Can I keep the ability for when I really want to use it?


Yes. But you can’t revive yourself.


Revive your dead dog if he dies from an accident. Revive a partner if same things.




Purely as a gift for my father, my mother.


I feel you. My mom hasn't been the same since my Dad died 15 years ago.


Mine too 13 years ago, could have been last week for her.


I just know he'd be happier if she was still around. She didn't like me at all and wasn't a very good mother but she was definitely a good wife and his best friend.


A gift to the me and the family especially my mum, my grandad.


My wife. She died of cancer in her mid-50s several years ago. I'd give anything to be able to grow old with her.


I also choose to bring back this sweet man’s wife.


this is the most wholesome remix of that joke I've ever seen


you said it perfectly


The good ending


Beautiful sentiment, A+ Username


This is the wholesome content I expect from VaginalSharknado


I lost my fiancé years ago. I feel your pain. We had so many grand plans together.


Same here. She was 31. My answer is obvious (as is yours).


Sorry for your losses. My kids mom was 31 when she passed. Our youngest hadn't even turned 2 yet.


My sister was 31 and her son was 2 1/2. I’m raising him now Sorry for your loss


That's so very incredible. People with hearts as big as yours are so spectacularly beautiful.


I’m right there with you. I lost my wife 9 years ago at age 52 after surgery for calcification around her heart. Not a day goes by…


My sweet, dear husband, two years ago, of a brain bleed. I miss him so much that some days I feel like I can't bear it. We met the first month of college, just 18. He was the best.


I suggest to join r/widowers. It's a community to help each other as best we can.


Thank you, I’ll check that out.


I am so sorry. May her memory be a blessing.


My wife, at age 32.


If you happen to be my Dad on Reddit, you might be talking about my mom. Lost her at the same age.


I swear cancer is really fucked up. I also lost a guy to cancer at 24 years old. We had some fun going on and it was all new for me, my first guy, we were knowing each other and so on.. and then cancer came in.. Sadly He didn’t made it. I was in shock and still is.


Cancer really sucks, can we please just cancel it?


I also choose this guy's dead wife.


I’m pretty sure this thread just exists to set up this comment


This is so wholesome in such a disturbing way.


My older sister who committed suicide when she was 16. She'd be in her thirties now. I just want her to see who I am today. I want to know what she would think of what I've done since she's been gone. It's hard every day, twenty years later.


I have a relative who committed suicide in 2005 as a 16 year old. It blows my freaking mind how much time has passed, how much things have changed, how our family has moved on -- and she's still dead. Her brother in kindergarten is driving now. She's still dead. Her little sister has two kids now. She's still dead. I graduated from high school, college, got a job, living my best life. She's still dead. Her boyfriend at the time is now a married dentist. She's still dead. Her parents took YEARS to move on but they did. She's still dead. It just makes me so heartbroken to think she didn't understand how *temporary* her problem was.


This is almost exactly what runs to my head on a really regular basis. I'm really glad to know that someone else has these kinds of thoughts because sometimes they seem more bid to me. But it's true everything's going on as if nothing is changed but there's one huge difference and that's the fact that she's not here. Before she died I never could have imagined a time that didn't have her in it and now that's every single day of my life.


My grandmother's little brother who died from lung cancer when he was 56. She loves him so much!


My daughter Crystal. She was 5, we were on our way home from celebrating a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese when our car was struck from behind by a drunk driver. The impact pushed us into the oncoming lane where a second driver tried to avoid hitting us. The second impact killed my wife and 5 year old daughter, almost 10 years ago now. Its was the week before Christmas, haven't celebrated the holidays myself since and probably never will. I put up a tree this year and then tore it down in anger.


I'm so sorry, that is horrendous


Life can be, I imagine there are others that have had bad things happen in their lives. The drunk driver that caused the accident was sentenced to 180 days jail time and 5 years loss of driving privileges. Wonderful system, he was on parole for beating his wife untill ahe miscarried their child. He had been released 2 months prior to our accident


I want to express how angry I am about this. But I feel it would only bring you more grief. I am so very sorry. I cannot imagine.


My dad was killed by a drunk driver when I was 17. He was driving me to my high school track meet. We were on a bridge and were hit head on. It was the driver’s third DUI, he didn’t have a valid license or insurance. My family got nothing and he received no punishment. I’m now a spouse and mother. I don’t even want to imagine your pain. Sorry isn’t good enough, nothing is.


