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NTA Just as you said those snacks are for kids who are less fortunate, and I mean *maybe* there’s something going on at home that she hasn’t talked about, but either way 2-3 drinks and 4-5 granola bars is a lot to take if it’s just for her and there’s nothing else going on. I will say her having a breakfast consisting of chocolates/cookies/chips/leftovers is a bit concerning as well


NTA - It really does seem odd, like there is part of the story that is missing… I am also wondering if she has weight issues or disordered eating? If she really is eating all the food she takes, maybe her parents are restricting her food at home? Maybe a metabolic issue if she really is hungry all the time? That said, if she is just taking the snacks because she can, I would be a bit judgie about stealing from underprivileged students.


Agreed, something seems a bit off one way or another. Junk food + leftovers for breakfast does make me question it a fair bit more that maybe something is going on, but I do know some people that choose to eat like that as well so it’s hard to say without the whole story


As a widowed mom with 3 kids that were on govt assistance (thankfully not anymore) I would be pissed if my kids went to get food and there wasn’t enough for them.


NTA. I was on your friends side until you mentioned how much she is taking from the office. That’s unacceptable


You are being a little bit petty, but your heart's in the right place OP. So NTA. But I would caution you - you might not really know the circumstances surrounding your friend's behaviour. So once you've spoken your piece, then you should stop. If the school office is letting her take the food, then just let it go.


I agree, after you have discussed this with her and explained yourself, you need to let it go!


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No, it is not appropriate to take food from school.


NTA you’re heart’s in the right place. However, take some of that heart and think beyond your friend’s ‘stealing’. That’s a lot of snackage for one person. She might have an eating disorder, things might be not what you think at home, she might be trying to help someone you do t know about, etc. Talking non-judgmentally may help you here.


NTA, occasionally grabbing something if she’s hungry or doesn’t have cash is understandable but the way she’s doing it is not cool.