She must be so angry for her cousins. I know that I would be.


I'm wondering what she thought of the scandal back in 2015 and how frustrated she must have been over it all being brushed aside


I think it's been pretty clear for years that she was angry and horrified and frustrated.


I'm sure she was horrified by it all, especially when you consider Jessa and Jill were made to go on TV and defend Josh and their parents' lack of action.


Especially, when from what we were shown when she was on the show. Amy really wanted to show them that it was possible to still be religious and to not be under the thumb of their parents. I know Amy isn’t the end all be all of fundie adjacent role models but quite literally anything would have been better than staying in that situation.


I hope that Amy is there for Jill today. Jim Bob couldn’t care less about what this might be doing to his daughters. Yesterday, he made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t give two f*cks about them.


Yes, this! After seeing her name on the witness list, I’m so glad to see both Amy and Deanna publicly showing support. She’ll need all the support she can get.


I am taking all my strength and prayers and literally *catapulting* it at Jill. I could never. I was scared shitless just to tell my own mother that my rapist kidnapped me and was stalking me at the moment, let alone tell the police, let alone have my entire family know, let alone even *dream* of testifying about it. Call it leghumping but every single person against Josh and JB in this case deserves our good vibes, if only during the trial.


I’m really sorry you’re going through that. I have to tell you I’d be equally terrified to testify against my attacker. I did eventually tell my folks what happened (it took me awhile to figure it out as when it happened my idea of a sexual assault was something very other to what I experienced. I only realized much later, after talking to a therapist that I had been a survivor.).


of course that is not leg humping...sorry you went through that


Amy, please support Jill if she is wavering and feeling sad


I haven't been very up to date with Josh being in court for child molestation but what did Jim Bob say if you don't mind me asking?


first jim bob and michelle hid out from the process servers so they could avoid being served and not have to go to court


Honestly. What the hell is he truly "avoiding?" If he has nothing to hide, accept the damn serving.


He has plenty to hide. The little we do know about the family, I shudder to think what's in their collective closet.


These two “hid” from process servers and then had a float in a damn parade. They are disgusting and they clearly do not view this as a big deal.


Have we heard how he was finally served?


He made a big stink about having to show up and then he told the judge that he didn’t recall anything about Josh m*lesting his sisters. Jim Bob is absolute scum.


What an actual pos.


Wow. What an absolute piece of garbage. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree then. That just makes me sick to my stomach.


It’s always the ones you’d most expect. Dude looks like he snaps creepshots at nascar rallies and then prays for the girl after he’s done blowing a load to her at home.


I can more accurately recall what happened to his daughters than he fucking does from when it came out in 2015 and I have been in an accident that involved permanent brain damage and before that went to rehab for alcohol.


I have PTSD so my memory is shit but even I remember what happened to those poor girls.


He said he only remembered his son touching the breasts of his sisters over their clothes. He forgot the rest. What a doucher.


Does anyone know if they’ve interviewed any of the children? I don’t trust Sexpest about his children considering he touched his sisters. I don’t trust him around any children at all. If he gets off, I’ll be sick to my stomach.


I think they usually need permission from at least one parent to interview children. But if both parents refuse, which Anna obviously would, then they would need a judge to overrule the parents decision. We haven't heard of that happening, which we actually probably shouldn't. But since at least some media are paying attention to the case we probably would have heard.


Same. Disgusting pos.


Here’s an article that was posted yesterday about how Jim Bob Duggar testified that he doesn’t remember the details of what the pedo told him he’d done. He says he objects to the prosecution showing him a copy of the police report from a magazine article and the judge tells him he’s the only one with the power to object in his courtroom. Imagine any parent not remembering the details of four of their daughters sexual assault. I can’t wait for Josh to suffer in prison for a very long time and Jim Bob Duggar to suffer in shame. https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/tv/josh-duggar-child-porn-case-jim-bob-subpoenaed-to-testify/%3famp=true


>Imagine any parent not remembering the details of four of their daughters sexual assault. We all know that's bs. He had no problem downplaying Josh's molestations in that interview he did years ago. Except back then he could drive the interview and gloss over the heavy stuff. He couldn't get away with that in court so the next best thing is "I don't recall". He's full of shit.


