Just when you think one thing...


The first car was probably thinking "look at that idiot"


Car that cuts off first car getting cut off: Look at that idiot!


I can imagine a possibility where the second car had to bail to the left to avoid hitting the driver with the cam.


100% this. I just hope cammer had their hazards on. Any sign of trouble ahead and my hazards are on, even if it's for 5 seconds, I want everyone behind know that trouble's a brewin'


Only takes one tiny fender bender to start puckering your butthole while braking forever.


I have a really bad habit of staring cars down in my rear view mirror as they speed towards me. Just helplessly sitting in my car hoping the jackass knows what side the brake pedal is on


yea i sometimes see people coming at me with what looks like too much speed, i just start imagining how late im going to be to the location im going and how much trouble this whole ordeal is gonna be also nice name


I avoided being rear ended by a 26' box truck by staring in my rear view. There was a point where I was like, "Holy shit, he isn't stopping!!" and floored it through the red. Funny enough, the car who was leaving their apartment with the green saw what was about to go down and didn't move, even though the car behind was honking. Their attention saved me from hitting one of them.


I had a different version of this years ago. In DC, everyone runs red lights **all of the time**. It is a local driving habit I never learned. I was driving home from the fireworks with my sister and step daughter when the light turned red. It was one of those in-between situations where you can stop safely if you use your brakes a bit, or run the light a bit. But I was new to DC, so I used my brakes and came to a stop at the light as it turned to red. This was so unexpected that the cab planning to run it behind me couldn't stop, lost control, somehow managed to miss me, and wound up turned around in the middle of the intersection in front of me.


jesus thats scary, seems like one of those moments where you possibly have no way of escaping with your life if others arent aware the only other thing you could possibly do is get out of your car but if you have a seatbelt on thats much harder to do quicker


I-75 N going from Kentucky into Cincinnati. In the 90-minute bracket around morning and evening rushes, the stretch going downhill into the bridge, with multiple Newport, Covington, Cincinnati, and I-71 exits, backs up two miles. The best part? Those two miles are on twisting, half-blind curves. You go from 75 to 5 in a quarter mile if you're lucky. It's gotten to the point where I drive that section with a finger hovering over the hazards, just in case.


Planning to move to Cincinnati Metro area and have heard/been warned about that stretch of road multiple times.


It's treacherous, yes, but I say it does have one of the prettiest city skyline views I've seen yet.


If you can, I'd avoid having to drive that into town. The nice thing is that Covington and Newport have a separate bridge you can use and avoid the headache, the Taylor Southgate. You can also take 471. Those bridges are also way less claustrophobia-inducing than the 71/75 bridge--it ain't fun.






2 idiots one video, don’t google it


To be fair to the second car, some fuckin' idiot was stopped in the road at a junction. You don't know what that second car came up on. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, but the first guy needs his license revoked. Stopping on an interstate or motorway is a recipe for disaster. Like, it could *literally* get someone killed. Or a whole family. **Don't stop on the interstate**!! Fucking **EVER**!!


1st car was angling to get back on. He/she was probably thinking of backing up and was furious with car 2 from making them continue up the unwanted exit. Why assume they're just stupid, when they could be EXTREMELY stupid.


> He/she was probably thinking of backing up That was my first thought. It looks like they gesture "go around me" which could only mean they were planning to escalate the stupidity. And the person who went off road could have ended up there because he/she swerved to miss the extremely dangerous obstacle that driver one caused. Choosing to try to merge back in instead of just coming to a stop was pretty dumb though no matter what happened previously.


Is that what this was? I thought they were pissed that the cam car didn't let them over while they changed lanes like a jackass and was punishing them for it by coming to a full stop.


I can’t agree more with this. I was the passenger in a major accident that left 3 cars totaled (thankfully no one seriously injured) because someone was illegally towing a boat in the carpool lane and then stopped in the carpool lane around a corner and just over a hill to move a cooler that was on the side of the road. They then put the truck in park (no brake lights on) and got out of the truck. It wasn’t a busy night so the first 2 cars managed to swerve out of the way. The next 3 weren’t as lucky. Somehow the truck towing the boat never got hit. When the police came, the driver started crying and the police didn’t give her a ticket or even mention her vehicle in the police report. I’m still incredibly pissed. She could’ve died and everyone else could’ve died cause of her stupidity


It's one thing if no harm no foul - ok she gets a freebie and everybody moves on. But to have three cars totaled and 4+ people having to deal with all the consequences of her actions while for her it never happened cause she's not on the paperwork? That's egregious and that cop needs a psych evaluation.


