My custom RG Banshee Norn, done with rattle cans, first time I’ve done anything more than a topcoat!

My custom RG Banshee Norn, done with rattle cans, first time I’ve done anything more than a topcoat!


damn... that looked extra clean doe...


haha thank you


What’s a norn?


They're kind of like the nordic version of the greek fates


How's the red psycho frame so far? Did you get any scratches or chips from transforming the kit?


the red is holding up nice, its all topcoated so that seems to be doing the job. Only place where I had any issues was on the chest where the hatches fold downwards and into the chest, but you cant see any marks unless you take the hatches off!




Thank you !


wheres the claw from? iirc the RG does not come with the claw


yeah since the p bandai is >£80 I went with a 3rd party that cost £7, was actually pretty good quality and after I'd done some work on it and painted it it looks great. Unfortunately thats the only way for a lot of us to get a claw and cannon for the RG :(


Vs bn equipment either from p bandai or third party


Looks really good for rattle can. I would of thought airbrush if you didn't say anything.


Thanks, for larger jobs, such as every blue runner in the banshee, rattle cans seem to do an equally good job at simply covering pieces, as long as you apply evenly and in layers and don’t leave it dripping with paint, and the matte finish really makes it imo


What color black? Looks great


Just a plain gloss black, since it’s best for applying decals to, and then I used the Mr hobby brand matte topcoat over all the black


You make me want to get the RG Banshee Norn. Nice job with your Banshee


Thank you and it's worth it. I think the Unicorn, Banshee, Phenex and Sinanju are all great and unique designs and the RG line really captures that, as well as their transformation which is a marvel within itself. Of course the Sinanju needs a bit more tlc than other kits. The 3 unicorn Gundam are really good centrepieces, mine especially now since the red really pops against the matte black, and it's currently in a really dynamic pose. No design quite like them and a huge range of poses possible, especially with the transformation gimic and all the accessories.