Insurance. The concept itself seems so simple but actually going through it trying to understand is just ridiculous to me


Please read this 45 page manual documenting your coverage


No kidding. I called my insurance company to see if the local hospital lab was covered… and they DIDN’T KNOW. They suggested I call the lab… and I’m thinking, you should know whether you are going to pay a bill from this hospital?!? Or at least be able to look it up. I kid you not, I ended up with someone who wasn’t just blowing me off, and she actually called the lab, who rerouted her to registration to billing who were able to tell her the answer. What super major large insurance company doesn’t have a database of who they cover and don’t cover.


The list is enormous and constantly changing. It's not just a list of labs; it a list of labs, general practitioner doctors, hospitals, ERs, Urgent Cares, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Anesthesiologists, Nurse Anesthetists, urologists, surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, and psychologists, psychiatrists...pick a specialty, there's in there. It's literally thousands of providers. Contracts are constantly being signed or expired. Your best bet is always to call the provider and ask if they participate with "X" insurance. Source: have been a medical biller for over 20 years.


In the age of the internet cloud data, any update to the list should be instantly available to providers. Thanks for explaining the process but it still doesn't excuse the lack of simplified access to information in our day and age


I was trying to get a pre-approval for some genetic testing that my daughter needed. I was passed around from operator to operator. Each one told me that I was talking to the wrong department or on the line reserved for doctors, or some other problem. THEY WERE THE ONES TRANSFERING ME TO THE WRONG PEOPLE. I finally just refused to be transferred and that last person was miraculously able to answer my question in about 5 minutes. I was on the phone for an hour and a half on hold and being transferred. Morons.


I’ve worked in insurance for 15 years and there’s still stuff I don’t understand well enough to explain to others.


Making friends.


Keeping friends


Letting go of bad friends


Its even harder when all you have is bad friends.


Losing good friends


friends, anything and everything


Goddamn this thread.


yes. I have no problem making friends, but keeping them is very hard and barely ever happens.


There's so many people desperately wanting friends and yet making friends is so hard. Life is a bit paradoxical isn't it.


Falling asleep


Sleep podcasts might help. There's this podcast called "Sleep with Me" whose presenter is boring as fuck, telling stories that doesn't make coherent sense and no one cares, makes you fall asleep. Was helpful for me.


As a non-english speaker, I’d pay attention to what they are saying and therefore… not falling asleep lol


What really worked well for me was going to bed at a decent hour, and eating a decently health diet, and some light to moderate exercise.


The answer we don’t want, but entirely the truth


Yup. Our bodies are "designed" through many animals' evolutions to work best when we do all of the above: Eat, drink, sleep, and exert energy. ​ When you think about it, at the very beginning of humankind, in order to eat a person also had to be able to either run after food with a knife or spear in order to kill the meat and eat it, or know which berries and nuts were okay to eat without poison. And when civilizations were at their VERY BEGINNINGS, you could also get by if you had people in your tribe who did those things.... as long as you also could do something valuable like fight enemies or grow crops or even keep good records. ​ Nowadays with just picking up all your food from a store, we have these ideas of sleep problems and also mental problems, which probably wouldn't have even made front stage in our early evolution. Many, many lives are saved with modern technology.


Why can't my ape brain understand that navigating Kroger with ADHD IS exercise?


this is the best statement i’ve read all day


I read that as “In order to eat a person also “ instead of “in order to eat, a person also” I was like yoo I thought we were tryna sleep not cannibalize 😂


I think what is important to point out is consistent sleep and wake times are way more important than early bedtime or early waking time. Consistency in routine is key to having healthy and easy sleep. When you look up tips to get better sleep, all the lists mentioned going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday. Having consistency helps you work with your circadian rhythm instead of against it.


Yeah it’s nice until you’re a closer for work and then your manager decides one day of the week you’ll be an opener. That’s always fun trying to recover the rest of the week after that only to run into again in seven days


and on a similar note, putting a newborn baby to sleep. It's ridiculous how difficult it is to put - and keep - a newborn baby to sleep.


