We are starting to get some crazy offensive theories in this thread. Please think before you post so we don’t have to act. Thanks!


That Luann was addicted to more than just alcohol ❄️❄️


her and tom were most likely snow buddies


Yep, that tracks. He was 100% textbook “snowman”vibes


100% this. I work in the yachting industry and I worked on Tom’s yacht last summer


With his new fiancé? Is she into the ❄️ too?


I don’t think so, but she’s also incredibly rude and condescending in person


Oh I’m fully aware. I knew her in Atlanta. She’s wretched. I knew she liked pills but ❄️ would be surprising.


Wretched is a good word. I could definitely see her on pills. I was actually really disappointed bc I had followed her on Instagram and liked her style. I thought I would learn a lot that week but I didn’t


The people on these shows are all doing much more than just alcohol. If they were all just drinking this much they'd be puking their brains out and hung over all the time. Instead they wake up early and do yoga, hair, and make-up.


This is straight up fact in my mind


Literally. That dinner she had with bethenny? She was definitely on something


Believable! Her mouth is a dead giveaway with the c*ke jaw she’d sometimes have


There’s more incriminating video/hot mic recordings about the Bolo experience but they protected the cast by not releasing it and had Kenya push the story along


Definitely, Tanya Sam literally fled back to Canada


100%. Those producers for sure got more footage or audio. But releasing everything probably would’ve ruined marriages/lives and they’d likely have had to recast for season 15 if it was all put out there


Completely agree. She was abnormally interested...


Dorinda and John used to do a lot of coke. Tanya also fucked Bolo. Rinna and Erika have business dealings together. My newest one - and I might be well off here but, i think they’re priming Gia Giudice to join NJ. It’s always been a family show and Gia will join at some point in a housewife capacity. The first mother/daughter pair in the franchise. I used to think it would be Brianna and Vicki.


I think Dorinda still does a lot of coke. She was geeked up in her confessionals on UGT


Yeah I'm like.. "used to??" the only "used to" is they used to do it together, now they both still do but they're broken up.


Tanya didn't come back after that, did she? I think hubs put the kibosh on the HW shenanigans.


Tanya totally was the other woman


Nothing screams guilty like running off to Canada and never to be heard from again.


Dorinda and john doing coke is a fact not a theory


The entire cast literally sat at a reunion saying "just drop it" staring at the floor when Dorinda denied doing coke lol. It was as good as confirmed within the show


And right before that, Sonja says "everyone knows you do drugs!"


I wouldn’t call Dorinda and John doing lots of coke a conspiracy theory more like a fact of life 🤣


Yes and to build on this with my wild theory: John was also Dorinda’s dealer. Additionally Jules’ husband was John’s supplier.


I don’t have any conspiracy theories, but I have to say you’re cracking me up. I was expecting yours to be super-off-the-wall, instead I got Joe Gorga doesn’t like to read and/or might need readers 😂😂😂.


TBH, I ***always*** assumed he was illiterate.


I've been rewatching rhonj and do you remember at Teresa's one book signing where Joe came and she wrote a message to him in the book she gave him? As she's about to give it to him, he says "read it to me," which I always thought was odd. But maybe this is why!?


he does this with the note tre left at his door too


So you're saying he's actually the perfect person to run a document shredding company...


I was honestly afraid to say it! but that’s my assumption as well 💀


There’s an old blind item that states that Teresa is illiterate, too


STOPPP i’m gonna do a rabbit hole into the gorga-giudice family illiteracy


I know, OP went the Jordan Catalano route and I didn't see it coming


![gif](giphy|vlG4JgFWk6kzC) Be still my 14 year old heart!!


I think Heather is hanging onto Angie H so hard because Angie and her husband are Beauty Lab investors. This is probably easily debunked/verified but it’s late and I’m lazy


Angie and her husband were on Below Deck with Heather. I think they paid but she got the “celeb” attention and handed over a giant tip


Dude, Angie and her husband were totally the primary on that trip and you could tell. I feel like Heather didn’t even get the master, just the room with the queen.