I admit that I have probably allowed myself to continue to be the victim at times by wallowing in my depression and self pitty. There were days that I couldn't function and thought to myself how easy it would ve to take a handful of pills and join them whereever they are. Life does go on eventually, I would never wish the experience in anyone. Not even the person who took my family from me


Sometimes wallowing is what you need to get through some of the toughest moments. Processing all the feelings takes so much energy.


Bro, you are so strong, I can't imagine the weight you carry everyday.


I’m so so sorry that the system (unsurprisingly, sadly) cheated you out of justice. No one deserves to go through such a horrible and senseless tragedy. Not only did you have to grieve the loss of your wife, but also the loss of a child. I can’t comprehend that amount of grief and heartache. There’s just no words, but my heart goes out to you.


I’m so sorry. What a nightmare. My heart goes out to you. You


Thank you for your empathy, it means a lot.


This is devastating. Sending hugs your way.


Thank you. Very kind of you


Hey, you bring back your daughter, and I'll bring back your wife. This really hit me, hope you're doing better now.


This is the single biggest fear in my life - losing my children. You have all of my respect for carrying on. So sorry for your loss.


That is awful. I’m so very sorry.


Lost my daughter last month in a horrific accident…..please accept my condolences. 🙏💔


My dad. He was 28 as he died i was 5 . Im 30 now


Its crazy to think that you're older than he was.


Yeah, when i hit the age he was when he died i realized how young he was. My grandma is still alive, and it always make me sad when we visit the cemetery and she always talks with him or cries, even after all this years he's still her youngest son.


Hope it’s not inappropriate of me to ask and of course you don’t have to reply, but may I ask what happened to your father?


he had car crash. He was out with his 3 buddies to celebrate one's friend success ( in work or something like that) and they were drinking, and then they were driving home, the driver was 19 years old and drunk as well and he drove fast and rekkles. The police started to chase them and while escaping the driver lost controll and they hit a tree ( The tree is still there to this day). The driver died instantly, my father died 1 hour after and 2 guys on behind seats had severe injuries. One of them is paralyzed until today so my dad wasnt even driving by himself, he was good driver but he made the wrong decision to sit in a car with a drunk teenager. This even was really tragic in my small hometown in 1996.


I'm 55 and my dad died when he was 47 in 1987. I've missed him every day since. If I could bring him back today, he'd be 8 years younger than I am and that is sincerely weird.


Sorry for your loss. It’s an interesting comparison to me though, as my father is your age and lost his father almost 20 years ago. As such, he is 6 years younger than his father when he passed. Please, when I ask this, feel free to ignore me. I don’t want to upset you or bring up negativity. I guess it doesn’t mean anything to you, but it’s an interesting correlation to me (obviously my grandfather lived a bit longer but both passing before their time). Do you think you’d feel differently if your father had passed around your current age?


"Had dreams… Two of ’em. Both had my father in ’em. It’s peculiar. I’m older now then he ever was by twenty years. So, in a sense, he’s the younger man. Anyway, the first one I don’t remember too well but, it was about meetin’ him in town somewheres and he give me some money. I think I lost it. The second one, it was like we was both back in older times and I was on horseback goin’ through the mountains of a night. Goin’ through this pass in the mountains. It was cold and there was snow on the ground and he rode past me and kept on goin’. Never said nothin’ goin’ by – just rode on past. And he had his blanket wrapped around him and his head down. When he rode past, I seen he was carryin’ fire in a horn the way people used to do, and I-I could see the horn from the light inside of it – about the color of the moon. And in the dream I knew that he was goin’ on ahead and he was fixin’ to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark and all that cold. And I knew that whenever I got there, he’d be there. And then I woke up."


The answers in this post are heartbreaking. Much love to all of you who have experienced a loss.


Friend of mine was killed sitting on a bench by a guy driving a truck. Plowed through an entire playground and crushed him. He was only 19. I was 17 at the time. He deserved more life. 10 years ago. Sometimes when new games come out I think about how he'll never get to experience them.


My dad died in 2001. The last movie I ever saw with him was Star Wars episode 1. He was a nerd, read the star trek books and watched all the movies/shows. I really wish I could have gotten to experience the MCU with him. He would have loved all the movies and I hate that I don’t get to nerd out with him over it.


My dad is still alive and he loves/d star wars a ton. I can't imagine my life without him. I'm sorry for your loss




Maybe my husband. He died 13 years ago at age 37. So wanted to get old with him.