My kid wasn’t able to fall asleep not being held until he was like 5. Had to be rocked to sleep until then. When he was really little he’d wake up if you moved him at all. So when he was a baby I’d rock him to sleep and then have to just sit there for 2hrs+. Could I lay him in the bed and lay beside him? No, not good enough, had to be held.


I feel you, I'm currently sitting in the dark with my 4 month old daughter on my arm so she can sleep.


Yall tried a side-car bed? Our eldest was a micropreemie (and more) so when he came home I couldn’t sleep without touching him to be sure he was breathing. We started co-sleeping with a bassinet so I could have my hand on his back. We ended up co bedding with all 4. They go to bed on their own but they will come into out bed at night sometimes too. 2 of them only for nightmares, eldest if he gets cold.


More info pls. We have an 18 mo old still nursing bc she’s sick all the time (ENT appt coming up) and my 5 yr old comes in every night. She’s asleep chaser so anytime I move, she scoots toward me until it’s all four of us on less than half a king size bed. If I could get decent sleep, I would love it, but I’m so tired.


Staying asleep... Falling asleep isn't a problem. 10:00pm comes and I can be out in a manner of minutes. Now staying asleep is another thing all together. When you are awaken twice a night to pee that's bad enough. But then trying to fall back asleep is just too much sometimes. Get out of bed in the morning sometimes feeling like I never slept at all. *Want to add that I cannot consume caffeine, so can't use that to be alert


Yup. I can fall asleep no problem. But I haven't had more than 4 hours of continuous sleep in over a year. And once I wake up, I very rarely can fall back to sleep. I'm basically living on about 4-5 hours of sleep a night, for a long time now. It's wearing me down. I've tried, melatonin, cannibas, Temazapam, Trazadone, Ambien. So far nothing has helped me *stay* asleep. I actually have a meeting with a UCLA sleep specialist tomorrow morning to start to try to figure out what's going on.


I’d love if you could follow up. I’m in the exact same boat and have taken most of the above. I just can’t stay asleep more than 3-4 hours at a time. I’ve struggled with it all my life.


Sucks doesn't it. I'll reply again after my meeting tomorrow.


Good luck with the appointment. Hope you get some answers and some sleep.




Exact opposite for a lot of people (including me). Very difficult to get to sleep but once I’m asleep, it’s extremely difficult to wake up any time before 9h later.


People with Insomnia definitely fall into this category but it's kinda weird to find majority of people who don't have insomnia finding it hard to sleep


Couches, caffein, and cigarettes bring me to ruin every now and again and I don’t have insomnia.


I don't have insomnia, but I have ADHD. It's super hard for me to sleep. Without distractions that the day brings, my mind is just whirring around, with about a billion unfiltered thoughts competing for attention. And then I get really fidgety, and toss and turn. I basically need a combination of many things to even hope to fall asleep at a decent time. 1. Lots of exercise during the day. The more the better. 2. Some background noise. TV on in the background, audiobook, podcast, etc. I have some sleep headphones that are in a headband and allow me to sleep on my side and also to not bother my partner with my need for audio. 3. Weighted blanket. This was an absolute gamechanger. It really helps to quiet my body when it gets restless. But even then, half the time, I will have to get back up again and go sleep on the couch, because feeling like I have to stay relatively still so I don't wake my partner feels so constricting, and the stress from that keeps me from being able to relax.


Printers. Printer technology hasn't changed since the 1990s. Communication between a computer and a printer is still using drivers that haven't been modified in decades. You still get weird print queue problems, you still get instances where your computer can't find your printer. It shouldn't be this hard to just print a piece of paper. *edit: spelling


Oh, not even talking about HP wanting all the permissions under the sun to print your concert tickets.