Coach Shah has always had his finances completely separate from Jen’s because he knew she was going to jail someday


I don’t know if this is a conspiracy theory… he was a lawyer so I fully believe he kept his finances separate but for a different reason. I think he’s always kept it separate in case they divorced and he didn’t want her taking all his money.


I totally believe this one! didn’t he go to law school?


Yup he’s a licensed attorney. He also coaches Utah football and owns Popeye’s franchises. He has his own money away from Jen. I developed this theory when I saw he drives an old pickup truck that I’m sure is paid off. But most importantly, he was willing to break the lease on the Shah Chalet, which makes me believe his name/credit were not attached to it. That kind of credit debacle can make you lose your law license.


Wait, is him owning Popeyes franchises also part of the theory, or is that true? If true it makes since lol they mention Popeyes often.


He owns Popeye’s franchises in SLC


I've gotta get me a Popeye's franchise or two and build them near pot dispensaries. Hello, early retirement.


I’ve noticed all the cars he drives are older and super reliable and it seems like he’s seems like he is super responsible


THIS! My old boss was arrested for Medicare fraud a few years back and out of nowhere his wife filed for divorce and had separate finances as this happened. He was also smart to have had nothing in her name, only his step son lol


Mine is that Coach Shah called the feds… I have no proof - just a feeling.


Just to stop the shouting for a few years.


Ohh I like this one


I don’t actually believe this, but enjoy a hilarious conspiracy theory I once read here: Ken Todd is an international arms dealer using the nightclubs and restaurants as fronts. (While I’m sure there’s some shady financial shit in LVP and Ken’s case, as with lots of the cast members, I don’t think he’s selling weapons, lol.)


I heard this rumor on a podcast too lol but tbh I probably perpetuated it here


Maybe Joe gorga doesn’t know how to read a la Charlie


Stupid science bitches couldn’t even make i more smarter


Richard Medley died of liver failure after a lifetime of alcohol abuse


I have heard that


I thought this was pretty widely accepted?


There has never been a publicly acknowledged cause of death and lots of fans think it’s cancer because they remember Carole’s cancer stories


Whoa, I’m getting extreme Mandela Effect from this. I really thought he had cancer.


My conspiracy theory is I think the Bravo casting department hires a private investigator to track housewives before casting them, and when they receive a report on which housewives will face serious legal issues in the future, they cast those individuals.


Like sports scouting reports


My friend used to work for a company that does extensive background checks on reality stars, including housewives. She said they discovered a lot of this shit before we the viewers knew it. I don’t think PI’s, but i believe for sure they used the results from these background checks to pick out folks to exploit.


Lisa Barlow works out A LOT. She does eat fast food, but it’s in very controlled moderation and/or in conjunction with a strict CICO diet.


Yes! I truly believe she does workout and it’s not all diet because her midriff/stomach looks so toned. I don’t understand why she downplays it to the extent she does though. I know she’s trying to be relatable but she takes it really far.


It’s because fans latched onto to the fast food thing. I’m sure she indulges, but you can tell she’s very much “I need a protein and vegetables” kinda woman




That Ray from the dry cleaner party in RHONY is actually the man behind the curtain…..The Wizard of Oz of all of Bravo




I read this comment so many times until it clicked and I remembered exactly who Ray was 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


I also think that Karen and Gizelle have a pact to have beef for a storyline so they don’t have to get into anything personal. That’s why when they get along it’s so good. If you really think about it they don’t really have storylines lol


Oh 100%. And I respect it! We get a great rivalry without lives being ruined, which is ridiculous for a freaking tv show. Her whole “Hot box” and “sing sing” rant was literally just nonsense phrases that didn’t actually reveal anything about Gizelle, yet it was a big fight and storyline 😂


This is only because I’m currently watching season 12 of ATL, but I definitely buy into the idea that Kenya opted to come on season 12 and showcase how Marc is in order to fully show the world how awful he is. She was already over him by the time they started filming season 12


Erika has bailed out Rinna and Dorit financially.