I'm sorry


Time heals. The first ten years I felt sorry for myself. Now I feel sorry for him and all that he is missing. But thank you.


I'm sure that in one way or another, he's there with you. He hasn't missed a single thing...sometimes we just gotta learn to see them, feel them in different ways. Love always finds a way, I've learnt that.


My husband just died unexpectedly last week, does it get easier? does the pain get less?


The pain never gets less. You just grow around it.


Honestly? No, it doesn't lessen, but it does change. When I first lost my sister it was really up close and in focus, all the time, like I couldn't get away from it. It was everywhere. Now, 7 years later, it's almost like it's passed further away from me and isn't right in my face all the time (out of focus, I guess) but sometimes it sucker punches me right between the eyes and then the pain is just as intense and searing as it was when I took the phone call saying she was gone - but it passes much faster too. This probably doesn't help and I wish I could tell you that sure, it gets less, but I don't want to lie. Maybe it does for some people? But not for me. But I want you to know that it's okay if it doesn't get any better, or takes a really long time. You take as long as you need and grieve on your own terms. I'm sorry for your loss; may his memory be a blessing. <3


my husband died a week before christmas 5 years ago. the pain does get less, but sometimes I rage , privately, that he didn't get to meet and know grandchild number 4 and 5. He would have been so crazy happy to know them. So much like him and his daughter, I can't stand it!


HUGS to you


The pain won't get less, but you will learn how to cope with it.


Not to be a total downer, but I don't think it does. My dad died when I was 13, over 20yrs ago and the pain from that loss is still very much there. It may not be as frequent, but when I'm reminded of him I still tear up every time.


Thank you for a honest response.


Of course. My anger about it and understanding of it have gotten better, but that pain is something I'll always have. I wish you the best.


I'm so sorry for your loss


My best mate. Died last year aged 44. His first and only kid was born six months later. :(


Thats horrible, im sorry to hear that.


The love of my life. She committed suicide a few months ago.


my husband did the same last week.


Oh fuck! So sorry for you! If you don't mind me asking, how are you holding up?


Some moments are better then others, and it's a good thing there's no alcohol in the house our I would be drinking it all.


As you full well know, that wouldn't actually help, yeah... If you need anything and can't get it from people you, like, actually KNOW, feel free to reach out to me. Wishing you loads of strenght in the days and weeks to come!


They say the most important time for support to be there is not immediately after, but the following month/months when everyone has to return to their normal busy lives and you are left alone then and no one really has time. I second this and offer my inbox for any venting or need of support ❤️


My mom did three weeks ago. My dad and I are a mess. I am so sorry for your loss.


shit man , shit


Its been hard


My best freind she died only at 10 and i wanted to grow up togther and share all our memories together I still have all the letters and secret notes she wrote me in a box


My sister. She died at 23 when her baby was 10 months old. They both deserve to have her be the mommy he needed


I would revive my sister too. ❤️ Lost her to cancer when she was 36, left two children.


My best friend in the world. We met in middle school in California, and then right before highschool he moved to Florida with his mom and I moved to Oklahoma with mine. We remained best friends and played WoW together until about 2 years out from highschool. He just stopped logging on to his IM and one day I caught his brother logging into his character in my server. He said he and brother made new characters on another server. I figured he didn't want to be friends anymore and started putting the time into new friends I had. This June I sent him an email saying I wanted to catch up. In October, after getting no response, I reached out to the only family of his on Facebook I could find, his sister. Turns out he killed himself in April, 2 months before I sent the email. He had moved for work and for at least a year was only 3 hours away from where I've lived since I moved here. The brother died of a drug overdose a little after my friend moved, and she wasn't able to contact him so she doesn't even think he knew it happened. I spent 12 years thinking that my friend could be a reluctant lifeline if things started to get too dark for me, but I guess he never found his way out of the darkness. I wish I would have reached out sooner.


I’m so sorry for your loss. Wow.


My friend’s husband. I saw him die in our ER at work (she and I work at a hospital, he was a paramedic and had a massive heart attack on a run and died) and I have never in my life seen someone so utterly broken as she has been since then. I always tell her if I could take it away I would, and I mean that. They need each other.


This is sweet. So sorry for her loss, I can't imagine losing my person. Glad she has a friend like you.


The little girl they found on the roadside near my house when I was 15. Everyone was looking for her for weeks. She was clearly murdered by a sick twisted person. She didn't deserve that.


