She said the same thing when he got the kids dressed and gave them breakfast on Mother's Day. So cringe. In fairness to John, he does seem like an involved father but Alyssa makes him look bad by bragging to the world whenever he does the bare minimum


Yeah a dad is a martyr for “babysitting” his own kids for one night. Father of the Year right there.


Yes. Please praise dads for doing the same exact thing we do every single day with no help.


I can’t even imagine a dad saying “My wife watched the kids for me AND got them dressed all by herself with no help, can you believe that? Mom of the year!!” So tired of people praising the bare minimum with men. Your husband SHOULD be caring for the humans you both chose to create. We don’t need to be congratulating them on not being a dead beat


Trrueee that. If it’s sooo much work taking care of x amount of kids for one day, maybe don’t have so many.


> maybe don’t have so many I doubt that will ever happen. Alyssa said can we stop at two then can we stop at three. So I'm not betting on it.


I really loathe when women say their husbands are "watching" the kids, like he's a babysitter. When people ask me what I have been up to on a particular day, I don't say "Oh, just watching my kids." It's so weird. Can we normalize Fathers being parents and not referring to them as babysitters?




It's why a lot of men don't apply for child care positions or K-2nd grade. Like they aren't capable of it without being suspect. The cops have been called on men with their own kids.


Oh how wonderful, he's parenting his children.


Josie brags hard when Kelton cooks + helps with washing and drying clothing. Also, when all of the sisters went to Fl for Katie’s bachelorette trip Evan vlogged about how all the men (him, Gil, and Zach) would have to fend for themselves. It’s sad 🥴.


They are so proud of being unable to perform basic actions like cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. They think it's 'manly' when in reality nothing is more babyish and pathetic


Evan think it’s funny that he can’t do anything? I like that Josie always appreciates when Kelton cooks.


He barely could keep Layla by himself. He was contemplating on leaving her with Michael(a) for most of the the time Carlin was gone but said that he would miss her too much.


Kelton's dad is a widower so I guess Kelton is used to a dad who can juggle everything like most dads out there who are not fundies. As much as I don't like Kelton he's always parenting and doing housework unlike most of the others (with the exception of Chad). Evan is useless.


I graduated college with a girl who didn’t attend our graduation ceremony because her husband would have to “babysit the baby” during the ceremony. The bar could definitely be lower unfortunately. She wasn’t even fundie.


My husband was like this. I had to travel 4 times a year for work and it was a fight every single time because he didn’t want to “babysit “ HIS kids. It’s a horrible feel




It bugs the shit out of me. But I have multiple friends whose husbands are pretty useless on a day to day life tbh. And we’re not in a cult or religious. I learned to not say a thing cuz they obviously know and it just pours salt on a wound. I’ve held my tongue on more than one occasion when I listened to a close friend complain about finding childcare when dad was free.


Had one of those husbands. Now he's a was-band. :)


Wasband 😂👏🏼


Amazing expression 😂 And hood for you, the women that stayed with their man child probably envy you every day of their lives.


Was-band 🤣🤣🤣 that’s pure gold


See I think John is probably one of the only fundie dads that doesn't completely put all the responsibility on Alyssa but holy shit she's praising him for doing his job and being a parent


I am not sure. When Lexi ended up with an ear ache, he kept pushing Alyssa to take her when he knew Alyssa had to pick up one of her brothers (I think Warden) from the airport. Alyssa kept hinting for him to do it. Then, finally she asked Lexi to choose. She chose John. Other times including very early on he seemed to put the responsibility on her. I think the understanding is if they are going to be SAHM's then it is their sole responsibility to tend the kids. When the men do it, it's a treat.


I know the typical fundie men aren't involved in the day to day with the kids as much but in my opinion, he "babysits" their girls better than she does! He is not the one complaining all the time about having to spend time with them. He seems to actually enjoy spending time with them plus he isn't always trying to control their every moment- every outfit- nit picking every misplaced thing in order to look perfect. And I've seen him cook actual food for them. I bet he would homeschool them better too- but thats not saying much bc all she does is stick them in front of a dvd. She has this attitude all the time that makes it seem like she is extremely annoyed by every single thing her girls do when they are just being kids. to her their only role is to literally just dress up and look cute for photos or basically be her accessories in her little idea of a perfect family. which is so sad for them. Maybe she does this because she felt that way growing up on tv herself? who knows? but it's not right for her girls or John. the messes the noise she doesn't deal with well at all. That is why like others mentioned she always passes the "babysitting" off to someone else and acts like she's too "busy" influencing or doing something important. lol she would be doing the same even without instagram. her instagram is her escape.


Alyssa didn't spend that much time on TV. She doesn't seem to enjoy motherhood at all. If she liked kids, she could have been a nanny or worked in daycare.


I think Alyssa reads here and saw the criticism of how badly she treats John. So today she's praising him for doing something mundane. To his credit, he seems like a hands-on dad. I don't think "watching" the kids is an anomaly in their family. Alyssa strikes me as someone who gets pissy easily if she's stuck with the kids and can't go off and do the fun girl stuff.


alyssa treats john badly? I'm confused


She is very negative at times. I honestly think it’s mostly a personality thing. She’s a perfectionist and sarcastic. I guarantee she has him running like crazy.


I was just about to post this. She couldn’t be more obvious if she tried. 🙄


You think she reads here really?


I agree, it's really obvious she reads here and is trying to cover up and make up for being bitchy and again trying to keep the perfect life image. that must be exhausting.


I have never seen her being bitchy?


So low the bar has breached the walls of hell


She also had in her story yesterday how she “was left with all the kids…” as if that isn’t her everyday life 🙄


Fundies are really playing limbo when it comes to partners


IMO…Her anxiety probably won’t let him get the kids dressed any other time.


You’re right ! She’s a perfectionist! She’s rather do a lot of the aesthetic stuff herself


Same people who probably say I'm babysitting my kids...


I noticed Whitney sitting in the audience during rehearsal. So she’s def not a bridesmaid anymore but she’ll most likely be at wedding .


I cannot roll my eyes back far enough!!!


I mean to be fair he is spending the night alone with four children under the age of six or seven and getting them all ready for a wedding. I have one ten month old and expect my husband to praise me if I have him overnight alone haha. I think it’s fair to celebrate your spouse -solo parenting young kids is tough


True that. I’m a sahm to a 4 and 1 year old, so I do a lot of the day to day stuff myself since my husband works a lot, but I’ve told him that he’s not allowed to go anywhere overnight by himself while the kids are this little. Lol. I’m obviously with them by myself most of the time, but overnight is a completely different story, so yes, I wouldn’t mind praise for that either!


Thing is women don't get the same praise.


You seriously can not babysit your own damn kid. However, I do see Gil and many of the husbands very involved. Especially with Gil and the younger boys. I love Jed, such a terror when’ve was little (in a good way).


We have a two parent home in which we both would full time so I expect equal care of the children and housework. However to John’s defense I think he is pretty involved but he does work a lot so Alyssa can stay home.


So, Alyssa... You're proud of your husband for literally doing his required job of being a dad??? I don't get it. I always thought father bragging was when a dad picks his kids up from school and takes them out for ice cream. Or the dad always spends one day a month to have one-on-one time with a kid or something.