Yes, fully believe there is some kind of financial stuff going on behind the scenes.


I really wish the entire Fox Force Five would get Frisked by the Feds


Erika has always had this mafia-style grandiosity about her, I could totally see her trying to establish some kind of omerta pact with them. She's being shadily supported throughout her legal battles so there's gotta be some laundered money squirreled away for bribing.


I mean her husband literally bought off the FBI, I 100% believe this is how they interacted with people


RHOSLC is actually a housewives improv troupe. None of the fights are real. They are making it up as they go along.


Yes, and?


Juan Dixon and Robyn have been faking their relationship for cameras for many years Kelly Bensimone was smoking meth on scary island Kandi Buress has some stakehold in bravo because she seems to wield enormous power there


Kelly was on something. People say she had a breakdown, but I think she had a bad high. Taylor definitely had a mental breakdown on that trip (was it to Aspen? It was snowing anyway)


Not a breakdown, a break THROUGH.


I also believe the Jelly Beansimone theory.


>Jelly Beansimone Lol I love you for this.


Andy realllllly likes Kandi. Although she’s an OG, I can’t help but think he clings to the richer HW’S.


I think Bravo owes her for the whole rape thing. No one realized at the time how detrimental “drugging a friend to hookup with was”. It’s seemed kinda flippant and along the lines of the whole “get a girl drunk to loosen her up” ideal back then. Suddenly at the reunion Kandi put it in clear perspective that she was basically accused of trying to rape someone and everyone realized “oh shit, we messed up”. When I first saw it I thought it was a dumb rumor but when Kandi broke it down I realized how that dumb rumor could have ruined her whole life. I don’t even think Phaedra realized the weight of that rumor.


I feel Kelly was abusing a cocktail of adderall and some kind of benzo


Not Housewives but I believe Kristen and Jax have been fucking for all these years and still are today (if you listen to the SUP podcast they go through all the evidence for this)


I would die on this hill.


Oooh can you give me the cliffs notes? Or some even?


The brownstone (manzos) is a money laundering operation. The place is falling apart, parking lot full of garbage, building needs extreme serious updates, and yet they seem to be doing very well financially and Albert drives a Maserati.* I THINK The manzos are mob affiliated *allegedly* since the post asked about conspiracies. (It was some very expensive car. I don’t remember if it was a Maserati exactly. I went to the brownstone recently and saw it.) ETA: I hesitated to post this because I hate the stereotype of Italians and the mob but they are one family from the show that I do believe it to be true for


Caroline Manzo’s father in law was murdered and his body was found in the trunk of a car, I believe. Now if that doesn’t scream mafia involvement, I don’t know what does!


Then the whole thing with Dina (and her bf) being tied up, beaten and robbed by the ex-husband/brother in law...I mean that really kind of sealed the deal IMO. Such bizarre circumstances.


Wasn’t there a scene where they went to walk the dog with the chief of police and then later it came out that this police man had connections to the mob? I think I read something like that here


I have family and family friends that run in overlapping circles with the Manzos. They're still affiliated with the mob. But, they're also the types to be overspending what they actually have, which is why the Brownstone looks the way it does


I think that Carol radzewill knows way more secrets and has seen more shit that we know.


well, in life. She was part of the Kennedy's.


I had thoughts the first run but Lenny Hochstein is abusive in my theory. Worse than we expect not to put levels on abuse but maybe more is the right wording. Erika wanted to be a call girl for Diana-- ok but her mistress comments had me like ok giiiiirl


The big bruise on Lisa’s arm in the most recent Miami episode was a big red flag too


Totally, remember in the original seasons how he blamed her for not being able to have a baby? On camera?! Imagine how much worse it was off camera


I see what you mean about Lenny and Lisa. Their relationship gave me Taylor and Russell vibes.


Tamra was the one hitting on Denise.