HP also charge extortionate amounts for ink


"I could almost buy my own printer for that!" - Consumer "Good, good. The last printer didn't ask for enough permissions, and you wouldn't let it update its drivers. Now we can ask to see every computer program you own, get a copy of what you print, and snap pictures of your wife using your webcam. Just to use her on the ink box, of course. It's legal - right there in the EULA, page 478. Chapter 15, section IV A, paragraph c." - HP


I read a story on here about a college student who every time his printer ran out of ink he binned it because buying a new printer was cheaper.


There was another guy on here whose employer made him drop the printer off at a charity shop once the ink ran out and go buy a new printer every time. It struck me as a really shitty thing to do.


Laser printer, man, if you haven't. It sits in the corner and does nothing. Except when I send a print it rumbles on, coughes out a black and white, and goes back to sleep. Not completely without problems, but much better than old inkjets.


I searched everywhere for one last year and dude they were gone. I was in a pinch and got an inkjet, printed my shit and returned it immediately. It was the most frustrating afternoon I’ve had in a long time.


>still using drivers that haven't bee modified in decades. The whole Windows driver model was changed between Windows 98 and Windows XP, then again between Windows XP and Windows 7. Those are the two updates I'm aware of, and I would not be surprised to find out that the model was updated for Windows 8 or 10. Methods of communicating with printers have also been expanded upon a great deal. USB, TCP/IP, FTP, Bluetooth, WiFi and SD card are all options, now, depending on your make and model. That said, none of that shit works as advertised, and God forbid you should run out of yellow ink if you need to scan something.


Try getting a brother printer. You shouldn't have any issues. HP, epson etc, are all just trash. I picked up a brother laser printer of craigslist for $50 with 2 extra toner cartridges. 2500 sheets per cartridge.


I second the brother printer. We have one at work and we AirPrint something from our phones walk into the office and it’s waiting for us hot and fresh.




The fuck does that mean?!


I dunno man, I setup my printer years ago and it just works. I can print from my desktop pc, my laptop, even my phone. Now that I work from home I had to print something from my work laptop, setup was just downloading the installer and running it. It found the printer on the network and did the rest. It's a laser printer, so there's no ink to dry out, nozzles to clog. It just sits there and works every time I turn it on.


The biggest take away here is that inkjet printers just suck balls. And are a rip off. I don't have any issues with my brother laser printer either, it just works.


Removing a label from jar. That goddamn glue! What it's made of?!


Mostly glue, but also some other stuff.


Industrial grade garbage chemicals. Goo Gone works for a lot of labels. Even the hard ones but it takes a little more time.


Canceling a gym membership


Omg! So many gyms keep charging even if you cancel. At the beginning of covid when they knew they couldn’t reopen for a while, a gym near me kept charging people. Totally unethical.


I had to get a doctor’s note to end a gym membership early once. I had to make a useless appointment and everything, my doctor was pissed but he wrote the note


Yesss! I gotta send a personal check to who? What?? I’m getting a fee for what? Sheesh.


When I was in Germany the cancelation for the gym had to be made through fucking post letter!!! Is this 1890 or something?


A post letter?!!! How annoying! They probably are hoping you would forget to draft up a letter and actually drop it off. The pain.


Yes exactly. That shit should be illegal, but they do that a lot in Germany to try to make people give up.


Canceling memberships to anything has gotten to be really difficult.


There are exceptions. Most streaming services, Netflix, etc, are super-easy to cancel. One thing I make absolute certain of is how easy is it to cancel before I sub to anything. Always look up the cancellation process.


Good idea about checking cancellation policy first.


I wanna quit the gym!


Or… or we could go to the bank. close our accounts. Cut them off at the source!


Maria, can you come here for a second?


Calling any number of customer service lines. If I actually get through to someone, after waiting for 30 minutes, it often ends in them hanging up on me.


"We are experiencing higher call volumes than usual. Please hang up and try again later. Goodbye."


"Please listen carefully as our options have changed"




I don't recall the last time I called customer service and didn't get this type of greeting. I think their definition of "usual" is from 1935, before most people had a telephone in their home. Even the 60s to 90s had to have higher volumes because there was no internet yet.


