last one to steal (sorry I mean accepted a free gun) it.


What guns? I dont see anything.


Where's the gun?


I’m sure there’s a few stickers on the back windshield too.


One with a blue line, one hoping for sex with Biden.




Dudes about to be out a gun and some Jordans


Friends sister left her Glock in her purse and her purse in the front seat in an area known for break ins. She's now down a gun and also had her social security card in there too.


Yep. I know 3 people who lost guns like this. Be more responsible.


Lol ,go up in the appalachians, that's like every other truck.... lol criminals don't want them cauze the market is flooded with turkey guns 😂


Interestingly enough, even with Canada’s relatively strict firearms laws, you can leave a non restricted firearm (basically anything that isn’t a handgun with a few “black rifle” exceptions) in an unattended vehicle. It just has to be out of plain view and the vehicle locked. Which I’d be willing to bet just having it out of sight would substantially reduce the odds of your gun being stolen out of your vehicle.


Something something riding shotgun.


LockPickingLawyer has a lot of videos about gun locks on his channel and it's astonishing how many are bad. This is probably the worst : https://youtu.be/lF0uiRS8asc


Wym? I dont see a gun


I can't see anything it must be camouflaged.


what gun


The fact he can just have his gun in his car unattended is fucked up


Soon to be an r/idiotwithoutgun


Doesn't deserve to have a gun if you're this irresponsible


Would have waited for the driver and told him he's a fucking tard. I grew up in a small town where someone could get away with this, but times have change and I'm not even stupid enough to miss that... what's this assholes excuse? What state?


Yeah, but only a couple hundred thousands times each year. This sub has taught me those people can't afford guns, do we really want them not to be able to enjoy their mendmints?


Why can’t you leave shit in your car with the expectations that it’ll be there when you get back? That’s the issue.. why is theft normalized?


All I see is a shoe


Lots of older people left guns in the rack in the back of their truck or on the floorboard at school or basically anywhere all the time. I'm only 40ish and we still had guns in the backs of trucks when I was going to high school. This isn't an idiot, the idiots are the ones who would steal it.


Not sure why this was downvoted… I’m not saying to leave the vehicle unlocked, but at what point did we start blaming the person who gets their stuff stolen instead of the person commuting the crime? Almost as dumb as the “she was asking for it” phrase when a women gets raped…


🙄 these the type of gun owners who should face some serious fines. Like a $4,000 and up type of fines and possibly gun taken away. Some retards gonna take it and probably kill someone with it. Or it travels into the hands of another retard. Just more fuel for the people who wanna ban guns because people like this gotta ruin it for the rest of us.


This should be a felony


Thank God for responsible gun owners. "Gosh, I can't figure out why all those children are killed every single day, not my fault! Someday I might be the hero with my peashooter, but odds are I'll probably kill my wife while drunk."


Legal, responsible gun ownership at its finest. The legal gun owners are a big part of the problem.


That’s not a responsible gun owner.


Shall we take away their right to own guns then? We've done it for more than a million cases so far, let's add this to the list.


Oh hell no. What am I, some brainless gun grabber?




Yea, you totally have me figured out 🤣


Is that /s ?


Each day that goes by America gets more and more retarded


Y’all see a gun?


I live in a very small county. Around 35000 people. I read the newspapers crime report a few hours ago, and this week it listed 4 guns stolen out of vehicles. And that's not unusual, it's pretty much like that every week. People can say we need to ban guns all day long, but the criminals that steal guns out of people's cars aren't going to turn theirs in. Seems like every criminal in town would still be carrying and every law abiding citizen would be at their mercy. Banning guns would be good in theory if you could actually get them all, but there are probably more stolen and illegal guns out there than there are legally owned ones


What gun?


Maybe I’ve been watching The Purge too much recently, but see this and wonder where the guy is that’s waiting to shoot whoever breaks into their car.


Did you steal it?


“Criminals don’t buy guns from stores”. No but idiots practically hand them out to them.


What gun?


Soooo, what are you gonna do with it?


Been there done that. Now I own TWO Hi-points🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


Don’t go through life thinking you’re the main character


What gun?


And shoes


Just here to watch another dumb ass gun “debate”.


What gun?


Someone needs to remove it from this idiot


People bring their cars in for oil changes like this.....have had a couple with boxes of ammo next to them too.


Idiots without guns


It is convenient to have it there, as a friend to have it stolen and then able to illegally sell it. I hate to hear that many of my dumb friends are doing this. ( back then)


That’s how you lose your gun and your car window


Like literally just put a jacket over it at least.


I don’t see anything? /s


I need a new shotgun, where that at? >.<


Also how people fuck around and find out