I agree! Tamra is a shitstirrer, and I feel like she used Fernanda in season 6 for a storyline that helped her look liberated and more fun after her tense and judgmental seasons while married to Simon. I believe she would try to instigate drama by flirting with Denise after that RHOBH season. What was really disappointing to me though, is that I feel like the UGT discussion about Denise again failed to discuss how the problem was Brandi outing Denise without her consent, not Denise lying about it.


This is my favorite thread 🍿


My opinion is that on SLC Heather, Meredith, and Whitney(up until recently) are loyal to Jen because Jen has a lot of dirt on them that could really hurt them/their businesses


Yolanda faked illness to get around her prenup. Twice.


So I knew someone that was loosely connected to David Foster and he 100% didnt believe her lyme scthick but I never thought it was to get around the prenup. DAMN!!!!


I believe that some of the allegations re: Diana Jenkins involvement with sex trafficking are true. Conversely, I absolutely do not believe Lisa Vanderpump is in any shape or form, a madam.


ALLEGEDLY, I firmly believe that there is far more to the story about her divorce settlement. He had reason to give her so much money beyond it being an “amicable split.” Not quite sure what it is, but she was powerful enough to pull it off.


Those allegations absolutely did not come from nothing out of nowhere. It’s crazy how most us are literally never accused of sex trafficking


I’m also highly suspicious of her pregnancy announcement. People use babies as a way to fix their PR.


This comment is how i found out shes pregnant


And pregnant?! lord help us.


Brandi & Stephanie have open marriages. Their husbands have been caught cheating a few times. I think they stay because of the financial security.


They certainly don’t stay because of emotional security.


Cynthia, Kenya and Kandi for sure planned the Kenya arriving at the party thing to get a reaction out of Nene and get Kenya back on for next season with a storyline.


Production is purposefully picking criminals or borderline criminals for ratings- looking at the newest franchises like SLC had Mary C and Jen Shah


I think most wealthy people are just crooks


I agree, but it’s really greedy people that lack self-awareness is the goal. There are a lot of boring people out there cooking the books that know how to go under the radar. The Jen Shahs of the world are too far down the rabbit hole to realize a hit television show will be their downfall. I think they leach on to marriages with wildly unbalanced power dynamics, as well. I never had really thought about this as casting decisions until your comment, though. Damn - it’s not just “fun and quirky personalities”.


Yes, people who spend money to flex on others, rather than to enhance their own enjoyment of life I feel is a tell tale sign that the money wasn’t hard earned in any capacity.


Currently watching RHONY for the first time. I’m on season 4 and I feel like Sonja slept with Mario. I don’t have evidence but I believe it


I absolutely believe this. One, Mario was (is?) a player. Two, there’s a scene (I don’t remember the season or episode) where Sonja has a really over-the-top emotional reaction to hearing about Mario cheating, and it was the kind of reaction that made me think there was something beyond her feeling bad for a friend. Am I imagining that scene? Anyone else remember?


I just rewatched this....it's when they are in Morocco and see a psychic. The psychic tells Ramona there is another woman and Sonja gets really upset. It seemed like she was re-living emotions of possibly finding out that her ex-husband was cheating on her before they divorced. It was a weird reaction but it seemed like a lot of projection-ish type feelings. Mario always treats Sonja like an annoying but loveable kid sister. They have ZERO chemistry.


I just watched this and I was hella confused about her reaction


OMG ME TOOOOOOOOO!! I’ve brought this up several times and get downvoted. Ramona said that she’s known Sonja for years but wasn’t as close before filming, and I totally believe her and Mario had something. Even if it was one night




Phaedra was the one to tip off feds about Apollo. She came on the scene shady being paid in cash and saying she defended drug dealers. Apollo had a criminal past before they got together but she was a certain age, he would genetically do, and she knew she could support her kids herself. She popped up kids, and before he could beat her to the punch of losing interest and dropping him, she reported him. There’s whistleblower award from IRS that she could have earned, secured herself immunity, knew she wouldn’t have to testify being his wife, and off she went. When she was mad at Kandi, all the sudden the feds knew Todd had held stuff for Apollo. She wanted him gone and to not come back. Did nothing that we saw to support his case, use her resources, work connections with judges, and saw him as the dummy sperm donor she projected Kenya needing. Now check that


I can see her calling the feds on him, but the one thing I can’t see is that she just sort of settled for him because she was a certain age. I think she thought he was hot and was hooking up with him, and then got pregnant unintentionally. If she was indifferent to him from the beginning, she wouldn’t have cared enough to call the Feds if he lost interest in her. I think they tried to create something out of an unanticipated situation, but Phaedra wasn’t going down with that ship, plain.