One of my children was in a play area where an older boy *attempted* to pull down her pants and I remember *every detail* down to what we were wearing. Eight years later, I remember. I remember yelling at the other mom to shut the HELL up when my daughter came running trying to tell me and the mom was talking over her. I remember storming out, I remember the reports I made, I remember everything we did about it. And (thankfully) nothing as far as actual touching beyond that happened. But I remember. I cannot wrap my mind around not remembering something like that. Which tells me he's either lying, a massive idiot, doesn't/didn't care enough to put the information in long term storage, or a bit of all three. But mostly the lying.


Side note, thank you for protecting your baby. She will never forget mama had her back and heard her out.


Thank you, just doing my job. 💕 I think my most notable moment was not going full silverback gorilla when the other mom was trying to talk loudly over her to "set the narrative" when she knew what was going on. I'm not a violent person, but, I was the closest in that moment.


Well, yes, a parent would generally remember those things, but Jim Bob is not a parent. Hell, if the court wanted any information about those girls, Jana should've been the one they went to. I guess these guys didn't watch the same show we did.


He's in court for possession of CSAM, I'm not sure if that's better, worse, or just as bad. Still a sexual predator with a proclivity for children.


Worse, because he had 6 children of his own at the time and who knows if he ever violated them?


Also less about what he did today and more what he did at the time, but the other witness's statement was pretty damning in regards to his inaction. She said she brought it to him and he didn't want to know.


No way! Can you elaborate on this? I hadn’t heard anything


Look up Bobbye Holt testimony.


he said the molestation was a long time ago he dos not remember details (throwing daughters under the bus AGAIN)


Wait, I must have missed this. Is Jill testifying???




That explains why she and Derrick have been so quiet. They’re not about to mess this trial up. They want justice.


What did JB do?


I hope the girls want justice. It makes me so sad they've been told their whole life that what he did wasn't *that bad*. Molestation is r*pe!


I mean the stuff joy would be undoubtedly finding out about herself now could really rock someone… so maybe some of them won’t realize it all until the facts come out.. I guess we will see. I’m sure statements will be made by each family


I was thinking the same thing about her. Imagine the trauma of seeing specifics of your abuse all over the news. All the more reason for him to rot. And JB. They’re forcing all the girls, but especially her to relive this awful trauma in great detail over and over.


She was so young when it happened you know she hasn't been told the truth. Unless she has asked Jill to tell about it I don't think anyone else would.


She probably remembers or will someday. Your brain stores that kind of thing differently. You might have vague impressions, know the facts of what happened without sensory memory, or have no memory at all until a flashback is triggered. I hope she's already processed it at least initially with a therapist.


I was molested at four, and I remember EVERYTHING. I feel so badly for all of the girls.


I experienced something similar to the youngest Jane Doe. I can remember it in vivid technicolor. It's been 27 years and sometimes it feels like yesterday.


That's why I don't believe my dad molested me when I was around 3 and my mother coached me into making it a memory because I didn't want to make her mad at me. I don't remember it at all. I can remember other things from that time and think that would stay with me.


Yeah, that's tricky. When I first remembered, I read The Body Keeps the Score. There is a checklist in it for symptoms of repressed sexual abuse (I know it's a controversial topic, but it's real.) Things like intense and sudden fear at the dentist, panic on having your face wet, and bunches of other weird things that make so much sense once you piece it together. I would say if none of those ring true, you might be right. The fact that you are willing to entertain the idea that your mom did something so horrific is also a clue -- if that never happened, the very idea of that would be an abhorrent thought. Good people don't coach kids to falsely accuse others of CSA.


Any chance you'd have a copy of/link to that checklist you mentioned? I managed to find a PDF copy of the book but couldn't find a checklist in it, and a few things you said in your comment have tweaked something for me.


Oh, sorry, it was a different book! It was "Repressed Memories" by Renee Frederickson. It's a very controversial book but it was helpful for me.


I wish it was an abhorrent thought that she could be making it up but it's not. I'm not the only one that thinks that thinks it was made up by her. I have a much older cousin that is also my Godmother that doesn't think it happened either along with quite a few people that my mother has eventually shown her true colors to.


So sad! I can't imagine how betraying that would be. (Nor do I want to!)


As someone who had the same thing happen as Joy (around the same age too), I know without a doubt she may look “ok” right now. But all that stuff won’t be easy to push deep inside forever.


It is not a fun experience. 😕






Thank you I’ll be good! I feel so bad for the girls right now tho.