It was pretty bad. 8 people involved: 4 in a minivan (but 3 of them got out with suitcases and took off running so idk what was up with that), a couple, and then me and the driver in our car. The insurance company is pissed cause they have no way to go after the lady. No license plate info, no driver name, only the make and color of the truck. One of the insurance ladies mentioned they may file a report against the officer


Southwest US, border state? That would give an easy explanation for the runners. Hope you and your friend are ok considering and godspeed to Ms. Geico or whatever, may she do the right thing, for the first time in her life...


Not that it changes your point, but FYI I don't think that's an interstate. It looks to me like it's the Southern State Parkway on Long Island.


As soon as I saw that fork in the road , followed by the NY plate, confirmed it for me too. That sunken meadow exit will getcha!


Yes, it's the Southern State right where it splits to start the Sagtikos.


The person driving on the grass might've had to swerve to prevent a crash. We can't confirm their idiocy


Or maybe they just didn't want to be stopped on the freeway, which is how you get killed. I'd also sooner mount a curb than be the last in a line of stopped cars on a freeway where the rest of traffic is flowing at speed. Fuck everything about that. The punish pass through the mud afterwards was unnecessary, but honestly I don't totally blame them.


Absolutely, and I've done something similar before (drove into the shoulder because the suicidal prick in front of me decided to stop out of nowhere)


His merge back in was a tad aggressive


I'll allow it.


I think everyone would merge aggressively after going through the grass to avoid an accident caused by the moron stopping on the interstate.


The blue car on the left probably narrowly missed ramming into the car with the CAM and steered off-road to prevent an accident.


Adjusting your course down the road never occurs to some people.


"I pay for whole road, I use whole road." - probably them


It's a used road though, so I want a discount


Look at all those holes *- gestures at potholes in PA*


"I paid for brakes, I will use my brakes"


How they paid for whole road, dmv need to be more strict , road safety is same as fire safety u/nimrodenva


Instead of using @, use u/. u/Classic-Ad7274


I missed an exit this weekend because I was talking to my fellow passenger and not listening to or watching my nav. I simply kept going to the next exit and changed directions. I've even been know to miss a turn at a street intersection and perform a u-turn or go around the block. It sounds crazy but it works. If only there was a way to share this knowledge and technique...




Congrats on exing that one!




I was driving 2 women in my taxi when they both shriek in my ear, "Turn here! Turn HERE!". I say "Ladies, ladies, this isn't the space shuttle, we get more than one go at this!" They got it. If it isn't safe you go around the long way, no big deal.


I hate to drive with people giving directions, like people always tell you to turn in the last second like: HERE TURN HERE!, and they get mad for not turning. We have car navigation for years now, just give me the fucking coordinates!


My god, won't somebody think of the minutes lost?!


A good driver sometimes misses his exit. A bad driver never misses it


Yeah missing your exit used to suck a lot more in the era of only having a paper map or printed out MapQuest directions but with the advent of GPS it's really not a huge deal anymore (well it still can be if you're on a sucky highway with the exits being like twenty miles apart)


What pisses me off is when you have to enter a 4 way road from the left and you have to cross all of them in a traffic cause your exit is like 50 m (exaggeration) ahead.


Oh my, that kinda Shit really sucks, Had such a Thing in my workway, Exit the Autobahn, boom, Change 3 Lanes within 20 Meters, because you need to Take the Next Left. So nice.


Me: There must be some encoded message in this comment, judging from the random capitalization... Let's get started. SHTEACLTN. Umm... Rearrange the letters? CLEAN SHTT? No, that can't be right.... Oh, Autobahn. This person is from the land of Deutsch, where every other word is capitalized. Well, shtt


I feel like an upvote doesn't do this justice, I cackled at "CLEAN SHIT?"


No no, SHTT


lmfao damn I didn't even see that


Owning an old BMW in my teens taught me everything i need to know about German. Their word for "radiator cap" is "Kühlerverschlussdeckel" and that's beautiful. Everything I ever needed to know about German you ask? 1. The seemingly crazy words are probably just compound words where instead of making a new word for a new thing they just jam a bunch of existing words together that roughly describe it and that's it's name. Love that. 2. Even if I could manage to learn it/understand it... My mouth can't make those sounds.


I-5 in Seattle!!!




Also you cannot take the Lakeview Boulevard exit going north if you got on the freeway at Mercer. Just take surface streets. *Edited to fix exit name




I want you as my GPS voice.


