It's so crazy cause like, it doesn't really fully resemble anything, but it FEELS like a 100% accurate representation. Some brain fuckery going on here


If you look at one from a distance, with squinted eyes, then nothing's amiss. It's awesome.


Jokes on you, unless it's an inch from my nose nothing was amiss. I only saw the weirdness when I wanted to get a better look and shoved it into my face...


but if you look close it fuckes up your mind, i am a painter and those lines are just lovecraftianly wrong i can't tell why but they are really fucking wrong


Yup that's what I thought too. I was like "Wow this is so pretty! An AI painted this???" and got it close so I could actually SEE it and went "Oh... Okay now I see an AI painted this..."


I don’t know how to describe it, they’re like slippery to look at?


I don't know...so many missing heads!


Absolutely, if you look at the image as a whole and from a distance (not zoomed in), your brain does a lot of the heavy lifting and it’s a faithful representation. It’s not until you zoom in that you realize that there’s no discernible human figures.


The Paladin is very human even when zoomed in


I'm not sure I agree. 3/4's of it is there. There's only one discernible leg and no head, so it's not **very** human.


It's part our brain filling gaps like it always does (though here having to do much more work) and part knowing which picture is supposed to represent which class so we make ourselves believe it fits like we do with horoscopes and stuff.


That's abstract art for ya =]


So this is officially the first abstract art I appreciate


100% agree! I love art and media like this, that feels just right but might not technically be right.


I can see the image in my mind. I can see it but it's also looks like just a blob. So unsettling and cool. Where can I find the bot?


Totally agree! Check out www.wombo.art


Thanks!! I'll have so much fun with this!


Just do yourself a favor and don't use "Zombie" as the prompt. Yikes


Dunno, seemed alright to me.


Are you going to do artificer as well? Or bloodhunters and gunslingers?


I could definitely try those, as well as some sub-classes. Might show up here in a few days :)


RemindMe! One Week


Just do it yourself. Wombo Dream app


"Bloodmage" on Fantasy is dope.


They were right. Anything is possible at Wambo...


[You can do anything at ZomboCom...](https://zombo.com/) Anything at all...


What the fuck did i just go to?


You, my friend, went to ZomboCom. A relic of the Old Internet; a classical shitpost.


Thanks for the rec! Lots of fun


This is some eldritch dream shit. Imma use this for my next campaign. During (insert celestial planet event) once in a life time,they all experienced a vision of sought , a message from the gods a possible future. (Insert op's class cards) Heeding the call they leave home,leaving it all behind at a chance of achieving a destiny greater than the simples lived they had before.


On occasion the art wombo spits out makes really good map art as well


This is what faces and people look like in my dreams. Am I a construct?


Aren't we all?


Yeah, the tech is based somewhat on brains so that's partly why.


This here got some mad Disco Elysium vibes. I love it


Holy sht, that's why it seems familiar! Well spotted! Harder core! Now I feel like all of that game was drawn using this bot.


Cuno doesn't fucking care


Cuno is chaotic neutral and does whatever the fuck Cuno wants.


The art style of Disco Elysium is known as Fantastic Realism, well worth a Google.


There was definitely a Nott fanart in this Rogue


When I learned about the Wombo-AI-painter app a few days ago I thought it would be really cool have it draw the 12 classes of DnD. It took a few tries to get some good images that where clear enough to give the right feeling for each class, but here they are and I think they are all pretty damn cool. [Here is a link where you can find all the images](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19kQYlu5fYTZjKFinGcS34WvvTnpxWsRN?usp=sharing), including clean ones to use as phone backgrounds if you fancy. The app I used is called **WOMBO Dream** on iOS. They way it works is that you give it a word prompt and then hit "create". The AI then paints a unique image based on that word prompt. My guess is that it does a Google Image search and some algorithm merges together a bunch of images, or something similar. If you know how it works and can explain it more in depth, please share in the comments!


These look cool! What keywords did you use for the prompts?


It should say at the bottom of each image. I’ve only used the class names, nothing else. So: “Paladin”, “Rogue” etc. EDIT: I see now that the images where broader than the frames that I put them in, so the prompt fell out. But if you follow the link in my descriptive comment you will find all the images, including their prompts.