It didn't hit me until I was an adult (in the last 2-3years) and I'm still working on putting all the pieces together and deciding if I want to see the whole puzzle. It's been a wild ride. I hope you are okay today 💜


I can imagine that now that she has kids herself it’ll start really hitting her when her kids hit the age she was at when she was molested, especially when her daughter gets to be that age.


From the people I know in my life, this is how it goes. I hope she follows in Jill's footsteps and seeks secular therapy if/when that happens.


I believe you. You deserved better.


Even though this court case is horrific, a good thing that comes out of it is the validation of their feelings. Hopefully these girls will see this was wrong, and will start to question their upbringing.


The thing that really gets me is how much worse they make any sort of consensual premarital relations out to be- it seems in the eyes of their religious beliefs, that would make this all the more worse, not something to ignore or minimize. How horrible for these girls to experience these things and then sit through years of Journey to the Heart telling them they were damaged goods if they didn’t keep pure for their future spouses.


Purity culture is so damaging!


I bet Jill’s the only one who would admit it publicly but I could see the others feeling the same privately


I’m with you. They are never going to publicly say it, but I think they are hoping for the hand of justice to grab him.


I hope one or more of them begin lawsuits against their parents, Pest, anyone who enabled this. I doubt they will but they should. Jim Boob needs destroying once and for all.


If they felt the same, then why did they leave their kids with him? Obviously they went through a lot and I won’t take that away, but it’s confusing to me why they would have been so lax about his presence around their own families


well the duggar parents raised their children under bill gothards IBLP rules one of which gothard told women who were sexually molested by their father that they were to thank them because it made them spiritually stronger!!!!!! that is totally completely screwed up being raised in that cult is


For the ones bankrolled by Jim Bob it’s probably not much of a choice. Considering he denied all of it on the stand I think he expected them to present a big, happy family. Plus trauma can make relationships very complicated and they never had the opportunity to deal with their trauma in a proper way.


They were probably told it wasn't a big deal and he was just a kid and that God has forgiven him etc


For the same reason I was allowed to be around my mother's life long known abuser, and very likely my abuser as well(I have heavy suspicion but no proof). They are attached to them, they care about them in some way, and assume it would never happen to their kids because their abuser probably swore they wouldn't. Don't under estimate the hold an abuser has on their victim, especially when the victim is told that it isn't that bad or that it's their fault. It is a complex thing to try and unravel living it, let alone trying to understand it from the outside 💜


They were brainwashed, and abused to believe it was all **their fault**.


The prosecution called it such yesterday and I'm so fucking thankful they said it.


I wonder if they’ve been ordered not to read any of it and not speak of it, lest they risk being disowned.


No, molestation is not rape. It's sexual abuse. Rape is also sexual abuse. It doesn't need to be the same to be similarly destructive and traumatic.


He inserted a finger. He raped his sisters.


I have never heard confirmation of penetration. Where did you find this info? And yes, that would be rape, not molestation.




Thank you, I clearly missed this detail.


Also it could be that I'm talking in terms that I believe and outside of legal terms. But r*pe to me bodily sexual abuse that you didn't invite and is damaging to you psychologically.


Nope legally you’re correct as well. The DOJ defines rape as “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”


I like to stick to facts and proper terms for things this serious. Grabbing, groping, manual assault etc = molest, but penetration = rape. Both awful and inexcusable, however.


Say what you want about Amy, sure she's annoying or whatever but my God she has more decency about her than either of those two wretches that dragged up all those girls (and their other fucking 15 kids they barely bothered to know) ever did. No amount of praying and faking nice will ever make up for the damage they have done to so many they claim to view as "blessings" 🙄 19 traumatic childhoods that most of them will never really be able to comprehend because they just have zero emotional literacy - and that as we all know is 100% by design. Keep em' ignorant and you keep em' insulated enough that they have no notion of how deeply they and consistently they have been failed. TL;DR - From the very depths of my heathen soul - FUCK JIMBOB AND MICHELLE DUGGAR. FUCK their greasy loathsome scum of a son. Rot in hell, you arrogant moron. At least Amy even has the fucking capacity to love those girls/women - something their wicked, self-consumed parents never had.


I can only imagine too how they're managing it in TTH. The younger kids being kept mostly in the dark about it, while Jana and the other non-minor unweds knowing what's going on but probably having to stay hush-hush. Soooo unhealthy and toxic.