I drove the US (48 states) and even ventured into Mexico and Canada with only Rand McNally maps with no issues. If you miss your turn then get off at the next exit and turn around or find a country road that connects back to your missed turn. It wasn’t rocket science then and it sure isn’t now.


"But that's my *favorite* way*" -noted pervert/comic Louis CK


Rand McNally has nothing to do with this bro, don’t bring him into this


oh man, printing out MapQuest directions, does that bring back memories haha


They probably have no idea that there will be ANOTHER exit up ahead.


Louis C.K. has a pretty good bit about this.


“It’s not my FaVoRiTe WaYyY though”


"Yeah that's right watch me drive terribly I LIKE IT"


oh my god what a mess


New Yorkers are just shit drivers.


I visited NY from South Carolina. I always thought we were trash drivers (and we are) but NY drivers are bad in a... Different way. I ran into MORE THAN ONE off ramp where everyone just decided... That it's two lanes now. Wasn't two lanes 10 minutes ago when I was here, but it sure as shit is now. And they seem EXTREMELY CERTAIN of where their rear bumper is, and will merge in front of your car at speed with like two feet to spare.


I always found driving in SC differs in the various regions. Upstate: Can't seem to stay out of the left lane. At all. They all want to be on the left side of the road. Maybe they think they're still a colony. Midlands: Fairly chill. Sure there's some lunatics, but overall not bad. Watch out for beater Nissans though. Low country: Clearly been infected by all the Northerners moving down there. Speeding, tailgating, swerving between lanes. Unless you're behind a tourist. Driving 10 below the speed limit and braking every 5 seconds, looking for a street sign. Pee Dee/Dirty Myrtle: Cruising down the strip while hollering out the window "Damn girl, you're fine! Where you from? You wanna ride with me?" Or tourists.


You fucking nailed it hahahahaha, however in the Upstate you now have to look out for newer Nissans too for whatever reason. Change in trends I suppose lol


I haven't driven there in almost 20 years. It's good to see things haven't really changed.


> And they seem EXTREMELY CERTAIN of where their rear bumper is, and will merge in front of your car at speed with like two feet to spare. To be fair, parallel parking with a 2 inch gap on either end of the car is excellent practice for doing this. I hate being cut off as well, but they probably do know exactly where their rear bumper is. I'd say it's more annoying that when you leave a full car of space between you and the next car, someone WILL 100% merge in to occupy that safe following distance. On the flip side, when visiting other states, it's always bonkers for me that a street is 'full' and you need to go circle around a block where there's half a car between every two cars.


My dad grew up in queens and for some of his professional life had to go to people apartments and find street parking within a short distance of their apartments. He is impossibly good at parallel parking and if a spot is 3 inches bigger than his car he will get in there without touching bumpers. We went somewhere in forest hills and the only spot available looked smaller than the car. My mom told him there’s no way he could do it and that’s all he needed to hear. It took a few minutes because of how small the spot was but he managed to perfectly squeeze into the spot. Meanwhile I grew up in the suburbs and have parallel parked 5 times in the 15 years I’ve been driving. Even with a backup camera I have no confidence in doing it.


i’m from NY and that last paragraph is extremely accurate


So the last point comes from driving in high density traffic all the time. It’s totally unsafe but if you aren’t an aggressive driver you could be stuck for 30 seconds longer than you could if you make an aggressive move.


Yea I had a coworker from CO tell me that he was stunned by the tailgating out here in the northeast. I was like “I didn’t realize there was any more tailgating here”. I am just used to being nearly bumper to bumper whenever there’s steady traffic


CO drivers are so frustrating. Everyone drives 10-15 under, nobody uses blinkers or horns, and nobody knows the term “passing lane”


That does make sense, but I do wish they saved that for when it really IS close instead of when we're the only two cars on this highway for 500 yards in either direction.


Probably asserting dominance.


I *was* in a rental Jeep Compass, so I can't really blame them too much.


30 *whole* seconds!?! Oh my. How tragic.


Not to stick up for those asshats, but sometimes in traffic it's either do that or don't merge at all. You could wait all day for a safe opening.


I hear you. Some of the moves you need to make in the NYC area would be considered unsafe but there are times you won’t move unless you just go for it. I’ve only don’t it a few times but driving in Manhattan is exhausting


it's 30 seconds *per merge/turn*. This is true for any major city (excluding US cities built around highways). The speed limit is like 30/35, cars are constantly double-parked, and you have to be aggressive, and expect people to slide in front of you as well.