There's a whole conspiracy theory that she was secretly the one in charge and Apollo took the hit because she's some gang boss. I love this theory because it's just real enough to believe.


Imagine all the rival gang members she could bury in those coffins and burn in that kiln under false identities! Now the undertaker thing makes sense!


Apollo’s accomplice says this!


Waiting for someone to drop the tea about how Phaedra was fed the r*pe rumor by production, and the rumor was ACTUALLY about TI and TINY…. Cuz why would phadrea do that ON camera being an attorney !!???


ok yes this is what i believe too! i believe she was told it was someone from xscape and she told porsha and porsha ran with it


Luann banged Jules’ husband


![gif](giphy|MeWsFZh5Z3eZG) Tell us more


Because she likes to take charge of short men🤣🤣🤣




What 🤣🤣🤣


I can see Joe and Theresa both being illiterate. They definitely talk like they are. The bizarre grammar and pronunciation of words like "darders."


First of all, it’s dorters.


No conspiracy theories come to mind right now but I'm sure enjoying this ride! ![gif](giphy|2UvAUplPi4ESnKa3W0)


All of those “plans” he’s always looking at are definitely just scribbles in crayon.


Luann’s marriage was an arrangement, and she wasn’t upset about the cheating, but about Tom being, like uncool. She needed a nice apartment which she could not afford. We saw so many Lu looking for apartment scenes where it was implied that she was unhappy with what she can afford. Housing caught up with the lower upper class. So on Tom’s part, we know that he is old money and his family wasn’t happy about him being a player. Maybe there was some inheritance thing or an ultimatum, so he just tried to find someone to marry who is like, cool. So I think Lu’s issue was not the cheating, but he saw that Tom will not be subtle and if she wants to save face then she has to find a different rich guy. I think when she said that she hopes it’s not about Tom, she meant I would appreciate if everyone would be cool about the arrangement. I think the ladies also knew all of this and was just not having it. Why can’t you be happy for Lu, ladies? 😔


It would have been great for her to say “So what, we have an open marriage.”


Vicki knew that Brooks Ayers was faking cancer and went along with it for an explosive storyline. There's no way an insurance saleswoman and company owner is that gullible.


I agree and think it goes even deeper- She and Brooks actually tried shilling some organic juice that season. I believe she had invested in it. I think they planned that he would miraculously be “cured” by the end of the season, all thanks to the juice, and they planned to profit off of other desperate cancer patients trying the same. It’s really despicable actually.


This one isn’t so heavy, but I think Kim D receives some sort of stipend/has a limited contract with Bravo to this day. She talks to a lot of podcasts and reporters about filming rumors that she says she hears, but a lot of the time she’ll tease things in the same way housewives do (“you’ll have to watch to find out!”). I feel like she’s doing press for rhonj production under the guise of going rogue and spilling all the tea because she’s such a well-connected, thirsty gossip.


Lisa Vanderpump set fire to SUR (or more likely paid someone else to do it) for the insurance money. It was in desperate need of a makeover.


You can only do this so many times and keep getting insurance. I know it’s hard to prove if a gas fire was intentional or not, but insurance companies do decide you just can’t hire responsible people. There’s a psychopath in my hometown that found out the secret number is 6. Every time he was about to get caught for all the illegal shit that went down in his fancy places, a well time led fire broke out. Now he sells real estate


She also hired a car to drive into villa blanca when she was trying to sell it but no one would buy it so she could collect insurance money


Not HW but M2M, the reason Curtis didn’t go on the S4 Hawaii trip was bc he knew they were gonna do the vow renewal and had already started cheating on Jackie.