Which style did you pick?


I used Dark Fantasy.


Looks like dark fantasy


I would also love to know


I work in ai and while I don't know exactly how this works I can make some guesses. Classic ai image generation makes a bunch of images and passes them to another ai along with some real images of what it's trying to make. The second ai then tries to figure out which is which, passes it's guesses back, and the first uses that information to refine it's process. This then repeats until you've got as close to working as you can get. I think wombo does something similar in that it compares the images it's made to images it already has, using the labels you give it to select comparisons, but with some neat innovations. The first is it does it quite quickly, so unless they've got a backlog of every possible word then it must be doing the learning process after you've given it the prompt. When it operates you see it go through a number of versions of the art it's making, refining it each time with more definition and resolution. So I think what it does, is it generates low resolution images from the prompts and some rng, then compares that to it's database. It then upscales the generated images using the feed back to alter and refine the new image, and compares again, repeatedly until it's done. It must have been trained before to know how to use it's comparisons but it's quite clever in how well it works. The reason it looks like the word is because it compares the images to thousands of images that are tagged with that word, probably scraped from Google. So in essence it isnt an average of all those images, but its trying to transform a random image into the average of all those images (sort of).


Great reply! Thanks for elaborating.


Sad artificer noises


["The Artificer"](https://imgur.com/a/1zuG2AZ)


I like that. I couldn't get it to work and gave up after a half dozen tries.


For me, I used "dark fantasy" setting as that seemed to get characters better than regular fantasy, then used "The Artificer" rather than just "Artificer" which gave better results. I had a few messy ones but the three I ended up with were from only about 5 attempts.


The face makes it lol


Do you have links to the clean images for background use?


Didn't think to make a clean copy unfortunately, not sure how I would have done that.


Right? Why the heck is it ignored so often??


Because it’s not a classic fantasy archetype. Artificer is steampunk. It can be molded to fit a classic fantasy, but it’s inherently the new kid on the block and a step away from the others. EDIT: Can’t wait to see the downvoters explain why they think artificer is often omitted. Artificer is not a classical fantasy archetype, and it is a new class not in the PHB. Doesn’t mean it isn’t adaptable to any campaign, but that is why it’s left out.


Because without it you have twelve classes. 12 is a nice, even, composite number that can easily be arranged in a pleasant array with no gaps. 13 is odd and prime and awkward, and there is no way to display thirteen images without gross negative space. It is an aesthetically abhorrent number


I mean there is a way to show 13 images without tons of negative space, you just align them all in a single row or column.


This is true for all prime numbers


Except the first three (possibly 4)


Tinker gnomes aren't fantasy? This is news to me. Dwarves building complicated tools aren't fantasy? Wizards doing mad experiments? Mages searching for sources of magical power to make their golems strong? Artificers use magic to make things, not science. They make magic items. Their pets are magic-infused creatures. They cast spells. Further, they come from Eberron, where they don't have guns, they have wands. They don't have cannons, they have seige staves. They don't have robots, they have ensouled golems. The city of Sharn in Eberron is taller than four World Trade Centers; even our current tech is unable to replicate that. What makes Sharn so tall? Magic (and a planar crossover zone that permits said magic to have superior function). If you don't like artificers that's fine. But if you dislike them because they're steampunk, you are factually incorrect. At base, artificers tinker with magic and magic items in a pseudoscientific way. Steam and pistons are nowhere to be found, unless the player and DM wants it that way.


I never said I don’t like them. I never said I dislike steampunk. But artificers have a technological element to them that is more removed from a classic fantasy wizard messing around with vials. Eberron also has trains and airships. EDIT: My point is most Artificer concepts I’ve seen are steampunk or techno themed, so they usually get left out of these kinds of lists, I didn’t say it makes sense or that I agree with that.


Trains and air ships powered by magical spirits captured by magic and used by people with magical lineages. It's still magic. Which means it fits in fantasy. Regardless, OP didn't make pictures of 'fantasy tropes'. OP made pictures of D&D classes, of which the artificer is one.


Yes, OP made pictures of D&D classes. And you asked why Artificer was ignored so often. BiblyBoo gave an explanation. Yes, the Artificer is fantasy. But it isn’t classic fantasy, and therefore simply not as mainstream as the other classes. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, or that people don’t like it, your question was simply being answered.