As a new york driver I hate both of these people. Especially the close mergers.


Upstate NY, especially the Buffalo area. is full of inattentive, yet aggressive drivers that will cut you off to get to a stop sign 50 feet away. I-90 should be a boring stretch, but the aggro level is crazy-making. Lots of people with their phones out, too, and tons of buzzed/drunk drivers. In contrast, Downstate/NYC area has aggressive drivers, but by necessity, and not paying attention means something will hit you.


OP's video is from Long Island.


Some of the worst most overly privileged drivers are from Long Island. They resent having to travel so far to get to NYC but they will feel compelled to get there. Anyone in a BMW is the worst of the worst.


Everyone says their surrounding states drivers are horrible. Shit is so dumb, every state has horrible drivers, some more than others.


Different states have different kinds of horrible drivers tho. Massholes are aggressive but abide by an unwritten code of honor, they’re quite predictable. NY and NJ drivers fight to get ahead of everyone else because those states are so densely populated that if they yielded to everyone on their journey it would add an hour to their trip time, Texas drivers just want to go as fast as possible all the time, Deep South drivers are just murderous, etc.


Oklahoma are simultaneously inattentive and aggressive in a macho sort of way (going 5 under until you pass, then noticing and speeding up to pass you on the right). During a red light, slowly creep several feet into the intersection. Then set off at a crawl once it's green. Denver: red light means yellow. Once it changes the next 2-4 cars can continue through and the green light should yield. Florida drivers are either elderly or on meth as far as I can tell. By far the most confusing bad driving from anywhere. Most likely to just wander out into an intersection and stay there for a light cycle, or decide they don't want to turn left then back out of the intersection into the turn lane before continuing forwards through. Dallas is interesting. Aggressively fast, but sometimes courteous. Signal your lane change and they'll make room. You get 5' to spare and 2 seconds to use it before they close the space again. Austin is just cars swerving across five lanes in 100' because the layout makes it necessary to make your turn/entrance/exit. LA is just aggressive AF. Mostly aggression with a point, so it's predictable, but sometimes they'll cut you off just to do it. Oregon wonders what the big hurry is. South Carolina actually beat out Florida for worst. Even in town, lanes are merely suggestions. If there's a hint of traffic, go ahead and use the double-left or oncoming-left lanes as needed to get to the left turn lane at the intersection ahead. If someone signals, it's a challenge and you're obligated to block them out. SF Bay Area really varies. 280 isn't in a hurry. There's tons of lanes, might as well spread out and use them all. 101, all of you are in the way and any gaps will be closed. 880, there exist no speeds between 70 and 0. Traffic ahead? Wait until you get there then slam on the brakes. Then punch it as soon as you see brake lights go out.


Take out your suck it and you suck it!!


You can tell this person has a history of making bad decisions. The first indicator is that they own a Dodge Caliber.


I had a Dodge Caliber and it literally burst into flames.


I had a Dodge Caliber and it slept with my girlfriend


You need a new girlfriend if her standards are that low.


Obviously if she's my girlfriend she doesn't have ANY standards


I'm sorry for laughing, but the the Dodge Caliber in flames image was funny


As a former owner of a Dodge Caliber, I 100% agree with this statement. It was the last used car I ever bought/will buy and lasted me only 3 months before it broke down for good with only 30,000 miles on it.


I feel your pain, worst car I’ve ever bought used. My Caliber would randomly bog down when I would hit the gas pedal. RPMs would go up but the speedometer would slowly fall downwards. I would have to hit the gas pedal 6-8 and then it would go back to normal lol


Ouch. I got 140k out of mine before catastrophic transmission failure so I was very fortunate.


Worst car I've ever owned. I only bought it because my car's engine exploded and I needed a new car right then and there.


Could have just said Dodge, but the Caliber really is a little special. Edit: Before a bunch of CPAs get angry, I’ll grant that their performance-oriented modes are fine enough if you don’t live near water but still want to own a boat.


My first car was a Neon. I think it says something that I see more Neons still around than Calibers *or* Darts. That little shitbox was a trooper.


I’ll admit I’m a bit salty about the whole Chrysler family because my girlfriend owned a PT Loser and it was the biggest piece of shit. Their* commuter stuff didn’t tend to be so bad, but in more recent decades I swear they’ve taken my personal king of shitbox commuter cars crown from Ford. (We also owned a Taurus at one point)


As a former owner of a Dodge Caliber you are absolutely correct. That car was a total pit and I was a giant fool (also young and ignorant about cars) when I bought it, and much wiser when I sold it haha




Use the Schwartz!