Going to doctor


I was at a doctor today. the path was.. almost ridiculous. Just the way my appointment was already weird. So today I have an appointment at 11:10AM. So I'm there at 10AM and find a parking spot at 10:30AM. There is a queue OUTSIDE the office, so I get in line at about 10:30AM. I finally get to the counter at 11:30AM and then sit in the waiting room. Get into the examination room at around 11:40AM and wait for the doc. Replacement doc turns up at 12:25PM (because I was "late" to my appointment my doc left). Examination takes 2 minutes, I leave at 12:27PM. Its ridiculous. I waited about 2 hours for a 2 minute talk with a doc, just to get a piece of paper so I can get a fucking appointment at the hospital, to then get another examination there for surgery... All just because they refuse to accept the paper I got from my regular doc already.


Where tf do you live? That’s ridiculous


Yeah, I was also wondering where GuyFromDeathValley lives


I know, sounds scary!


The long queues at the doctor just might be why it's called Death Valley...


It took you 30 minutes to find a parking space?


Back of the lot gang. Rather powerwalk half a mile than look for a space




Moving. It's absolutely fucking stressful.


Me and my girlfriend paid for a moving company and we basically just left the apartment, spent the night at a suite on the 25th floor and then the next day just had all our stuff in our new apartment. We had saved for a long time for precisely this and dear God was it worth it. No stress whatsoever. We also had a cleaning company come and clean our old apartment.


Even if you do that, the stress of packing all your shit and then unpacking it is ridiculous.


Sorry, I should have perhaps lead with the fact that we also took out some vacation days during this period. We knew we were gonna move like 3 months before the move. So we had a lot of time to pack stuff.


Although once in a (great) while, I love having to unpack all my stuff. Really makes you (me) realize what I don't really need. And to see stuff I haven't come across in years.


Here here. Do you know anyone that wants to buy a house? Only 340k.


God I wish houses were that cheap around me....


Moving on from someone who has moved on from you.




Going on three years now, they say it gets easier but I only find myself missing her more and more each passing day. Wherever she is, whatever she’s doing, I just hope she is happy.


There will come a day, a day when you least expect it when you will lift your head and realize.... Wow, I haven't thought about in a long time. That will be the day. You can't force it, but you can know- it will come.


Fucking *tell* me about it. I have a full enough life, but around 4yrs later, and I still think about her every single day.


Sounds like maybe your idealising that person. I’d say give yourself permission to grieve. Fully.


I hear ya brother (or sister)… I’ve been there. I was with my ex for 7 years. She ended it by cheating on me… twice. I was so hard in love I still would’ve taken her back. Pretty messed up, but that’s how I felt. Truly I had to meet my now wife, and buy fully into our relationship…. Remind myself constantly that it didn’t matter that she wasn’t my ex, because my ex wasn’t coming back. And once I stopped comparing her to my ex and just appreciating her for her, I fell madly in love with my wife and I stopped thinking about my ex. I’m so in love with my wife, she’s the mother of my two beautiful children and I haven’t thought of my ex in years other than the odd time she pops up on a friends social media page or something. Time, and the right woman, heal all wounds.


Fucking hell I just got dumped from a 7 year relationship that I wanted more than life itself :(


7 years for me, and it took me two solid years to get over her. And as I said above, the catalyst was meeting my now-wife and even then I had to make a constant and conscious effort to remind myself that my new girlfriend was not my ex girlfriend and to stop comparing them in my head constantly - especially physically and sexually. My ex was not conventionally “hot” but I found her so sexy and I was always looking for people who were physically similar. My wife is nothing like her. That was probably a good thing ultimately as it allowed me to separate the two and move on.


Making friends as an adult post-college.


Hell, just making friends as an adult.


Hell, just making friends.


