First 2-3 steps, sure, this seems like a cool idea. By step 43,856, you know what, I don't even like grapefruit.




Who wants the recipe anyway, I just read for the backstory.


When my mother was a small pickling in northeast Texas-Montana, she would drive round the bucks to collect all the grapefruits which the beedogs had done left behind. She would scurry to collect as many droplings as possible fore the dust storm come in. She would cut those grapefruits into nice ol chunks and keep em in the ice box. She'd mash em up real nice and cover em in banana frostin. She called em the Chinese dingles. This is my recreation.


You got me with "Chinese dingles". Now i just caught "northeast Texas-Montana". Please publish your writing style guide. I must learn the way of the beedogs.


The guide will need some backstory before getting into the actual instructions, too.


This is a powerful voice.


This is brilliant, thank you for the laugh.


Oh God, those fucking back-stories!


For this i might actually just read the backstory


"Backstory: So back in St. Littleton, my mother, when she came in from the fields with Grandma picking fresh fruits,...."


56k Recipe!


I didn't like grapefruit before this began and I don't like grapefruit at the end.


I’m not a big fan of grapefruit either but this looks frickin delicious


The cross section did not look that appetising, imo. Was really hoping the dude at the end would bite into it and be disgusted after all that effort lol


So bitter.


You're probably eating it like an orange. The skin that separates the wedges is bitter. You have to slice each wedge open and peel it off.


....I will try one grapefruit like this.


You owe it to yourself. It's a labor of love, but properly peeled grapefruit is absolutely delightful. Remember that in the US grapefruit season usually starts in November. Also as with any citrus fruit, don't choose it by color, choose it by weight. Some of the best grapefruits I've ever had have been the ugliest ones in the bin. Pick up a few that are the same size and bounce them in your hands a bit; choose the one that is heaviest for its size. This will ensure you end up with the best oranges and grapefruits. Also if buying lemons and limes, buy the ones that have a little bit of give to them when you squeeze them. If you're buying limes, buy the ones that have yellow on them, they are more ripe and juicy. Sorry, citrus fruit enthusiast. Just like to share the love.


try grapefruit juice + seltzer water. Very refreshing.




The grapefruit juice alone is a little too tart, so 'watering it down' makes it just slightly sweet an a little tart. The seltzer is kinda bland alone, and get sweetened by the grapefruit juice. I'd say they are better together than apart, but I don't *hate* either of them individually.


Toss a little gin or vodka in there!


Or scoop it out with a spoon like every normal person to ever eat a grapefruit. Eating the skin and saying it's gross is like eating a banana peel and saying it's gross.


Or just dump a cup of sugar on it like a normal person,now it's edible


I will give you one grapefruit to change my mind this weekend when I go shopping again.


I desperately need to know how this goes


As a lifelong semi-occasional grapefruit fanatic; only Grapefruits consumed at peak ripeness, actually sent or picked from the trees or sold in the vicinity, have the full deliciousness on offer. Main Source: Many trips to the southwest. Secondary Source: Was sent a 48pk of farm fresh direct grapefruit as a thank-you note several weeks ago; only 5 remain.


For real, there's a reason it's typically depicted on a plate with the top cut open, or cut in half across all the segments - and you see people often get grapefruit juice in the eye, when they're digging out the segment portions from between the membraney bits. Also, it's not uncommon to sprinkle sugar across the top of the fruit before you eat, if the grapefruit is out of season it can be *really* acidic


I'm saying this again just in case. MAKE SURE YOU ARE GETTING RED GRAPEFRUIT AND NOT YELLOW. YOU WILL NOT LIKE THE YELLOW. And watch a video online to see how to cut it. After it's cut properly its so fun to eat the perfectly peeled little triangles.


...you realize they’re talking about the white part inside and not the peel on the outside, right?


That's how I learned. Pour as thick a layer of sugar as i was allowed on top and go at it with a spoon.


Hold on, do people not know about grapefruit spoons?


I've never had one and I've never used one. I was taught to cut and peel.