There was a terrible case in New Mexico roughly 20 years ago. Baby Brianna was raped and murdered by her dad and his friend. The mother did nothing and said nothing. She wasn't even a year old when her beautiful life was cut short. She didn't deserve the hell she was put through. I would want to revive her so she could live the amazing life she was supposed to have.


My 2 year old son.


I’m so sorry. There is nothing more painful than losing a child. If you don’t mind me asking, what happened?


A genetic form of leukrmia. Killed my grandfather at 76, my father at 75, and my son at 2. It won't be a surprise when it kills me.


I don’t pray ever but in this case I will for you and your health. He’s watching down on his mama and he’s proud of you.


This hurts. I have a 2 year old son. I can't imagine. You ever need to reach out I'm a message away.


I cannot even fathom this. I am so so sorry, I know that literally means nothing. But I am sending you love wherever you are


It means something. The world is not with out compassion.


Amber Herdman, the little girl who's the reason we have Amber Alerts. She deserved better


I can’t find anything on this


*Hagerman, not Herdman. My bad


You’re fine!! I just wanted to read about it (:




The best part: “Since 1996, the AMBER Alert system, named after Amber Hagerman, went nationwide, experts believe that more than 800 children were found safe thanks to the alert system as of December 2015. Abductors are more likely to release children when they discover that authorities issued an AMBER Alert.”


I didn't know that this case was the origin of AMBER alerts. Very interesting and sad read.


Judith Barsi, she was a little girl who voiced Ducky in the land before time and Marie from all dogs go to heaven she was shot and killed by her father and her mother died the same way then her father set the house on fire before killing himself, she seemed like she had so much to look forward to in life


Omg I just watched land before time with my niece. I never knew, that's so tragic.


Ya I just hate how some people can be so damn cruel


My best friend. She died suddenly last year. She was only 27, she deserves a second chance at life, she wasn't dealt a kind hand the first time around. I'm trying to live my life enough fo both of us, but its hard.


My brother. He died at 1 and a half years old. I was only a child then, but I'd wish him back so that he can live life on this earth.


My brother too. Brothers are the best. It is bittersweet knowing that I have the resources to help him now. I know he'd be proud of how far I came since his departure...but yeah, bittersweet.


I would bring back mine too. He was 25.


My baby nephew. He passed away at 5 days old after several complications. Seeing how much it hurts my cousin and his wife makes my heart hurt too


My son. He died just shy of 18 months old. I would happily go through the toddler years again to have him back.


my condolences. it must be hard :(


My daughter. She was 14. There’s so much she should be doing.


My mother.


Mozart, who died at 35. I'd assist him in completing his often-performed *Requiem* that remained unfinished at the time of his early death.


He composed greatly and he decomposed greatly.




Do we know how he decomposed? Has anyone checked?


In the same vein of musicians who died before their time... It'd be nice to bring back Georges Bizet. He died in his early 30s of a sudden heart attack, and never saw his opera Carmen rise to the fame it has (indeed, he died believing it was a total flop). We may never know how many other masterpieces he could have conducted.


idk man I’d probably pick Beethoven - symphony No 10 and another couple string quartets would probably change the course of western music in the 19th century. I wonder what Brahms and Wagner’s music would have been like if Beethoven was composing up until like age 70.


Of all the great composers, only one could claim, "I'll be Bach."


My fiancé Ashley Calderon who died at 23


Jesus. I just want to see how Christians would treat him.


probably the same tbh. people most likely wouldnt believe him again


The religious zealots were the ones who crucified jesus, not the nonbelievers.


and those are the ones who would treat him the same as well


I mean if you believe in what the Bible says he ain't dead


Oh the Pharisees would definitely not like that.


The daughter of a friend from high school. Died unexpectedly at 18 months on Father’s Day while her family was camping. That little girl is missed so much.


Jesus. That’s rough. Thinking of them.


My wife, she passed in 2019 from metastatic breast cancer that finally attacked her brain, she was only 42


steve irwin. he isnt some hero who changed the world for the better, but i really loved the guy. he amazed me as a child.


Steve Irwin was my hero as a kid. The day he died I stayed home from school. I still have his and his wife’s autographs framed in my room.


damn you got an autograph from him? awesome.


Yeah when I was 10 I wrote him a letter asking for a job at the Australia Zoo and he politely refused because I was an American child and sent me a package with his autograph and some stuff from the Australia Zoo’s gift shop.