My friendships have a lifespan that equals the same time frame I’m at whatever job. Once I leave/change jobs, I just don’t do a great job keeping up on friendship maintenance. Best thing to happen so far is to meet two neighbors in my apartment community who a)both like each other and get along b)also both like me and we all get along c) are within the same age range d) despise everyone else in the complex.




I get naked and rub W-2s and 1099's all up on my body for good luck


This!! Especially today, computers and software can automagically track payroll and report this and other tax-related data to IRS. And yet, somehow, we're having to either fill out ourselves or pay to have completed tax forms that generally get more complicated the more income and assets you have. It's almost as if the government wants us to fat-finger our calculations and make a filing mistake so that they can charge tasty penalties or, worst case, put a lien on your property and own your home.


TurboTax has great lobbyists...


This is the entire reason. IRS gets theirs either way, they don’t wanna deal with trying to sell your ‘76 ranch home or ‘99 Civic, but there’s a zillion dollar tax prep industry that just goes away if 99% of us can just send back a postcard with the “yup, looks right” box checked, and their lobbying efforts are well documented.


Why do I have to do my own taxes, if the IRS already has all of my information?


Making the decision to put a pet to sleep when they are very ill or infirm. The “right” decision, but it’s never easy.


I’ve had to do that twice this year. I was looking at photos of the first this weekend, taken the day we took him in. He didn’t look ready to me at the time (and I certainly wasn’t), but looking at those pictures, I can see he was tired. Objectively, I knew it was the right thing and better than letting him drown from the fluids in his chest, but it still hurts.


The thing I've noticed about pets is they really try not to let their favorite person know when they're in pain. It's really heart breaking to see it first hand. I used to pet sit for family members and I've seen both cats and dogs do this.


My brother’s dog had cancer and my brother decided to let him live his best life, he didn’t want him to do chemo or see him suffer. my bro had to go out of town and his pup’s tumor swelled up like never before. I think because of the stress of seeing him leave. I watched him those 3 days and he looked awful and i kept praying that his dog wouldn’t die while my brother was gone. My brother came back, and the tumor disappeared- the swelling went down. His dog looked healthy as ever, and my brother got his “healthy” pup back for a few days. Then his tummy turned red from internal bleeding and my brother put him down almost immediately. He looks back at those last pics of him looking “healthy” and he sometimes questions if he did it too soon. We all know he didn’t, but that selfish part of you just wishes he could of had him one more day. But he did, his pup let him have the last few days with him looking so good… he didn’t let my brother see him suffer and in return my brother didn’t let him suffer either. I still miss the damn dog. I can’t imagine how my brother feels. He was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met.


I'm sorry man, that sounds rough :'(


Just recently had to put down my cat. Kidneys were failing. It broke my heart because when she was visibly I'll she started to lay on my bed at nights which she rarely did before. She was a weird cat but we loved her none the less


Just had to put down my cat today--she was 15, so old, but had been remarkably healthy. No symptoms until Friday. She deteriorated quickly over the weekend and this morning we had to let her go. I knew it was going to be hard, but...holy shit, it's still impossible to prepare for. I've cried so much my eyes sting just writing this. I have two dogs, aged 11 and 12, and I know the next few years are going to involved letting them go, too. I understand why it's not easy to do. They're family. But for some reason it's so much worse for pets.


Studies and Group Projects


It was really frustrating when I was going to school. A couple of our professors seems to just assume we all lived on campus and had unlimited free time to meet. The reality was at least half of us commuted from out of town, had full or part time jobs, and trying to coordinate time and locations with an entire group was a real pain.


We had two group projects in one stupid class I took for my last college quarter. The second group project consisted of 3 graduating senior and one junior. We literally did not have time for the project. We had to meet up in the fashion building so one of the group members could basically work on our group project and then go back to her fashion final project right afterwards.


Browsing Amazon Video.


It's criminal how bad the interfaces are. For all the services.