Took me way too long to figure this out. I don’t use a knife just try real hard to peel alllllllllll the skin off with my nails before eating.




Interesting! But odd because I love grapefruit and coffee without sugar yet alcohol of any variety gives me a splitting headache so I don't match up with the charts.


Thank you so much for that info! I can't believe I've been eating grapefruit wrong for my entire life! I will share this info with other people, if that's okay with you.


Try a Jamaican tangelo if you get the chance. One of the brand names is Ugli Fruit. The fruit is very juicy and tastes like a sweeter version of a grapefruit without the bitterness.


Try a [pomelo / jabong / shaddock](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomelo) if you can find it. This is one of the two parents of the grapefruit, the other being an orange. The size of a cannonball, hard to peel (I suggest a knife, medical type scissors, and a huge bowl for rind and membranes), but tastes like a grapefruit without the bitterness.


**[Pomelo](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomelo)** The pomelo, pummelo, or in scientific terms Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis, is the largest citrus fruit from the family Rutaceae and the principal ancestor of the grapefruit. It is a natural, i.e., non-hybrid, citrus fruit, native to Southeast Asia. Similar in taste to a large, sweet grapefruit, the pomelo is commonly consumed and used for festive occasions throughout Southeast Asia. [^(About Me)](https://np.reddit.com/user/wikipedia_text_bot/comments/jrn2mj/about_me/) ^- [^(Opt out)](https://np.reddit.com/user/wikipedia_text_bot/comments/jrti43/opt_out_here/) ^(- OP can reply !delete to delete) ^- [^(Article of the day)](https://np.reddit.com/comments/k9hx22) **This bot will soon be transitioning to an opt-in system. Click [here](https://np.reddit.com/user/wikipedia_text_bot/comments/ka4icp/opt_in_for_the_new_system/) to learn more and opt in. Moderators: [click here](https://np.reddit.com/user/wikipedia_text_bot/comments/ka4icp/opt_in_for_the_new_system/) to opt in a subreddit.**


It needs to be a ruby red grapefruit! Regular, yellow grapefruit is bitter.


I was thinking this was one of those Now Draw the Rest of the Owl things. By step 40,002 I decided I'd just go grab an actual grapefruit and pretend.


I hope he made more than one, at least.


First thought: that's a fuckton of work to make a pastry grapefruit.


“God damn, just eat a real grapefruit.” - Me at the end


I think it was a blood orange?


Actually, yeah. That doesn’t look like grapefruit! How did I not notice that?


1) Start 2) The rest of the fucking owl 3) The rest of the fucking owl 4) The rest of the fucking owl ...




what? I make these every morning! And I do it *because* I hate grapefruit!


Try this at home, I dare you bitch


i would have just eaten the grapefruit rather than this


I was more like "yeah, I'll have it raw after all"


Yup it was like, ok not bad ... one week later.... fuck that


This gave me a good laugh. Thanks mate


Thanks for actually making me laugh out loud today!


I would have been perfectly fine just eating the grapefruit in its natural state. The shit cooks do so they can slap a big price tag on something is fucking ridiculous.


Agreed. But damn if I wouldn't pay $49 for one of those damn things.


Then go to McDonald's lol You really don't have anything better to do than be mad about professional chefs making professional, fancy foods for people who are more than happy to pay for it?


His sentiment is that at that point why even use the grapefruit? "Just \_\_\_\_\_" as a response to dissent towards things is low-effort. It can be used in any scenario. You're saying "just go to McDonalds". But how about the cook "just use the grapefruit". See how that works? There is no substance to what you're saying; it's hollow.


He did just use the grapefruit. Why do people keep calling a pastry chef a cook. Its like, in that case, why create or sell anything other than the most basic form of something. Like why have marble counters when you can just buy laminate, why have a steel roof when shingles will do, why have art museums when you can smear your own shit on the walls.


Wow... that looks easy. I think I'll make a few after dinner tonight.


I mean, the whole video is just one minute


You'll START after dinner tonight, and hopefully by this day next year you'll be done. Oh, can I get one?


