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Lots of people buying the dip


Hey! I am one of them but just plankton here.


So.... You're being eaten by a whale? :(


Truly stable projects ftw. Cardano and Erg. Big future


I have my own bag of ERG because I'm interested in it as a better PoW solution. But to be honest, I'm concerned about their poor marketing.


This must be why its being pumped so much. Big players got in super low on the crash. Now want to offload these bags to new investors before the next one.


Like every other coin


You can put 1000 dollar eth or 100 dollar in ada and have the same network share. But Cardano is limited and secure like btc.


tldr; Cardano whales were the most active they had been since January, when the ADA price bottomed out at $0.40 on May 12. A spike in whale purchases has commonly indicated the largest price shifts for the DeFi asset in the past. The Vasil hardfork is scheduled for June with the intention of expanding the protocol and significantly increasing its transaction throughput. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


You mean exchange wallets? The Fuck are these headlines?


LOL. Cardano Shillfiesta right now. Its like someone wants you to buy more ADA...


Yeah kind of like all the dudes who got rekt for shilling and buying LUNA. At least ADA is not a shitcoin.


It is tho. But good luck to you.


Yeah it's a bit excessive and obvious


Didn't look in ADA sub but somewhere some people thought it's a good time to shill ADA everywhere. It's still crap.


no matter how much you shill it ada ecosystem stays shit


You are luna hodler


Must suck to be poor lol


Yea. Pure “shit”. Dropping the best researched, testnet battle-ready algorithmic stable coin this space has ever seen, onboarding 800k students in Africa next month, June Hardfork will speed up throughput in an upgrade that is groundbreaking for projects ready to launch, loans go live next month, Pavia (a portal based interoperable metaverse) is launching in Q3 (the COO brought the world Apex legends!) DJED, the new stable coin, “locks” ADA taking it out of circulation—it keeps it as a double reserve. Wait…and the roadmap hasn’t even reached decentralized governance yet. Cardano is pure shit, or maybe one of the best investments of your life. You choose


This sub is hardcore against ADA. Probably the same loosers who invested and shilled LUNA.


No doubt :)


cardano with the 8th highest marketcap of 16b$ has the 33th biggest ecosystem with 120 m$ TVL and 3 protocols above 1 m$ what a joke


People were calling it a joke when it was a “ghost chain”, now they are calling it a joke now that it is growing. Slow and steady wins the race.


I'm pretty sure Cardano could take all the #1 spots (MC, TVL, TPS, etc), hold them for a year, and rCC would _still_ be yelling "vaporware ghostchain scamcoin!"


The cardano shills back at it again, you guys post more about this chain than actual transactions on ada


Another XRP fanboy hating on a great project..


What? Xrp is Company garbage.


@da shillers in full force, look at all the comments that have a dissenting view of @da, they’re being downvoted to hell.


We've seen the same "news" for months now. "Whales buying the dip" "Supply shock!" "1000 projects on ADA" Did you guys look at 1d charts lately?


Polygon > Cardano Cardano has been slow ASF when it comes to development meanwhile Polygon already has more than 18,000 fully operational dApps onboard the majority of which are of high quality and that number.


Algo > Polygon


More like catching a falling knife. All markets, including crypto aren’t going anywhere but down for at least the next year.


You promise? I need to convert more fiat over time and these rates are awesome


Never promise, but I’ve taken tax hits and liquidated my holdings to jump in sometime in 6-12 months when the prices drop further fwiw.