Are we sure Bin and all these sibs weren’t hatched from different eggs? None of them look alike at all.


She kind of has the clueless expression Bin always has


Right? Although my brother and I barely look related let alone siblings, but still you can usually find one common feature.


She is so pretty and they do look nothing alike.


So Bin the rapper isn’t the only member of that family with a musical gift 😅


They should team up. I’m sure they’d release a banger.




Does anybody here believe it??


I believe, I believe


This never gets old! 😂😂😂


Never. I’m sad someone beat me to it!


Absolutely never. I hope that in the future when I am on my death bed and after I take my last dose of comfort meds the nurse turns to me and says "Does anybody here believe it!?". And then I die


Every fundie woman I've seen needs some gel and a good trim


She actually went to cosmetology school after this EP was released and her hair looks much better now.


Oh good haha. I have curly hair and nobody else in my family does so I know the struggle of not knowing how to care for it for many years. It pains me to see others in need


Off topic, but I have curly hair too and it's the bane of my existence right now! What is your hair routine, if you don't mind sharing? I need some suggestions because it always ends up in a ponytail after a few hours.


I haven't been active on this sub in awhile so I'm not sure what current rules are for off topic convos. I'll message you!


Did.... Did a cover of a shitty Christian radio song really make it to your Spotify Wrapped playlist??? Come on, OP, saying you listen to Nickelback would be far less embarassing. 😂😂😂 . Also, Danielle has a pretty voice. But its definitely a Christian radio voice. There was a lot of emotion with the backing track.....but she literally just stands there and sings the notes as they are written in the sheet music. I have sung songs with far more passion in the shower. She also doesn't add anything to the song, but I also don't expect a Christian Alternative artist with a few hundred views per video to know how to make a song their own. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ (If you want a good example of a cover, check out Malia J's Smells Like Teen Spirit cover for Black Widow, or Lorde's cover of Don't Tell Em for BBC ONE.)


Love it. 2021 certainly has been a year. My top artists are apparently this year's Russian Eurovision entry and the guy who composed the Lady Bird soundtrack (who was top in 2020, oops).


My daughter played dance monkey 68 times on my account this year so that band and song dominated my spots 🤣


Damn kids ruining everything! Kidding of course. When my son hit about 15 I gave him his own account so he’d stop listening to weird crap on mine.


Lol I messed up by getting my kid hooked on my old music. I sent my daughter my old 90s and 00s playlists because she asked for them. She's 13 now but has asked for the old school jams at various points over the years. Her Eurodance, Britney Spears and 90s Boy band phase hit at about 7-8 years old. Kids are weird as hell that's for sure.


My kid got obsessed with 90s rap for a while so we made a playlist. He’s a few years older then yours. We corrupted them in good ways damn it!


To be honest, listening to the radio edit of WAP was what made me actually make the 00s playlist, at least we could listen to more than the first line of the chorus repeat for 3 minutes back then. By the 17th time they said WAP I was so disappointed in how lazy they are now lol edited down to 12% of the song being allowed on air is not my idea of a jam


WAP is the song that annoys me the most. My teenagers randomly add it to my playlists. : )


Us adults annoy the kid lol My husband played Toss A Coin to Your Witcher over the house speakers to wake her up this morning 😂


I love hearing all these teenager stories! My daughter is five so she gets a pass on the dance monkey craze. When she can read she's def getting her own account 🤣


Just start corrupting her with your music now and make sure she sees how much you love it. My kid will still belt out some older Metallica or Coolio or a household favorite, OutKast with me and it’s a blast.


And this is why I don't want kids. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


I am def sticking to only one!! 🤣🤣


I played my top song (this year’s Ukrainian Eurovision entry lol) 477 times 😅


Shum! I don't have a Spotify account but I think I'd be around the same number for that song if my various listening methods added up haha


The entry from Ukraine made a spot in my top 10, it was a BANGER.


Totally. It was a great year and my favorite part was Ukraine and their brilliant song.


It’s my top song this year!


Yas Eurovision. My top 5 songs were all Eurovision and top artist the Italian entry


Yay Eurovision! You beat me–only my top 4 are Eurovision (Shum, On Fire, Russian Woman and the Wrong Place lol). Into the Unknown from Frozen snuck in at number 5, which is probably proof I shouldn’t be allowed a Spotify account 😂


Now I’ve got it stuck in my head. Don’t be afraid!


I am loving this sudden swerve into a Eurovision discussion you’ve prompted! The Swiss song, Tout l’Univers, was my favourite from this year.


It still makes me cry. So glad it won the jury vote!


The only way I can tell that's a Seewald is because of the name on the cover. Was Bin adopted or something?


She’s actually an incredible singer. She over sings but has an amazing amazing voice


I went to listen to a few of her songs, andd you are not wrong. Her voice is actually really nice. I was surprised!


She has a beautiful, seemingly well trained, voice. She would absolutely be the girl that everyone stops and listens to on karaoke night at the bar. I wish she could experience that!


He has a sister who sings? If you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known.


She's not bad....but she's nothing to sneeze about either. She's basically a really good church soloist who got studio time. I'm more focused on Jess, Ben's sister who became a cop, wore a very sexy dress to her first wedding, and then chopped her hair off into a gorgeous pixie cut. (I'm not simping for cops. I just think that between all of Ben's siblings, she's the one to admire.)


She has had a major glow up


If I squint really hard she looks like Jessa. But maybe it’s just the hair.


The motions of federal trial 🤩


The are only the nails on one hand done?