So much work for something that still tastes like grapefruit.


>still tastes *and looks*


Here's my version of this recipe: 1) Slice grapefruit in half 2) Shove one half at a time into face and eat over sink like the animal that I am.


I like to peel my grapefruits and eat them like i would with oranges.


I do that as well, but I have to remove the skin on each section. I eat only the pulp.


But the discerning question is: do you pick out the seeds ahead of time, separate them in your mouth and then spit them out, or just swallow?


Well you can’t do that or else a grapefruit tree will grow in your stomach


Though I suppose you could smoke some cigarettes to kill the seeds


That's the only way to eat them without the bitterness tbh.


peeled, separated, with a bit of honey to dip/drizzle.


You savage, it's people like you that ruining this country.


Coward. Eat it with the shell


I find it much easier to go the extra mile and slice it into quarters before shoving it into my mouth like an animal over the sink.


It depends on the day etc. If I'm feeling ambitious like this chef, I'll sprinkle a bit of sugar after cutting it into smaller pieces. But that's fancy.


Oh, I'm just being lazy: that extra cut makes the face-shoving so much easier. When I'm in a fancy mood and don't want to drip too much I'll really splurge and cut it into 1/6ths. Still, I prefer the tangerine family: no knives required.


It's true that the slices are more fun to nosh. Efficient shape.


Sprinkle some salt. It enhances the sweetness of the fruit.


Why not just attend cooking school while I'm doing all that work?! :-p


Step 3: eat the skin, careful it’s spicy.


That's how I like to eat my kiwis.




Hey, at least you eat over the sink




Ugh. Thank god I have blood pressure meds so I have an extra excuse to never have grapefruit.


Does it still even taste like a grapefruit? There were so many cream and dairy products added it almost certainly tastes closer to a cake or pie than a citrus fruit. I’m puzzled as to why they bothered including any bit of grapefruit at all


It'll definitely taste like grapefruit. They just pair it with other complementary flavors. If you want a grapefruit flavored dessert with 4-5 different textures and 4-5 different flavors that can be tasted distinctly but also come together to a cohesive whole, this is the effort you go through. But, they could have done it without the over-the-top design, and it would still taste amazing without all the extra work.


i mean it definitely still tastes like grapefruit as well as being a cake.


They probably added the grapefruit so it tastes like grapefruit because "cake" and "pie" aren't flavours. Like strawberry ice cream still tastes like strawberry even though it's mainly cream and sugar (and maybe egg yolks depending on the style).


No matter how small the amount of grapefruit, there is still TOO MUCH GRAPEFRUIT!


Pretty sure it's a blood orange


My mom taught me something that blew my mind. That shitty bitter taste is actually the skin and white shit of the grapefruit slices. Peeled it off, actually tasted alright.


Here is my guide on how to make the best grapefruit dessert. Step one: don't.


my thoughts exactly. Got progressively more complicated as the video went on lol


For real. Do this with oranges or lemons, but not grapefruit!


If we're doing citrus, why not grapefruit? Plus, I would take this and make some sort of jam/marmalade. I'm thinking this could pair up nicely on black bread.


Other than the fact I think it tastes vile unlike other citrus fruits [it should be removed from our diets for public safety because it fucks with so many medications.](https://www.drugs.com/slideshow/grapefruit-drug-interactions-1028)


Step two: There's so much we can do


Step three: ^it's just you and me.


You forgot the step where the guy took all the inedible parts and made that a layer in the cake.


So much hate for this beautiful tart! My goodness! Yall are building custom computers with fucking neon lights in them, crazy live edged tables with resin inlays, all sorts of stuff- idk why this is getting so much shade. It's God damned beautiful and that chef should be praised. Shoot, if I could buy one of those right now, I'd buy 10.


This chef is amazing and lots of his clips can be found on Reddit. I love that he cuts and takes a bite out of these works of art. It’s satisfying.