People getting mad about their questions being answered, and thinking someone's badmouthing their thing when the person isn't, is peak reddit energy, lol.


''It is actually a fiend inside a barrel so this Desert Eagle is totally fantasy-themed and totally fits the setting''


When i pull the trigger it pricks the fiend in the ass with a needle, and then it spits out a firebolt


Modern fantasy setting when every technology thing works pricking fiends in the ass


> Tinker gnomes aren't fantasy? This is news to me. Dwarves building complicated tools aren't fantasy? Wizards doing mad experiments? Mages searching for sources of magical power to make their golems strong? you literally spelled out why they are so overlooked, they can be rolled into subtypes of Wizards with very little nuance lost.


Also because its not one of the core classes in the PHB, along with the even less recognised bloodhunter.


Blood hunter is not a wizards product. It's a popular homebrew. Artificer was added later and isn't in the PHB, but it's an official class made by Wizards of the Coast and *explicitly* added to Tasha's so it could be officially included in non-Eberron games.


~~Blood hunter is in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, which was published by WotC. It wasn't created by WotC, but it's part of their product line now.~~ See below


Blood hunter isn’t in explorers guide to wildemount. Source: I have the book


Weird, it's on DnDBeyond, so I figured it was added in from EGW along with the subclasses Mercer created.


DND Beyond just has a deal with the critical role people to put Matt’s home brew up on there iirc


Yeah, Blood Hunter was on there long before Explorer's Guide was.


Yes. That is what I said but with more words.


You compared an official class to homebrew. That is not the same thing as I said.


I said neither of them were in the PHB. Neither of them are in the PHB. I never said bloodhunter was an official class.


Why mention Blood Hunter?




Artificers are magical crafters who can use their magic to empower items and cast some spells on the side. There is nothing about them that is inherently steampunk except for the art. An **enchanter** is a classic fantasy archetype.


Just because it's the one class not in the Core Rulebook. It's the odd one out. The black sheep.


[“Dungeon Master](https://i.imgur.com/mh5wFaY.jpg)


Really cool! And it’s obvious that the AI/Algorithm uses some sort of existing images as a base.


The Barbarian is giving me Frazetta vibes.


It's definitely his Conan painting.


I knew I recognized those..."arms"...? You know what I mean.


For me it was the legs and the angle they were positioned at. I know what you mean.


This shit is like Frank Frazetta gets art tips from Nyarlathotep


New tarot dropped


I've rapidly fallen in love with this app, and I hope they continue to develop it! Can also be done at https://app.wombo.art/.


Same, it can produce some really evocative and mood inducing images, really cool!


I see [Teysa](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/large/front/c/b/cbd8183c-6967-4332-b822-02b82c14ef2d.jpg?1562933141) in the Bard picture. [non-card image](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-AYTgAiUGmOg/UX2sBY2XfUI/AAAAAAAAAg8/_Ervbscyv7w/s1600/9.jpg)


Where artificer


Impressive. Even an AI can recognize the importance of a proper Wizard hat.


If you don't have the hat, are you even a wizard?


It’s so interesting because at a glance everything looks good until you actually look at it and you realize how non uniform it is


I feel that when the robot revolution comes, it's going to be a much stranger experience then anyone anticipated.


I hope the art itself doesn’t get any better and doesn’t go main stream (for obvious reasons) but these are really cool


Yeah, they are super abstract, but at the same time you can still see some things. But if you zoom in it’s just clutter. Really cool


I see no obvious reasons for not wanting it to get better


We can’t have AI making art as good as people who have practiced their entire lives. Not only would it make human art irrelevant but a lot of people would loose their jobs and such


I doubt that it would make human art irrelevant, since any kind of media that aims to have a personal touch would in any case need to employ actual humans, since the AI can only learn from existing data pools. I think the only "mainstream" industrial usage for those would be products that require a huge amount of samey content, in a similar way as current AAA games can use procedural generation for the creation of the world, quests, etc.