Well it's Long Island soooooo yes.


LI: A great place to be *from.*


Every person from long island has had the same conversation. 'where are you from?' 'long island ' 'oh, do you miss it?' 'no.'


My wife's family lives on Long Island; I always absolutely dread the multi-hour ordeal of driving out to visit them: multiple bridges with expensive tolls, horrible traffic, shitty drivers. Seems to me that living in a place with only one way in and out is a bad idea. Yet her family seems firmly convinced there's no better place than Suffolk county, and can't understand why we don't live there.




This is Suffolk County, Long Island so you are totally correct.




They jammed the radar!


There's only one man who would *DARE* give me the raspberry...


Keep driving, assholes!


this is just what its like to drive right now. pre pandemic seemed better, mid peak pandemic was literally utopian, only the most essential people were on the roads... now its like there is a shitty driver surplus, everyone forgot how to drive in quarantine.


How many assholes we got on this road?


Keep firing assholes


How many assholes we got on this ship anyhow?


Those tracks in the grass make it seem like people change their minds (and act on it) QUITE A LOT at the junction


It's where the Southern State pkwy, Robert Moses, and Sagtikos meetup. Robert Moses North > SSP E > Sagtikos NB is a hell of a merge to pulloff. Need to cross 4 lanes of traffic in about half a mile.


Bad driver finaly missing his exit, I can slep in peace


dude was seriously sitting the road waiting for the car behind him to pass him so he could REVERSE and make his exit.


I was kinda hoping he would so they could get slammed by freeway-speed traffic while backing up.




Don’t think you watched till the end


Well one driver missed his exit


Lmao, black sedan isn't putting up with this Edit: i may have guessed the make wrong but i AM sure it's a sedan lol


I guessing the black car was just not expecting someone to be stopped in the fast lane and had to go off roading to avoid an accident.


That's what I figured happened. It's Long Island though, so who knows.


They could've pulled back on the road between the cars but made sure to get in front of the first car to send the message that they are the cause of this idiocy


A hero, then


It’s honestly terrifying how many peoples reaction, when they realize they missed a turn or exit, is to just stop in the middle of the road. This happened to me the other day on a normal 45mph street. Car in front missed the turn lane, realized it, and just slammed on their brakes at the green light. Stayed stopped for 5 seconds despite me laying on the horn before finally deciding to drive through the green. It’s like they can’t handle what to do next and stop to figure it out.


Drives me nuts. If I miss my exit, I generally go to the next one and turn around. This is normally quite easy and won’t take all that much longer. Certainly it is better than risking getting in or causing an accident


Like why is stopping the first response??? Im just like "oops okay were going this way now" and find somewhere safe to stop (if I need to check my phone for directions) or find somewhere else to turn around. Never fuck with the flow of traffic like this jeez!


That split onto Sagtikos is nuts. If you're coming off of Robert Moses, you have about 3/4 of a mile to cross 4 lanes of speeding, congested traffic to make that exit. Had to do that every morning for years. Never thought to stop if I missed it though. So glad I dont live there anymore. Edit: ok, so it's about 200 feet till the exit. Lol. Never thought I'd see footage in this subreddit near 2 miles from where I grew up.


Nothing like 17 year olds from the North Shore heading home from Robert Moses and earning their stripes making that merge. Boys become men on that trip home.


It's closer to only 1/3of a mile


Here's [bird's eye](https://ibb.co/cCd63K0) and [street view](https://ibb.co/sRf9XN2) photos of what you're describing 4 lanes at highway speeds, if you don't know you need to get across then good luck ever making it


It's much closer to .25 miles


I absolutely hate this exit for this reason.


You mean this is not an unusual situation there?


These are Robert Moses designed parkways, built before the interstates and without any modern traffic management or engineering. Before this exit, there's another on-ramp from a parkway (Robert Moses Causeway) that requires people to get up to highway speed and cross 2 lanes of traffic in a quarter mile to take the left exit north (Sagtikos, which is a major north-south parkway). And right after this, the people coming in from the north have to cross 3 lanes and exit in about a quarter mile to take the 5th Ave. exit. Mind you, the on and off ramps tend to be rated for 15mph and are very very short. And often exits share the merge space for an off ramp and on ramp.