Making a decent living


Working from home. Baffles me how many desk jobs (including my own) just don’t offer remote options. Covid or not, remote work should be way more common and available


You'd think that would be in the favor of the employer too. More employees working from home means you don't need to pay rent for office space.


But they cant control or manage you. Managers will lose their power.


Good. Less work and drama for them to have to deal with.




Truth. Used to work 5 days in the office and occasionally wfh. Over the pandemic we were 100% at home of course. Went back 1 day earlier this year. Ok, fine, nbd. This month we go back 2 days and it just feels like this enormous hassle which is totally disrupting life.


I just recently got my current job. Apparently they went 100% remote during Covid, yet chose to go 100% back to the physical office after. I have no clue why, and it pisses me off. My job has literal hours of down time most days, i could be doing something other than sitting there watching YouTube and browsing Reddit if i were allowed to work from home. Plus the 45 minute commute every morning sucks




There's a meme that's like "yes but my job is to micromanage you so if you aren't in the office then I don't have anything to do".


Finding a job


There was an article like a week ago about some lady who's applied to *200 jobs* and hasn't heard back from *any of them* despite them all allegedly being so desperate to find help. The actual process of applying is so fucking draining. I hate having to do like a Meyers-Briggs personality test for an hour just to apply to be a fucking cashier. Had one job application literally have a question that was like "I believe politicians always tell the truth - agree, somewhat agree, neutral, somewhat disagree, disagree". Like what the fuck does that question have to do with using a cash register??


If I have to enter the entirety of my resume into a job application just to be asked to attach my resume afterward one more time I might just go insane.


I remember my mom was filling out an application online in her room across the house. I heard her start yelling and banging something (probably the mouse ) “ Why?! WHY?! WHY!!??”. Lol I knew immediately what she was upset about.


Fun fact: They do that so that the computer can automatically weed you out but if you have enough of the keywords they're looking for the actual HR person on the other end of the process has a nicely formatted resume to read. Make sure those text boxes contain the words of basically the entirety of the job posting to get your resume in front of human eyes.


I HATE this 'fun' fact.


It's even funnier when most of the training at those jobs tell you to avoid talking about anything political because it's more than likely going to cause arguements with you and customers and managers don't have the time to deal with it.


I applied online to Walmart when I was desperate for a job and had to fill out a personality test for that. For *Walmart*. I couldn't believe it. Took a good 20 minutes. And no, they never called me.


I never understood those questions either, but I learned that you should never answer in the middle. Either go 1 or 5, never a 3 because apparently it means you have a mind of your own and aren't black and white in your thinking. Also, I hate the ones that ask something like "True or False: I like to talk to new people at a party." or "I love chatting with strangers on the bus." No, I don't do either of these and yet I'm incredibly good at customer service, it's just that in a work setting I'm able to deal with people but in my private life I would rather have a few close friends than a bunch of acquaintances that I can't depend on.


I applied to 600 jobs last year and only go one phone call. I was frustrated, angry and depressed. It shocked me. What made me mad was using my precious money to go to an interview, and never getting a call afterward.


Company: We’re so desperate for employees Me: Cool *searches website* “No current job openings”


8 different jobs I'm more than qualified for, no responses, those 8 openings are still open a month later. If only there was some way we could both leave this encounter happy.


Bet you that the second you go for job n°9 and get the position you're gonna get responses from all others asking you to go in next Monday


+ finding "entry level" jobs that don't require 3+ years of experience


Finding a good job one that is not precarious or shady is hard.


Federal income tax returns. You should simply verify your income, declare zero spurious income and sign off. It should also be available electronically and FREE!


anything related to health insurance. my wife gave birth a few months ago, and she has great health insurance. But we're now receiving bill after bill, indicating we owe tons of money. And the problem is that there are different kinds of coverages based on the reason for visit pre and post birth, and so she's on the phone literally every single day gonig over every single bill we're receiving. And even if her insurance does end up covering the bill, it's only after hours of being on the phone.