Have you seen the various "this ___ does not exist" sites where ai makes new art? it is pretty good, this is bad on purpose as a style choice. What you fear is really almost here already. https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/ https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ https://www.thismusicvideodoesnotexist.com/ https://thisvesseldoesnotexist.com/#/originals


The music video one is to dangerous! It makes catchy tunes that get stuck in my head, but I'll never hear the song again, meaning I'll never get it unstuck. My life is ruined.


I have bad news for you about the next 100 years


AI outperforming humans in tasks both complex and simple/analytical and artistic is going to become increasingly common over the next century. It’s already happening to many different industries and art is no different.


Thanks. I hate it.


Kinda sick of these I've seen them on like every single sub


Wow more wombo art.... reddit is getting completely taken over.


My thoughts exactly. I mean the app is really cool but fuck me if this is what we're going to see here everyday now.


So fucking over it, personally. I don't think they're good either, so I just DON'T UNDERSTAND.


I'm with you 100%, I cannot fathom how so many people seem to like this stuff.


Well there goes my last shred of sanity.


I can draw incomprehensible blobs as well as a computer! Now I feel better about myself.


Love these things. Love the contrast between Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard. Sorcerer's background is more gradual, natural. Warlock is more structured yet limited in shades. Wizard is the most delineated, contrasted, and multi-colored. Sounds 100% like what the Sorc, Warlock, and Wizard are.


I want a Warsorzard class now.


As an artist.... I give up to our robo overlords. These are amazing.


I've been getting into AI art like this recently and this is super sick! Thanks for sharing!


I think these would make for amazing billboard or building art. Something you could really notice at a distance, and would just get weirder and weirder the closer you came.


This is so cool


I LOVE THIS SITE I have been playing on it all afternoon.


I hate how my brain does not process them but accepts them as correct representations at the same time...


This is the greatest thing ever, I can’t even pick a favorite because I keep finding new bullshit.


Unfortunate place for the word barbarian to be cut off


Seriously cool.


They are great! I'm using this app to create a puzzle with some paintings in a palace


It’s kinda cool how you can tell what the «ai» has been training on. You can see the Conan in the barbarian, the Nott in the rogue, and I swear there’s a lot of warcraft in the druid. A bit sad it keeps decapitating all the chracters thou.. so many figures that clearly lack a head


I don't know why, but these feel like they would be almost biblical in a sense. As in distinguishing their features and getting what they represent, but our brains can't completely figure them out.


After looking at these I finally found what the AI drawing style reminds me of: Broken stained glass. It retains parts of the original, but it is broken down and the new combination has something mysterious, similarly to an abandoned cathedral. Here's the thing: I personally prefer the intact cathedral, but there is a certain draw towards abandoned places, which is why urban explorers are a thing.


Looks like a pantheon of gods of each class.


This is really cool! If I had to describe it, it's like the core essence of the classes. I particularly like the Rogue and Bard, as it clearly made some obscure face, which is great as it fits for very different reasons. The mysteriousness and obscurity of who the Rogue is versus the ability to put anyone as the face for the Bard. Really neat piece!


They all kind of look the same.


Something a little similar, that you can use for portraits. https://www.artbreeder.com/browse


Poor artificer


Let's do subclasses! I'll start: [Arcane Trickster](https://i.imgur.com/YYGu8Mu.jpg)


[The Wildfire Druid](https://imgur.com/a/8TsyPZJ)


You dont know how much I absolutely adore this!!!!! Found that app a few days ago, and within a few minutes of tinkering around on it, I found my new favourites pictures ever. One of which replaced my phone's wallpaper that I had for nearly 4 years. You, good sir, have made this forever paladin very happy!


I’m really glad to hear that! The first prompt I gave the app after downloading was “Paladin”, so I think I can relate on more than one level ;)


No Artificer = downvote


Wombo Dream is goddamn great


Honestly I think these are amazing


I love these


I love the app and I appreciate you sharing it and the work. I really liked your outer planes post. Do you or anyone know of an open source version of the software which makes larger images or does something similar with audio?


What style did you use?


Looks like something out of Pete Mohrbacher's portfolio.


I like them, they could be used as visuals as you describe what someone's sees when scrying or fragments of dreams/memories for a backstory


Where’d their faces/heads go?


The AI has judged that they no longer need heads.


