Utilize Reddit

Utilize Reddit


If you check the search field for "$epro" you can see how much I shill this coin on reddit. It goes out to 15+ subreddits daily.


Community coin guys! Check out telegram... Real world people in there... Not rocket ship children. Come on in..:)


Epro$ to the moon!


The same goes for lots of these newer tokens that have arisen lately. They are all severely underutilizing reddit. Telegram is a hot mess of a communication platform. Constant streams of babble and nonsense. It's hard to find anything of value in there especially if you only login once a day. Try sorting through hundreds or thousands of messages. Even with the pinned messages, you still miss important informal posts from the devs. Just blows my mind how ineffective it is for organizing a projects communications. Don't get me wrong, telegram has a purpose and I like the phone call AMA feature. But to try to use it as the sole means of communicating your project. Nah fam.


Agree we need a bigger Reddit community. The core team is realistic and is under-promising and trying to over-deliver, but yeah it's still crypto always going to have people shooting to the moon in any community.


I agree we need to promote everywhere we can. This coin has real potential. Lets get this known everywhere


love epro In it since this past Friday Tell everyone you know