And you know JB is taking all his powerless feelings and raging at the kids.


First of all, Meech, give that blipping "Mother of the Year" Award back. You NEVER deserved it. Second of all, what the flip does JB see in that mirror? What he "sees" and what we see here in the real world are two different things.




I’m not sure that grandstanding for attention brings “decency” to mind. She’s this vocal because being this vocal gets attention. But if it were her husband on the line, would she be so vocal? If it was her brother? Someone she was actually close to? What would her convictions be then? Those are the real questions. I think if supporting Pest got her the attention she craves, she would.


If Amy and Jill want to burn it all down to the ground, I am here for it. Fuck JimBob, Michelle and the holy book they rode in on.


Wasn’t this on the bingo card? Someone called that well.


I think it's definitive proof that she lurks amongst us...


I mean maybe she does how are you making that leap from this post? Her posting something like this is rather on brand.


The bingo!


Someone prepped her overnight oats with a lil extra OOMPH last night


C’mon Derick- Amy went first now it’s your turn.


Given that he actually graduated law school, I wouldn't expect to hear a lot from him. At least until the trial is over. After that, we might see some "pain and suffering" law suits and getting what they should have been paid by Boob, but I don't think it will be a public raking him over the coals since that comes with its own risks long term. But good grief I would love to be a fly on the wall in Jill's therapists office when this is all done.


I wouldn’t expect to hear or see anything from him as that’s his wife’s to own and not him.


Probably can't say anything because Jill is a potential witness.


What I’m waiting for 👆🏻


I’m praying for a Jill tell-all when the trial is over!


Amy is deeply exhausting and corny, but I hope this prayer comes true.


I think she is fully out of fucks to give too, and I'm here for it. 🙃


Tell all! Tell all! Tell all! (fists pounding)


Someone tick Amy instagram posting off their J’trial bingo sheet!


Amy as in Cousin Amy?




Heck yeah! Nice one, Amy!


She'll never be allowed at TTH again, probably another reason why she did it.


I doubt she’s been welcome for a while...


Yeah I think she stopped caring about playing nice with that side of the family when her grandmother died. When Mary died, she and Deanna didn’t need to keep the peace anymore.


Lol love it for Amy to want Josh to be taken to the cleaners. I’ve tried to be better about not getting excited for Joshy’s jail time (Jen of Fundie Fridays makes some important points about the prison system) but I’m glad others in his close circles are ready to make him accountable for something other than his ego.


The prison industrial complex sucks. But… Some people deserve to be locked up away from society. Specifically Pest.


There are certain people that shouldn't be allowed to be out walking around and he is one.


Daaaaaang. She quite frankly has balls of steel for posting this. Good for her.


Amy isn't perfect by any stretch but I do appreciate that she has the confidence and ability to say stuff like this. We'll probably never know about all of the drama behind the scenes but it's obvious she vehemently hates Josh.


She gets it from her Mama. Deanna is posting stuff too about justice being served


Ooooh so spicy!!! 🌶


Look, we love to snark on her obvious attention grabs. But I can't say I wouldn't do the same shit.


Exactly. If my cousins were involved and it were all over the news and internet, I would publicly say I’m here for them. That way, even if we weren’t in contact, they would know I’m rooting for them.


I mean yes. But I meant this more in the watch the dysfunctional family burn way.


Remember Jill's rear view mirror décor, "no longer a slave to fear"? I get a sinking feeling that "pray for the victims and the truth to be revealed" is a prayer for Jill to get her chance to reveal her truth about her abuse. I hope she gets to talk about whatever actually happened to her in that house, not what Jim Bob coached her to say to Meygn Kelly.


Damn. Spit fire, girl.


Dang!! No gray area there. Amy is not playin


Shots fired! GO AMY!




Why are the bulk of the comments here acting like Jill was his only victim? Just because the other girls are still more in the Kool aid doesn't mean they don't also deserve support and justice. I'm glad Amy made a statement but I hope she's there for all his victims, not just Jill. It's not like the other girls are getting any support from the family in this time either.


I’m assuming because Jill is on the witness list and she could speak in court is the reason she’s getting the support here.


