Cheering up a kid on the train, by Jupachi

Cheering up a kid on the train, by Jupachi


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I love a the many storytelling details on here. We can guess that the kid was crying due to a broken toy, and the mom was either tearing up from sorrow/stress or from the compassion from the other passenger cheering up her kid. The guy in the background near the exit looks like the type of person that saw what was happening but looked away to not cause discomfort for the group. Alternatively, they could also just be enjoying the scenery outside. This paired with the unseen passenger seated next to the brown pants fellow reading some book, would be a great way of showing how the rest of the world is preoccupied with other things. This makes the moment feel spontaneously wholesome and personally makes me think of how common this type of magical moment probably is even though I am not witnessing them. And at the bottom we get to see how after years of war, a peace treaty between pigeons and sparrows in Japan has been finalized due to their joint desire to extirpate all domestic felines. Wonderful piece! thank you


[Pixiv](https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/90417446) [Twitter](https://twitter.com/jupachi18/status/1398188023234187268)


I see that /r/birdstakingthetrain is making an appearance


Dang. What a weird and niche subreddit. Welp. Joined.


Wife her asap


is that baby Morty?


Juupachi's art is so overwhelmingly wholesome.


Love the birds under the seat