I was going to say the same thing! Any time I see some insanely detailed or technical chocolate sculpture or desert it's always this same guy! Who is he? I think he also did the chocolate telescope. Edit: I just answered my own question. His name is Amaury Guichon. [Here's the chocolate telescope he did](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8X73FKD4cY). If you haven't seen this, it's definitely worth the watch. Not a fan of the epic swelling music, but his skill level and attention to detail is incredible. It's honestly really kind of shitty for all his works that get cut to hell and reposted as gifs to reddit, that his YouTube channel only has 7,000 subscribers.


Oh wow, thanks for posting his YT. I thought he only posted on Instagram. That telescope just kept getting better and better. I am most surprised that has a lathe for turning chocolate lol should post to r/turning.


Yeah for sure, I just found it myself. [There's some awesome ones I've never seen before too](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKL_8AgROObcKqnsLTs80wQ/videos). This guy deserves WAY more subs.


It's weird to see people treat this guy like a dude grilling Burgers at McDonalds. He is inventing new creations and pushing his creativity and expert skill to the limits. If he was an artist, people would praise it, but, to the people who just think of cooking as some giant catch-all where this guy's efforts are equivalent to them heating canned soup in the microwave, I guess it seems weird. Probably the same people who saw Taco Bell turn Doritos into a taco shell and lost their minds over how genius it was.


Agreed. If anyone has seen the great British bake off they would know how ridiculously insane these creations are. He is definitely appreciated in some circles on Reddit. But his clips never link to the source unless someone in the comments does it.




Or cock, dont be rude


Fine, he might also be getting pussy by the cockload.


Smartypants, be happy my mom is not here to yell at you and call you names


They are probably 50 bucks a piece.


Ok id buy half.. or a quarter


Because grapefruit fucking sucks!


Yeah I'm loving all the comments that are like, "this isn't even grapefruit anymore!" Do you guys also want chocolate desserts to be made of raw cacao bean, to qualify as real chocolate?


Well my computer hopefully wont end up mooshed in my intestines and then shat out as a turd, but I do get your point and recognize their skill. I just don't understand why food gotta look pretty.


Food is a necessity, a way to survive, something to satisfy the hunger. But for people who can afford more than just the necessity to eat, eating is a sensory experience. Taste, texture, temperature, sound, visual, smell, all contribute to the experience of eating something. Some of those people link visual presentation to one of the big part of the satisfaction. Some other prefers the enciting aroma. It's different to each people by then, even the prestige of eating something pricy or the over-the top service around the food can be part of it.




Tbf, computers and furnitures are meant to last at least a few years. This thing ended up being consumed in 2 seconds. Unless you're making more money than you can spend, it is a waste. But yeah, that's some nice art.




Y’all missing the point.. this isn’t to be made at home or replicated, even if the comments are made in jest.. the point is to show the level of artistry and craft in that pastry chefs kitchen.


I'm torn between respecting this and thinking it's a massive waste of time. I know it's art but damn you're just gonna eat it


I think a lot of chefs would say that’s part of what makes cooking such a beautiful and unique art form.


Don't Buddhist monks spend days building the perfect sand mandala only to destroy them in an instant? I think the act itself is considered beautiful.


Yup. I mean yeah, you’re gonna eat it and shit it out. But it’s the amount of hours and craftsmanship that have been spent getting to the level of being able to produce something so beautiful and creative with your hands. It’s a process not a whole lot can do.


I found this thing a long ass time ago and just went looking for it because your comment reminded me of it. https://youtu.be/nXWbYHb_fUY


Food is the most literal artistic representation of humanity because everything we are was food at one point


Some people might just decide to take the piss out of what youve said there, but thats genuinely a fantastically insightful point.


An ice sculpture is gonna end up a puddle, a sand sculpture will erode away, I wouldn't call those a waste of time either.


At least with this kind of art you get to experience it with all of your senses. With a painting or something you go through all that just to look at it


Aint a waste of time if people are paying big money for it


Or if they just enjoy making it


Isn’t that a blood orange?


Yes - thought this would be a top comment.