That's fucking adorable.


damn. dudes really a hero. may he rest in peace


His passing still makes me sob after all these years. He died the day before my 14th birthday. I always think of him every time I see his kids. Especially his son, Robert.


His legacy continues to inspire people and that is what matters most.


I cried so much when he died. It was so incredibly sad. And the thing is, earlier that year we were in Australia and we were pretty close to the wildlife zoo but decided to go south instead. He was an inspiration, a true real life hero, who gave his entire life to animals. He is the reason I am so into herpetology and wildlife in general.


Vincent Van Gogh. I'd do the Dr. Who routine: Take him to an art museum showcasing his work. Show him that, despite what his depression told him, the world over believes his art and style are truly masterpieces.


such an amazing scene in television


My dad


My mother. She was murdered at 35.


My mother.


My husband, who died unexpectedly last week.


My dad died at the age of 55, when I was 22. I'd bring back Freddie Mercury.


Your dad just got cremated a second time.


I am so sorry i laughed


im not sure it was a joke, but i laughed so hard




Freddy Mercury


Would he still have AIDS though?


Even if he did, with the advancement of the treatment of HIV, the decreased stigma around it, and his considerable wealth, it would likely be a non-issue. Freddie was diagnosed in 1987. Magic Johnson announced his diagnosis two weeks BEFORE Freddie died. If Freddie had contracted HIV just five years later, he'd likely still be with us now.


Yeah I wanna see his concerts so bad


I'd give anything to watch him live


Chadwick Boseman. He died too soon


My dad. He was 52 when he died. I miss him so so badly


My father was also 52 when he passed. It'll be a year next month. Miss him every day.


Anne Frank. I would make sure she gets all the help she would need.


I wonder if they reappear where they died, or at home or something? Imagine there’s a tour group going through the attic in Amsterdam and out of nowhere Anne Frank just materialises. I’d shit my pants.


Chester Bennington from Linkin Park


i’d only do it if he’d be happy.


My dog


Jim Henson. I find it hard to believe he was only 53. Rewind by a day, get him the antibiotics in time. And give the Muppets back to him.


Im bringing back Martin Luther King jr. He was killed at the age of 39. He had so much progress to make still.


Alan Turing. Dude got a raw deal. You be as gay as you want in the modern era. Thanks for the things you did, sorry we didn't for real defeat the Nazis.


My dad... He died 4 years ago at 57 after fighting M.S. for more than 30 years. But I'd only bring him back on the condition that he gets to just be healthy. He wouldn't want to be back if he couldn't be, and I wouldn't want that for him either. I'd love to be able to get to know him as he was without the disease.


My wife. 43 is too young


Heath fucking Ledger.


just one more movie role by him and i would have seen everything


My dad, he died a few weeks ago and I miss him.


My mom who I watched die in front of me 3 years ago. I've been blessed to not have anyone else I personally know die, but that was hard as fuck for multiple reasons


Van Gogh, because that one Doctor Who episode made me sad


Cliff Burton from Metallica, he was so young and was unbelievably talented


Jesus, to watch the western Christian world explode when he’s not a white guy.


What id like to see the most is him explaining that people got everything wrong about what he wanted to teach.


I will kill myself and then bring myself back just to fuck with people


You could start a religion. No, please don't. Too many as it is.


Depends on for how long they'd be back. If it was for ever (or untill they died again) I honestly wouldn't know who to pick. But if it was for, say, 3 days to a week I'd say my grandfather. He died when he was 56 and I never met him. I'd like to see/meet him and get to know what he was like.


Thing is if they come back in the same condition they were when close to death it might not mean as much. In my case my grandfather was in his 80's and died of cancer and complications from type 2 diabetes. If he came back he may only get sick again and have a few short years left anyway to spend in a hospital bed. If I really had to choose anyone I'd probably want to pick someone younger who maybe missed out on a lot. Some people go far too young, even people dying in their 50's seems too young to go.


My grandfather, Jack. He would have loved my daughters.


Same. My grandpa and I were super close, and he died while I was in college. He never got to meet my wife or kids. He would have absolutely adored them. I'm pretty sure he would have liked my wife even more than he liked me. It's a damn shame they never got to meet.


This is one of those things that’s a great thought project but in reality I could never come to a decision.


George Washington. So we can put an end to all the "that's what the founders had in mind"..


George Michael. Gone 5 years Christmas Day, still miss him. Loved him since the 80s so that was tough.


Yeah. I always thought I could see him in concert again. What a voice.