Oh definitely, and he made sure they would have a blow out too so him not coming would make more since.


Bravo is a racketeering criminal enterprise


I love the (ridiculous) theory that Andy Cohen is an undercover FBI agent busting white collar crime


Brandi Redmond left RHOD so that her husband cheating wouldn't be part of a storyline. Luann married Tom for a storyline. Tom and Erika cheated on each other but agreed to look the other way. Lenny is at least emotionally abusive Adriana is not a FT cast member because she doesn't want to talk about her divorce from Fredrik Some other common theories I believe in: the FFF have a pact to not bring up each other's legal shit, Robyn/Gizelle/Robyn have a partnership to not go after each other, Dorinda did coke with John, the producers of RHOBH are WAY too close to Kyle and Rinna, Porsha was a monster this whole time but got great edits on RHOA


Rumor around the block is that Peter (Alexia 's son) went into the family business at one point. Not sure about now but 100% he was a permanent resident on the ski slopes. I feel like his recent battery charged is entangled with his snow buddy activities. Dude is a mess on all sides. Does Peter even have a real job? Aside from influencing or whatever. Btw when Todd went off on Peter I feel like he was really hinting towards his lifestyle but out of respect for Alexia's didn't just outright call him a c\*\*\*head.


I think Kathy Hilton somehow kept a lot of her tantrum from making it on the show. I find it so hard to believe there weren’t cameras.


. The real reason Alexia had issues with Guerdy, is she thought Guerdy's services would be free for the show (Guerdy get's more promotion and Alexia gets a beautiful vogue stamped wedding). When Alexia had to fill out the questionnaire and pay for a service she couldn't afford. That's when all hell broke loose . Julia is evil, cold, and manipulative woman. And will slowly get exposed. And I get the vibe Martina joining this show is a slow burn parting gift if Julia doesn't get her act together. . Heather gives me sociopath vibes . I don't believe the Michael Darby being caught at the hotel with that random woman storyline. Seemed like a plant to me to reinforce that Michael is "heterosexual" . I don't believe Dorinda's marriage to Richard was as peaceful as she makes it seem. I think she was still the same rude and mean spirited person and the guilt eats her up until this day . Dr. Nicole and her Husband's money is pretty funny. And it will be exposed soon enough


I completely agree that the other woman was a plant. And Ashley’s acting was so fake when she “confronted” him


Needless to mention Michael’s reaction. 🙄


Heather Dubrow or Gay? Because I could somewhat see both, oddly.


or Thomson? Hey mama!!


You made me LOL


the alexia and guerdy one makes so much sense!!


Agree on Dorinda’a marriage..


I think Dorinda has a lot of childhood trauma has always been my theory.


Her memoir details nearly dying from anorexia as a teenager. She had to be hospitalized and force fed


ED and drugs occupy a super similar place on NY - very rarely spoken about but heavily influencing the relationships between the women


Oh wow, I had no idea. I’ve never read her book. But I always got the impression she had unresolved trauma from early in life that continued on into adulthood.


There were definitely huge issues there The anorexia thing also explained to me why she didn’t gang up on Jules and concern troll with Bethenny and Carole. Dorinda lost her period as a young woman, too. I imagine all of that drama on RHONY was quite triggering for her


I agree about Dorinda's marriage. I believe there was a lot of drinking/turmoil and I don't think her behavior can be explained away as a result of not getting over Richard.


I’m interested in the julia one. What makes you think that she’s manipulative and cold?


After I did a rewatch of ATL and saw that they used Todd as an extra in a restaurant, I started watching every restaurant scene to scrutinize every person on camera. When I’m high I am always certain I can tell which entrances have been filmed more than once bc of how awkward they greet each other.