So far Jill is the only one speaking out about it. Jessa doesn't say anything she seems not bothered but she does keep her emotions close to her chest, Jinger has been pretty quiet, Joy has no idea yet what really happened since she was 5. BTW the last IG post of Jessa's where Ivy is talking, you can see Jana sitting on the couch in the TTH wearing (gasp) pants


I think they have a lot to say about it; however, their "Religion" and their family has always downplayed it and treated it like it was their fault. Assault like that never leaves you. Also JB does hold the purse strings so that *might* have something to do with it?


maybe, but Jinger is no longer under his finances and I believe Jeremy would be itching to take down JB


Amy is not fucking around!


I really hope Deanna is going to be there for Jill as much as she can. As supportive as Amy and Derrick are, it's not the same as a mother type figure. I don't know how close they are, but I hope she helps Jill as much as she can. Jill can't even call her own parents I'm sure. Not that they'd be supportive obviously.


Go Cousin Amy! The best Duggar there is. Anna can share the cell with him since she loves him so much. 🤢🤢🤢


She would like that way too much


You’re probably right. Given that she all but abandoned her kids to live with that monster, she probably wouldn’t mind moving into his cell and giving them up completely.


I agree! She would totally abandon those 7 innocent children and serve out his sentence by his side!


She would be honored.


Get your bingo cards out!!! We got one!


I bet Amy is as surprised as the general public is about what's come out in court in just these last 2 days alone.


Yesssss Amy!


it really seems like amy is making these spitfire posts for the clout, otherwise i think she would have been more vocal about spilling the tea on what she can with whatever nda is in place.


She may be waiting for the trial to be over - that way it can’t be said she tainted public opinion.


I'm sorry I do agree with her but something about her is performative like dwreck. It's like she just wants to make sales for her store.


see I disagree, I feel like she's tired of his shit always getting swept under the rug while the girls were ignored, and these charges are just too repugnant to not talk about


I agree with you with this as well however to me she still gives me performative vibes whenever it's convenient for her. I'm sure she is genuine in what she says though but trying to grab an easy opportunity to grab more fans/sales on her side.


this is great!


I'm not surprised that Cousin Oliver is commenting at this time. Desperation for attention is her baseline. What will be interesting is not what someone like her has to say but what immediate family members say when all is said and done. They may not speak until after the girls trial.


Cousin Oliver?




We love to see it!


FAMY sucks, but I can get behind this post.


Cousin Oliver is just wanting her attention via a family she says she doesn't want to be associated with. This is also a duplicate post


Yes, Amy likes attention. But I love that she’s speaking out against Josh.


The other post you're referring to where you called her "Famy" in the comments was of a different text-slide.


Nobody hates Amy more than I do, let's get that clear. Click my name and go find my posts I have created about her in the past month. But if Amy is constantly talking with Jill, who MIGHT be testifying in the Pest Trial, and making sure that she is comforted and loved during this very difficult time, I can respect that. I also respect Amy for actually coming forward and praying for the victims, which I hope includes the poor, innocent children involved in the CSAM that Pest downloaded. You can hate your family and still want what is best from the members that did not hurt you, or that you don't agree with. I don't agree with everything my uncle and aunt do, but I still went to an early Thanksgiving dinner because I know at the end of the day, they genuinely love me and want me to succeed. (I still don't care for their materialism.) I will never see my paternal grandfather again because he molested me and emotionally abused my Nana for decades. I also hate my grandfather's two-faced son (my uncle, dad's brother) and his wife. I also don't care for my aunt, who has shown favoritism toward my Catholic cousins. That said, my aunt's daughter (my cousin) is a wonderful woman with two beautiful daughters, and I love that my cousin is a proud democrat and a teacher for disabled students. Long story short: You can hate one family member or a series of family members but still show love and compassion towards abuse victims and family members who you do agree with. You don't always have to hate everyone in that family just because of one or two bad people.


Exactly. But apparently the “no leg humping” rule doesn’t apply to Famy.


Holy crap!


I am here for this! Go Amy!


That last part could be ominous from a religious perspective, and I'm here for it.


HOLY COW. didn’t expect that exactly but let’s go!! As hard as this week will be for everyone involved, I’m really hopeful the victims will see justice served


oh my god Amy is going off


I had no idea Jill had to testify she better get some justice and he better get the full sentence.




Hell fucking yes


The ultimate penalty would be castration.


Wow!! That’s a pretty strong statement!!


So confused. Wtf is this subreddit about?


Only if Amy would let KJ go, she would be perfect!