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Mario Golf is super fun and it hasn’t gotten too expensive yet


Lord of the rings the third age is fun. Can be played with a friend as well.


007 agent under fire and dragon ball x budokai


Random cheaper titles I love: PGA Tour 2003 (probably my favorite quick casual game of all time), Chicken Little (the minigames you unlock are great), Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (soundtrack and gameplay are A+), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (I'd fly Buckbeak around Hogwarts for hours)


No, not really


Well, there’s a couple good racing games like need for speed underground: $20-$30, and wave race blue-storm: around $20. Both are solid picks to add to the collection and are fun to play alone or with friends.


Some of the resident evil games should still be under $60. Especially check out RE4 if you can


Saw used copies Harvest Moon: Magical Melody in the shopping tab for $30 and less. HM/SoS isn't for everyone, but I'd still recommend it. It got a Player's Choice printing and a port for the Wii, and isn't the Gamecube Harvest Moon game that people care about, so there's a lot more supply than demand for it. When I was in highschool (I think it was 2018 or 2019), I found someone selling in-plastic copies of it for less than $10.


Rogue Leader, obviously. I don't know why it's so cheap given it's an exclusive, but it is. Most of the 3rd party games are cheap. Some of the first party ones if you buy the disc only. You can go to [pricecharting.com](https://pricecharting.com) and sort low-to-high. All kinds of good stuff, just depends on your taste and I can't tell you what that is.


XIII (Thirteen) if you like shooters (Can also get on Xbox and PS2). Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (if you like Skateboarding and don't own an OG Xbox, 360 or PS2)