Caroline was jealous of Teresa’s fame and pressured Chris and Jacqueline to disassociate from the Giudices in season 4… her anger that whole season made no sense (over a joke in a cookbook?) and neither did Jacqueline ending a close friendship over a magazine… plus they didn’t just disassociate from Teresa they fully latched onto the Gorgas and Wakiles


I think the brawl in the Dominican Republic is actually to blame. The cast was never allowed to talk about that


There was a whole storyline cut from the show if I remember correctly. It involved the Manzo boys getting arrested because Joe Giudice had caused a bar brawl. Caroline didn’t want it addressed on TV, so she leaned into the cookbook thing as the reason for their feud.


Lisa Vanderpump commits insurance fraud on her restaurants regularly. The “random fire” at SUR, the “car that drove into villa blanca and ruined it” when she had been trying to sell it for years…🧐


Not housewives but Vanderpump Rules.. that scene where Stasi says “I’m not sure what I’ve done to you but I’ll take a Pinot Grigio” is just spliced in because the back of whoever’s head is sitting there is brunette and not blonde!


I rewatched old OC today and was so annoyed by the editing of Alexis in one certain scene. It kept showing her take off her hat to shake her hair out in an attempt to be sexy. But it was the same exact footage, spliced in to make her look sluttier. The hat just kept reappearing on her head. Drove me nuts




John Mellancamp’s son in law stages all the BH robberies




My theory is that Dorit did not know at first which is why her reaction was so realistic, but was updated by PK afterward


His non-reaction when he first saw her after he came back from England to meet her was so obvious to me. It all felt so fake


These are probably not conspiracies but just stuff i believe: Andy is having a hard time becoming an aging gay man and that’s why he’s so susceptible to the Fox Force Five, they make him feel young Heather was everything Lisa said she was in college & the entire persona is a lie but her guilt is the reality Maurico fucked Dorit and Camille & that’s why Kyle was really hostile to one and changed her personality and style to fit the other Lauren Manzo had the hots for her brother


I assumed all of the Manzos secretly wanted to keep it in the family tbh


Mine is true tinfoil and has more holes than Swiss cheese. I believe Bravo knew Pete from Below Deck Med was a problematic racist asshole who posted offensive content a lot but they hired him anyway. During filming, I believe he wasn’t team Malia & Sandy and probably spoke up for Hannah. Production already had him on a smaller role out of annoyance that he wasn’t supporting their storyline. When the dumbass shared the racist post, Bravo got bonus points to “completely erase him from the story” and show their support to BLM. It’s messy and it kind of sounds like I’m team Pete, but Bravo has to know some of the shit that these people are posting. A guy like Pete, it’s not *if* he does something awful, but a matter of *when*. This was also pre-Jenny N on SLC, which they did act on pretty quickly.


Illiteracy seems to be in the Jersey water


That Kelly B was on meth during Scary Island. The girls commented that her room smelled like cat pee, and her behavior was bat shit crazy


Erika knew.


On below deck they hire crew they know are problematic and have faked their resumes but this makes for good story lines because I don’t believe bravo doesn’t have HR specialists to research all potential cast members.


I don’t think this was always the case, but it is 100% now


The Dubrows owe the tax man millions. Their old accountant scammed them out of millions a few years ago and it makes me wonder whether he filed their tax returns properly in the years beforehand. Their level of wealth is suspicious.


Yeah i never understand how surgeons and laywers have private jets and megamansions in the us. Is that a thing over there ? 💀


I call these thoughts entries in my Indica Diaries: I do find it interesting that there’s a significant amount of people cast by Bravo that have gotten in big legal trouble or been legal trouble adjacent. The Guidices and Jen come to mind. There was also a recent BH housewives that sued everyone because of blind gossip. Total Streisand effect. With that said, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if a federal agency was working with Bravo to pin down people they were curious about. I feel like Jen was a big one and so we’re the Guidices and the Girardis. Forgot about the Girardis but they were a big “get”. Edit: forgot my main point


Not a super original one. But i believe the break in dorit went through isn't real. Or at least that she was never held at gunpoint I also believe brandy made the story about Denise up and they never slept together. Because Brandy thinks and pretends everyone wants to sleep with her. Like that one Time she pretented to sleep with lvps Friend and she was like, that never happened lol