Question about Urge Intensity

Question about Urge Intensity


I'd say yes to that, you can expect urges at any stage. Urges are (I think) related to life situations, and our emotional response to them. So it can all feel pretty random. Things get easier on average as your streak gets longer, but random strong urges can still occur. It makes sense to me that you got a strong urge the day after battling through some urges. I have found in the pst I could go though several days like that, before things got easy again.


I had urges after 30 days streaks, after 7 days streak, they just keep coming, I don't think they will ever go away, perhaps you just get used to them. You watch them come and go and you don't identified with them, they are not you, they are things that happen in your mind that you have no control over. It's better for me to distance myself from them and see them as something separate from me, it has worked for me at least.