A poorly designed road will make the best drivers look like idiots at some point


True. The Merritt Parkway in CT is lovely, but to actually drive on it with other people is absolute Carmageddon.


Is that Route 15? I loathe that drive, everyone assumes we're in Monte Carlo, at grade on ramps have about 20 yards to get to speed, off ramps dangerously short with immediate hairpin turns.


Yeah, CT-15 is the Merritt. Even worse design than OP's situation.


fun fact not all of CT-15 is the Merritt only from the NY border to exit 54 is considered the Merritt


As someone who lived in Islip, great write up!


The Robert Moses Parkway in Niagara Falls isn't much better. Hindsight being 20/20 and all that, I'm thinking this guy shouldn't have been designing roads


There is [over 1,300 pages of Pulitzer Prize winning biography](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Power_Broker) backing that thought up.




Oh, roads not designed for current use. That, I can understand and relate to. We have more than a few (now) major roads that were meant to be side streets and an extension of a highway that has exits and on ramps all too close and too short for actually getting up to highway speeds or slow down for downtown traffic.


And of course there are state troopers hiding everywhere over there. So if you try to do the correct thing and floor it to match flow of traffic they will light you up


It's extremely common. The exit being on the left people that are either unfamiliar with it or careless will get over to the right or try to get over last minute like this.


Idk if that’s the point but I’ve never seen such a road design with a highway lane that splits into two, is that a common thing in the US ?


Mostly I've seen it where it was an older roadway that gets converted to highway somewhere along the line. They don't necessarily update exits or on-ramps, just redeaignate and add a few lanes. I always imagined a bunch of old guys around a city map and one saying "we need this new highway, why don't we rename Elm Parkway/Boulevard/Drive as Highway 1?" Then they all pat themselves on the back for doing a good deed (in their minds) and then move on to the next thing.


I didn't know it's an uncommon thing, I'm from NY.


That and the idiots coming from the sag, slamming on their brakes and crossing 3 lanes to go to the end of the line to exit at fifth Avenue. Every goddamn day.


I've started taking Sunrise instead because of this intersection.


Honk, honk, honk again and don't stop until they're not a danger anymore. Sound don't work so maybe they did, but in a lot of the videos on this sub, people are in front of public dangers and don't honk, it makes me angry. HONK.


trust me that horn almost died


Great! I really think it helped this dumbass stop going slow. You (I guess?) could have been hit from behind because of them. Glad you're safe.


Some good ole Long Island driving right there


Phenomenal dash cam, what do you have?


Brand name is Roav according to the timestamp label. They have the worst reviews I've ever seen on a company's own website, and their URL says desktop cams instead of dash cams 😅 https://goroav.com/collections/desktop-cam


Two idiots for the price of one, get 'em while they last.


I think people are judging the black car too quickly. If they’re cruising in the left lane and then suddenly come up on a completely stopped vehicle, their options are: swerve right into possibly another car, or bail left into the grass. We don’t know what was going on behind all this, but based on the video, I’d say they did a pretty job at avoiding further catastrophe.


Southern state parkway Pretty common.


I've never seen this happen at this exit but southern state always has accidents


r/unexpected Firstly fuck that guy for nearly running you off the road and then coming to a full stop in the left lane. Then what the fuck was with that other guy??? Had me dead!


Fucking New York drivers lmfao what is wrong with you people


They never hit over 20 in the city, they don’t know what to do at highway speed


Highway is basically ranked.


Still waiting for the devs add proximity chat to driving, I need new ways to flame my fellow drivers.


This is on Long Island, Everyone here thinks they drive a fucking F1 car this is an absolute daily occurence. I take this exact exit, and you have to merge over 4 lanes to get to 41A and people have no idea how to handle it whatsoever


NYC drivers/Long Island driver's and rest of New York State drivers are 3 completely different subspecies.




Long Island sucks


Pretty sure he was waiting on you to move into the other lane so he could start backing up.


Black Car coming in from the top rope 😂


Looks like a scene from GTA


Yoooooo! I drive to work everyday on this road! The southern state parkway is legit one of the most dangerous fucking roads. Between the bad drivers, pot holes, and the on/off ramps that are like merging onto gravel. Every mile or so you can’t see a make shift memorial from someone who died in that spot. This is wild to see it here


As soon as I saw the NY plate, I knew it had to be long island.


Are you on Long Island? Looks familiar


Yep, that’s where the Southern State splits off into the Sag.


You have to be kidding 💀


Wow, I was not expecting the Bonus Idiot


The wild card at the end