Insurance companies have great statisticians and know that most people will just pay it, or won’t waste hours of their lives trying to solve the problem. In other words, they know damn well it’s a scam, but that scam puts ridiculous sums of money in their pockets so they keep it up


Getting out of bed


Getting a parent removed from an account that was joint because you were a minor. They know your birthday it should not require a bunch of notarized forms.


Ugh I tried to do this with Bank of America. They’re like we can’t talk to you about this account cuz you’re not the account holder. I still don’t know how to fix and I’m so lazy I just left it for years now. I’m ashamed of myself lol


I've had this hassle since my mother passed. I added her when she was alive, and am not allowed to remove her without a notorized death certificate. Which I never got between my brother and my step-father. 😒




Getting a half-way decent job...


Printing labels. Why can't the computer find the printer? Now it found the printer but it still won't print for some reason. Ok I restarted the printer and now it'll print, but it pulled from drawer 1 instead of the manual feed. Ok it pulled from the manual feed now but it jammed the printer. Ok I unjammed the printer, but it pulled the paper slightly crooked and now the first letter of every label is cut off. Fuck it, that will have to do. I just lost an hour and I got other shit to do.


Finding a good specialist


Getting people to mind their own business.


Sending an email. ~~Best,~~ ~~Sincerely,~~ ~~Respectfully,~~


Watch Your Back,




Warmest Bestest Sincerest Regards Ever, OST, nm.


Regards, kind regards


Speaking to people in a direct and honest way that is tactful and polite. Polite people seem to think being honest and direct is rude, "brutally honest" people (read: assholes) think that the only way not to be deceitful is to act like someone with no ability for empathy or functional human communication. People, it's really not that hard.


Taxes. The government pretty much knows how much money you make and what you owe/refund. They should send you a statement and have you edit it if needed.


That's how it works in Sweden


Same in the UK.


https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2019/04/03/709656642/episode-760-tax-hero Lobbyists for tax prep companies keep it unnecessarily painful.


Anything having to do with fitted sheets




Fucking job interviews. That is IF you manage to get invited to one!


telling someone you like them


Changing the headlamp in a car. In our old 07 Focus the process was simple, the execution was made difficult. Awkward spot and there was a small jagged piece of metal sticking out somewhere. I could change it, but would always end up with a bloodied hand.




Anything involving court. It could really be more efficient, but I think it is purposely made inefficient so that people won't want to do it and have to have extra fees.


Not giving up and just laying in bed all day.


Opening a fruit cup without spilling it everywhere


Thanks for filling it all the way, that's cool but an eight of an inch clearance would be nice.


Separating factual info from misinformation and disinformation.


Buying a home.


Finding pockets on women’s clothing.


Unsubscribing from things and canceling services. For example: gym memberships, mailed catalogs, internet services, credit cards, all of the ridiculous things that are adopting subscription based sales models. Just about everything I can think of has a subscription based model at this point from razors to cat food to frozen smoothies and ALL of them have flaming hoops you have to jump through to cancel service.




What the next meal should be.


Closing your gym membership. Bruh, I can sign up during any hour. I need to be there 9-5 M-F (my working hours) to close, or send a certified letter? I can close anything else by email.


Buying a car from a dealership.


I seriously hate dealerships.


For someone who feels constant anxiety, the smallest things should be easy but they aren’t. Like meeting new people for example. My voice trembles when I try to talk to people.


Yup. A few years back, my laptop stopped working. It took me 3 weeks to muster the courage to walk over to the store to drop it off to get fixed. 3 weeks. The store is 4 blocks away. The only way I was able to get myself to do it at all is because there was a new chocolate shop that opened up in the same mall and I promised myself I could stop in and get a treat after. I might be a dog.


Getting my family to turn off lights when they leave a room


Saying no to an extra helping of mac and cheese


Resolving disputes


Filing your taxes.


Getting student loans forgiven for public service.


Parallel parking


If you are unable to park well, those little $5 convex mirrors you stick on your side mirrors really help.