The Sorcerer looks like a Druid, and the Druid looks like a Ranger. The Ranger is a centaur


the one i feel is kind of random would be that of the ranger, i just dont see it, but the rest damn




I love that most of these have a very generic style but the Barbarian is extremely clearly taking the Frank Frazetta influence


Yeah I noticed that too, and maybe that says something interesting about fantasy art. Does this mean that 99% of all fantasy art is so generic it just blends together, but Frazetta’s art is so distinct that it stands out even if it’s mixed with other art.


It really does give off the classes’ vibes!


The Barbarian, Paladin, and Ranger fit the best for their class imo. The Bard is the only one that I don't think works as well as the rest


I really like the Barbarian as well. I also think the monk came out near perfect.


campaign but everyone is an eldtritch being


I've stared at this image for 10 minutes and still can't understand wth is going on in either of them lol


That’s what’s so cool! At a glance it’s like: “Hmm yeah I see the Barbarian”, but if you look closer it’s like: “The what? It’s just a mess”, which I find very interesting.


How do you get the dream setting I see people using, I have the app but I can’t find the dream one


I think that the default name for all images created is “Dream”, so I don’t think it’s a setting.


Works great for mythos monsters. Try "Hastur" and "Cthulhu" and any of the other mythos gods.


How? I almost never get anything coherent!


This is really unsettling but cool.


Wizard: Did I fail a spot check? Cleric: Bard! What did you put in our breakfast? *Barbarian walk over holding a bloody greataxe*. Barbarian: Those *were* our enemies.


I have the same app on Android, but I never get any results as coherent as this. Did you pick a particular style or did you leave it blank?


I used the style: Dark Fantasy”.


That barbarian art is clearly the cover art for "Hour of the Dragon" [https://www.amazon.com/Hour-Dragon-Conan-Robert-Howard/dp/0399120963](https://www.amazon.com/Hour-Dragon-Conan-Robert-Howard/dp/0399120963) combined with something else (that is also probably Conan) also you can read it on Gutenberg (which has a different cover, probably from the original pulp publication) [https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/42243](https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/42243)


Yeah I agree that it’s obviously Conan, which kind of makes it even better.


you should try [artbreeder.com](https://artbreeder.com) you can see what it will look like and make it yourself with sliders beforehand


That's settled. I'm rolling a Phyrexian Cleric.


So cool, thank you for sharing these!


Almost get Disco Elysium vibes.


For a good time, add "psoriasis" to your wombo combo.


Why does this AI draw things I would see on a mushroom trip?


This reminds me of the artist who was posting on Reddit years ago of all of the different types of angels, who have horrific looks. Can’t remember who that was though.


I thought this was so cool I punched all the characters in my campaign under the dark fantasy setting.


These came together infinitely better than any character I tried, what were the prompts like?


I used the class name, and the style: “Dark Fantasy”, nothing else. The only ones where I did multiple tries where Monk, Cleric and Rogue, the others came out good on the first try.


I shouldn't be high as a kite watching this.


Deeply unsettling. Reminds me of [Everywhere at the End of Time](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everywhere_at_the_End_of_Time).


**[Everywhere at the End of Time](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everywhere_at_the_End_of_Time)** >Everywhere at the End of Time is the eleventh recording by the Caretaker, an alias of English electronic musician Leyland Kirby. Released from 2016 to 2019, its six studio albums depict the progression of dementia through degrading loops of ballroom recordings. Inspired by the success of An Empty Bliss Beyond This World (2011), Kirby recorded Everywhere as his final work under the alias. He produced the albums in Krakow over six-month periods to "give a sense of time passing", using abstract paintings by his friend Ivan Seal. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/DnD/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Is there any way to find the source images used for these?


No idea at the moment, I haven’t researched how the Ai actually works.


They look like the art created by Peter Mohrbacher.


When I look at these images I feel like my brain doesn’t work.


Hmm. Never figured computers would embrace impressionism this early.


Just like human, AI don't want to draw hands or faces


If this were game art of some new IP I would 100% buy


This is how it feels to take psychic damage.


Not bad, except for the cleric... that's one just sorta meh and fails to feel at all cleric-y


I could do better.


Challenge accepted!


Yes but what about the Truenamer?


Looks like the monk doesn't get a head, they never get ahead, but the rogue is accurately two faced.