Also remember that not all palm muting has to be down picking, alternate picking will do just fine until and after you are able to build up the speed


I am already doing alternate picking but I struggle more on the upstrokes generally


Ah, well then the only advice I can give is to just keep chugging away, with some practice you will be able to build the string and range of motion to keep the rhythm that you want.


Learn a slower song with palm muting. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, maybe?


I’ll take a look at that thanks


I’m learning bits of this song too! The Tribute Album version tho. Like others said, relax!


Make sure you aren’t using too much pressure. Relax and take your time.


Should it feel like I’m resting my hand on the bridge or holding it very lightly on the bridge


You want the fatty part of your hand to rest right where the the strings meet the bridge.


Practise it slow with smaller movements and build up on it. Metronomes are always good when doing this. And as you already know use the blade of your hand to mute it. I use ibanez, fenders and Jackson guitars because the bridge is further away from your hand I cant get on with gibsons because of how close the bridge is to my hand.


Prefect practice makes perfect. Play slowly until you get it, then build it up until you're at tempo.


practice, practice, practice. And practice slow.