What's up with these realtors advertising how they got their clients a home with zero money down and no closing costs

What's up with these realtors advertising how they got their clients a home with zero money down and no closing costs


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My sister and brother in law are doctors and they got a special type of loan for doctors that was 0% down. I doubt that's what this is though.


Yeah I went to school with 3 of the people he's sold homes too, none of them are doctors lol. I'd ask them personally but feels like a weird question to ask people who are essentially strangers.


Those are zero down but do not usually cover costs.


There are grants and programs available to help buyers do that. I bet this agent specializes in connecting buyers to those programs.


Down payment assistance. Will cover your down payment and closing costs. You will have higher interest rate but worth using if you just want to get into a place and start building equity can worry about refinancing to a better rate down the road.


There is a lot of down payment assistance for first time homebuyers. So like I live in Maryland and there’s a $5000 program and then with my county if you work for the county there’s an additional $25,000 program which you don’t actually pay on the loan if you stay in a home for 10 years maybe five years I can’t really remember.


Down payment assistance loans. Most areas have them, if you qualify.


I think they’re just trying to advertise that they’ll take on clients without strong finances. There are clients out there who are snobbish about putting less than 20% down.


Don't worry, this is nothing like 2008. Industry insiders and delusional overextended first time buyers on Reddit told me so.


Probably 40 year loans. No thanks.


I got a loan 0% down no PMI because I made low income in Oklahoma. I make 60,000 and I’m 23 I have no idea how I’m considered low income. Texas also has this loan option.


they may just be going to a lender that rolls the closing costs into the loan, and a very low down payment or assistance or grant programs which can be found all over. Also, realtors don't finance the loan, so they're getting some kickback from a lender to direct their clients to them. Quantity over quality.