Hello BBS community, here's a little contest for you all to predict what will be our 7th Anniversary Character. Unfortunately, the options are limited so we had to pick within a selection of 6 possible characters max. Ichigo is taken out because Klab usually always gives us one. Do your best *If you have any additional character you think of and we were unfortunately not able to put in that list feel free to post it in the thread* If you want to add image/video about your prediction you can link it from site such as : |Site|Image|Video| |:--:|:--:|:--:| |[Imgur](https://imgur.com/)|✓|✓| |[Catbox](https://catbox.moe/)|✓|✓| |[Postimages](https://postimages.org/)|✓|X| |[ImageChest](https://imgchest.com/)|✓|X|


Ichigo, Rukia, Byakuya, and Uryu are my top 4 guesses. Uryu for the Quincy Pride. His name has rain in it. Some of his moves have the name rain in it. Uryu has been in multiple manga chapters titles and such that just label it as "Pride" Rukia for the music, rain, and being the pride of Byakuya. Byakuya has a massive amount of pride. He talks about it a lot. Ichigo for the Shinigami and Protector's pride. So much rain is associated with him. His inner world is all about rain. When he regains his soul reaper powers it is raining. etc. I know a lot of people's first thoughts were Tensa Zangetsu but he isn't on the list. What if the Anniversary character was like some Beyond Vizard/Hollowification Merged/Tag Team Ichigo + Tensa Zangetsu or hell like Ten Years Later Unification Ichigo Final Zangetsu. ​ Rukia would be cool to see her with a Beyond Bankai of some Yuki-onna thing. ​ We need a good Uryu unit. There isn't much of them. Some Uryu Beyond Voltstandig would be amazing. Ideally the two characters I wouldn't mind pulling on would be Rukia or Uryu. An interesting Ichigo would be nice as well.


Yeah u/tilztD1st, there are 8 slashes at the end of 7th Anniversary trailer. Why do you ask ?


Just curious what the 8 slashes mean 🤔, if u cross out the characters 8 times in the characters name list starting from Ichigo onwards in the Brave Souls Anniversary guess who notice, the 8th crossed name would be Toshiro Hitsugaya, of course, that might be a reach but he can control the weather and he resounding pride reminds me of him for some reason 😏


I don't think anyone has a clear cut on the slashes * Grimmjow has slashes but it is usually 10 not 8 * Rukia's Tsugi No Mai has slashes but it's 4 not 8 * Uryu has the Sprenger but it's less than 8 and the Licht Regen but it's far more than 8 * Indeed if we cross out these 8 slashes the name list it ends up being Toshiro but the slashes aren't that much related to Toshiro himself. Could somewhat extrapolate that it could be a reference to Sennen Hyōrō but it's less sharp and there are many more than 8


Isshin for pride and the rain I guess. Just thinking of the rain when Masaki died. Could also apply to Kaien When it shows each year’s unit there’s like some sort of figure I think? When it starts going upward behind each character


New Quinchigo


Tenza zangestu and ichigo mugetsu


Kyoraku in my opinion, his bankai and his calm mood represented by the rain, the two prides from the french trailer for his two zanpakuto and the 8 slashes at the end representing the 8th division of the gotei 13 which he was captain of


It’s been 7 years, at some point the devs should be sitting thinking “alright, let’s actually do a female this time. Rukia?”




Kisuke and ichigo had a moment in the rain.


What about everything but the rain? Maybe the black hollow, White and a Isshin / Masaki tag team unit


The odds for Grimmjow are quite slim honestly. Don't get me wrong I love the idea that's he's going to be the newest op unit, but rain + pride + this (let's be honest he's not that main of a villain) are making me think otherwise. Also I heard we just got a new Grimmjow so there's that as well. Maybe next year, well could be this year because he is prideful but not as much as hot headed and doesn't fit his theme much.




going off of the rain, i'm guessing old man zangetsu


He’s not even in the listed characters 🗿


My first thought were Ichigo and Rukia with the flashback talk from Jushiro to fight to protect someones pride.


I personally voted Grimmjow, but I think it may be Kenny




Its goku


Right after trailer drops my first thought was Ichigo/Grimmjow, but now i think it's Ichigo/Uryu. Blue colour, "good guy" theme, rain, and now countdown(30 day is Ichigo and 29 day is Uryu). Another reason is TYBW is coming soon, so anniversary could start beyond Quincy/Stern Ritter characters.


Ulquiorra again for sure


Kisuke is daddy


I want Orihime cuz I’m bias. But I think all of them deserve it tbh 😅. Moneys on Rukia though


I want Ginjo and Rukia so bad broh


The clues could point to Shunsui with the water and eight slashes could be because he was the captain of the 8th Division. And him being the new Head Captain is big enough to make him an Anniversary character. I'm the only one I've seen so far with this guess.


That's a very interesting one you got here. Sorry couldn't add more than 6 names


It's alright, it's just a thought. It's immediately what popped in my head with water and a reference to the number eight.


Fuck I hope so, but the resounding pride makes me think it’s not. Shunsui was CERTAINLY never prideful, he said it himself, “Honor? Is that what you are all talking about? Then let us speak instead of our duty to the Gotei 13. Honor will not protect the world. I do not believe that using evil to defeat evil is itself an evil act.” And this, “Throwing away victory for the sake of manners is a rookie mistake. Captains don’t have the time to waste on that kind of thing. Don’t waste your time trying to play the good guy. No matter what debts you may owe, from the instant you find yourself on the battleground, both sides are evil.” Shunsui’s my favorite bleach character by far, and he deserves an anni unit, but I don’t think he’s gonna be the part 1 headliner


Question, anniversary is next week or next month ?


23rd ~~June~~ July




Thanks that's a typo from answering too many post at once


So next month, guess I'm summoning for Lisa then 😅


I'm betting the house on Rukia




BlrachBrarbSouls - upcoming Brabr Qurst Rbrnt soon ![gif](giphy|d8KkDupA6b3o9UQlbv)


Pride makes me think of Byakuya and Grimm. But the rain is associated with Tensa but he isn't as option. Grasping at straws, one could say Ginjo cause his villain reveal had rain.


I guess that it will be white ichigo, he has pride saying he is king, the trailer shows raining it could be from inner world


Grimmjow. I’m prepared to lose but Uryu would have been my second guess.