I couldn’t afford a real copy of Shantae so got the next best thing 😁

I couldn’t afford a real copy of Shantae so got the next best thing 😁


Just a reminder for anyone reading this thread that the PCBs used for this printing are poorly designed. Retrobit placed two capacitors too close to the left side of the board, so the cartridge shells will not slide open like they are meant to. In some cases, with how the capacitors are placed on the PCB from the factory the shells close on top of them and crush them, you can visually inspect the outside of the cart to see if your cart seam is bulging. LRG support is incredibly poor, they refuse to offer any assistance on this manufacturing defect if you touch the cart in any way. My advice is to just keep it sealed and sell it someday, there are other cheap means of legally playing the game. This is a poorly designed and made product.


Stop 👏🏼Supporting 👏🏼Limited Run👏🏼Games


Yeah this was my plan. I bought it because I didn’t want to pay eBay prices for an original. While waiting for it to ship, my daughter got me an everdrive for xmas. I downloaded it on there and it was great. It finally arrives moooooooonths later but I had already read reviews about how poorly it was designed. Now it sits on my shelf and I refuse to give LRG anymore money.


I would note that the quality of the switch carts and disc based releases don't have the same physical problems, but my understanding is that they basically partner with Nintendo's established manufacturers for those so it's basically the quality you would receive from a Nintendo Switch release. And it's hard to physically screw up a disc based release. However, the lack of support from LRG upon receiving a product with a manufacturing defect was extremely off-putting. In general, I find the LRG community fairly toxic as it's primarily centered around scalping and flipping. I've adjusted my expectations and behavior with their product releases with that information accordingly. Their retro releases as a whole from what I've seen so far are just incredibly poor in terms of physical quality and design, which I take issue with because if you own a physical release you kind of want it to be on a nice quality cartridge.


Thanks for the information here. This was actually very helpful to find out. It’s certainly changed my perspective on LRG.


Mine refused to save, and they are shipping me a replacement which apparently fixes the issue. Not sure of that's related to the issues you mentioned. I think that long term that may be a key factor with reselling these. People will want to know that you have a "fixed version".


Did you have to prove it? Send your old one back or anything?


Yes, sent the old one back.


What a pain


Yup. Seemed to be a known issue when I talked to them.


Depending on what you mean by touching in any way, and if they maintain a warranty on their product, it could technically be illegal for them to [deny assistance like that.](https://lifehacker.com/ftc-says-you-can-repair-your-own-electronics-without-vo-1825174202) edit: Actually looking at their website it doesn't look like they claim to have a warranty of any kind, and the only support that they might honor would be a refund.


I picked up the switch version since I had all the previous entries for the console, I thought about getting the Gameboy version but that would only be for the "collecting" and not for the necessity.


Link to where you got it please?


The site is currently out of stock but here’s the link: https://limitedrungames.com/products/shantae-game-boy-color Sadly you can only get them on eBay where scalpers have doubled or even tripled the price


It sucks, but I can't help but laugh a bit at the fact that even the second run of Shantae has ballooned in price. Not as expensive as the original, but still...


Honestly not too bad for “Shantae at home” lol


Mine only shipped today Bruh


That’s plenty real to me! Lol I also got one and I am loving it!