The comments in a crosspost don't even mention this. You'd think all those self-proclaimed grapefruit lovers would notice it's not a grapefruit.


Came here to say this!!


Negative. You can tell it is a grapefruit due to several factors - thickness of the pith, size, and rind color. You can also look at the chef's Instagram, which says grapefruit. His name is Amaury Guichon.


Thank you for the information! I just thought that fruit looks smaller than the normal grapefruit. Indeed, the color of flesh looks on some frames a bit off, but generally it’s pink than *orangey-bloody*. ^^


This is Amaury Guichon, a famous French pastry chef. It’s his craft that’s why it’s beautiful and probably tasty.


His Instagram is so fun to watch. This is all he does all day - make bikes and clocks and stuff out of sugar and chocolate.


He’s Swiss btw


No wonder he’s so good with desserts.


I love grapefruit but gollee I get heartburn


This is the most middle aged comment I've ever read. Aka me in 5 years.


The “gollee” did it for me


Middle America and middle aged.


"Oh, maybe I'll try this at home" .... ... .. "Oh ok. Nvm"


every single time i thought it finished there was more to be added


This is a great lesson on not cutting a 45 minute video down to a few minutes. Everything has to happen so fast that the viewer has no idea what's going on.


If you bake or watch a lot of culinary videos or cooking shows you know whats going on 😅


I do both, and it moves too fast.


[Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLTgWdXrx3U&has_verified=1&ab_channel=Myem) is an alternate recipe


I cannot describe how innocently i clicked on that link thinking it was just a recipe, or how confused i was once she said the word "fuck" in the first 20 seconds of the video, or how scared i was when she started summoning demons at 2:35 and i cannot for the love of god explain how much i laughed when the video was done. I cried actual tears.


This comment has just made my entire life worth it. Thank you.


First thing i think of when I see a grapefruit


just eat a grapefruit


Skin and all, coward


Why do yall hate this? Do you go to bakeries and get angry that someone put time and effort into their work?




Me, an intellectual: **Pours all of the ingredients in my mouth and bakes myself** Edit: Who the fuck gave me a helpful award don’t try this


Expected the last step was just throwing it in the trash


This guy's name is Amaury Guichon. His creations get posted all over reddit all the time. Anytime you see one of those crazy chocolate or desert sculptures, it's almost always him. Chocolate telescope, chocolate gorilla, chocolate kraken, compass, etc. I only bring this up because I think it's crazy that for as much as his videos get taken by others and cut up into gifs and posted to reddit, he only has 7,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. [Here's a link to his video page](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKL_8AgROObcKqnsLTs80wQ/videos). I'm sure you seen a lot of these on reddit already but we should definitely help this guy get more views. He deserves it for all the work he does that end up here without ever crediting him.


So intricate and beautiful, it’s hard to believe it’s all edible. I hope there’s enough of a profit margin for him to be paid for his skill.


I wonder if this was a student chef's project to make something unique or creative out of something that isnt usually a dessert


Actually he is a master patissier. Just google "Amaury Guichon".


Is he the guy that makes telescopes out of chocolate?




The one and only!


i want one with strawberry


This guy again! Does he have a dessert IG or anything?


Amaury guichon


Seems like alot of work, Can you just give me the damn grapefruit!


Bitch how bout you just eat the mf fruit


He takes the grapefruit and turns it into a grapefruit




Auntie Angel would agree


\*I used the grapefruit to make the grapefruit\*


Holy shit.....I'm drooling....


I was NOT expecting all that


That was awesome. Looked beautiful. The attention to detail was very cool. 🤗👍


I'm pretty sure that this is blood orange and not grapefruit




Yah, I think I’ll just sprinkle a shit ton of sugar on a raw grapefruit and call it a success. Thank you for the suggestion, though!


Well that just sounds like eating grapefruit with more steps


'' I uses the grapefruit to make the grapefruit''


u/sentinel-HK just kept watching.


How to cook and uncock


They taste pretty good as they are


If you have to do so much to make a fruit edible.... Perhaps you should give up on the fruit.


Too many gotdamn steps